Best Quality Weapons In Elden Ring

With over 200+ hours of experience, learn about the strongest quality weapons in different classes of armaments with multiple playstyles.

Quality builds are not really sustainable at lower levels, but once you’ve put enough points into both strength and dexterity in Elden Ring, you will start dealing amazing damage with the weapons on my list. The only tough part in creating the right quality build is to upgrade your strength and dexterity stats equally, which takes a lot of time during the first playthrough. 

Key Takeaways
  • A Quality build is one of the best builds that focus on weapons that scale well with both strength and dexterity.
  • Some weapons can also be infused with quality to give them better scaling in the above-mentioned stats.
  • However, some special armaments cannot be infused and have good scaling for a quality build by default.
  • The scaling of weapons also improves for a quality build as they are upgraded in Elden Ring.
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The Best Quality Weapons

Here is a summary of all the quality weapons in my list and the stats that you need to wield them:

1Bloodhound's FangThe Best Overall Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: CStr: 18 | Dex: 17
2ClaymoreThe Best Greatsword Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: DStr: 16 | Dex: 13
3Zamor Curved SwordThe Best Frsotbite Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: DStr: 16 | Dex: 18
4Nightrider GlaiveThe Best Halberd Quality WeaponStr: C | Dex: EStr: 26 | Dex: 10
5NagakibaThe Best Katana Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: CStr: 18 | Dex: 22
6Ghiza's WheelThe Best Colossal Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: DStr: 28 | Dex: 18
7Stormhawk AxeThe Best Axe Quality WeaponStr: D | Dex: DStr: 19 | Dex: 15

1. Bloodhound’s Fang

The Best Overall Quality Weapon.
weapon in game
The Bloodhound’s Fang Curved Greatsword In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)

The Bloodhound’s Fang is not only considered one of the best quality weapons, but it is right up there with the best overall weapons. I am still surprised that a weapon this strong can be obtained during the early game, allowing you to focus on your quality build from the very start.

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Aside from the great scaling in both strength and dexterity, this weapon also offers a passive bleed build-up, which can shred bosses weak to bleed. Additionally, the Bloodhound’s Finesse skill that it comes with will act as your main source of damage output. It will allow you to dodge an incoming attack and counter it with a strong hit that builds up bleed and deals high poise damage.

  • Great scaling.
  • Amazing weapon skill.
  • Bleed build-up.
  • Can be obtained early.
  • Slow moveset.

Why I Chose This Weapon: I could run through the entire base game with ease after using the Bloodhound’s Fang as my main quality weapon.

2. Claymore

The Best Greatsword Quality Weapon.
weapon in game
The Claymore Greatsword In Elden Ring (Image Captured by eXputer)

Another weapon you can obtain early in your Elden Ring run is the Claymore, which can be turned into a powerful quality weapon with the right infusions. You can give it the quality infusion, but the standard version also scales really well with the strength and dexterity stats.

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Claymore has always been an amazing choice for a quality weapon in almost all Souls games. In Elden Ring, you can even choose to give the Claymore your favorite infusion and Ash of War on top of the basic upgrades. The moveset of the Claymore works really well in PvP as well.

  • Obtainable early on.
  • Good scaling.
  • Ash of War is customizable.
  • Limited range.

Why I Chose This Weapon: It is a simple quality weapon with a simple moveset which I could turn into a monstrous bleed or frost weapon by simply infusing it with a different Ash of War.

3. Zamor Curved Sword

The Best Frsotbite Quality Weapon.
best quality weapons elden ring
The Zamor Curved Greatsword In Elden Ring (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Zamor Curved Sword is quite similar to the Bloodhound’s Fang in terms of its moveset, but it features a weaker Ash of War, which cannot be changed. However, it deals Frostbite damage instead of Bloodhound Fang’s bleed buildup. Most of the bosses in Elden Ring are either weak to bleed or frost, and sometimes even both.

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As for its scaling, it scales decently with both strength and dexterity when upgraded to the maximum level. On its own, it’s a strong-quality weapon that deals Frost, but you can create an overkill-quality build by power-stancing it with the Bloodhound’s Fang. Lastly, the weapon is obtained during the late game.

  • Great scaling.
  • High frost damage.
  • Weapon skills build up high frost.
  • Obtained in late-game.
  • Slow moveset.

Why I Chose The Zamor Curved Sword: It is a simple quality weapon with a simple moveset which I could turn into a monstrous bleed or frost weapon by simply infusing it with a different Ash of War.

4. Nightrider Glaive

The Best Halberd Quality Weapon.
best quality weapons elden ring
The Nighhtrider Glaive Halberd In Elden Ring (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

This weapon has one of the most expansive movesets for a quality weapon and that too with amazing range paired with decent speed of attack animations. Its default scalings are not really good for a quality build, but thankfully, you can easily change its scalings by using a different infusion.

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With the quality infusion, I was dealing decent damage, even with the light attacks. The Nightrider Glaive is also pretty amazing for PvP since it has a bigger range, and that quality also makes it good for aggressive boss battles. It can also be obtained early if you make your way to Lirunia.

  • Good range.
  • Versatile moveset.
  • Can be infused.
  • Ash of War is customizable.
  • Not viable for the early game.

Why I Chose The Nightrider Glaive: If I’m using a quality build and want to play some PvP, then I will mostly use the Nightrider Glaive as my main weapon since I can easily roll catch players with it.

5. Nagakiba

The Best Katana Quality Weapon.
best quality weapons elden ring
The Nagakiba Katana In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)

Uchigatana has always been a strong bleed weapon, and the Nagakiba is basically a better Uchigatana with a longer range. You will get all the benefits of a powerful bleed weapon in addition to a strong quality armament. If you can defeat Bloody Finger Hunter Yura during your early game, then you can obtain the Nagabika at the start of your run.

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In my experience, Nagakiba is best utilized when powerstanced with another Katana weapon. I usually use a Uchigatana/Nagakiba combo, with my Uchigatana infused with bleed and the Nagakiba infused with quality. That not only allows me to build up bleed as quickly as possible but also gives me enough range to play around with the help of the Nagakiba.

  • Fast moveset.
  • Long range.
  • Bleed build-up.
  • Can be infused.
  • Hard to get in the early game.

Why I Chose This Weapon: I can not only cheese my way through certain boss fights by using the Nagakiba, but its range also allows me to roll catch players during invasions.

6. Ghiza’s Wheel

The Best Colossal Quality Weapon.
weapon in game
The Ghiza’s Wheel Colossal Weapon In Elden Ring (Image Captured by eXputer)

If you’re a fan of colossal weapons and want to run a quality build, then there’s no better option than the Ghiza’s Wheel. However, you should understand that it’s a hard weapon to master, and colossal weapons are already really tough to use against agile bosses in Elden Ring.

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The most impressive thing about this weapon is its charged attack, which deals large damage and builds up bleeding. But you’ll need to make sure to use it only when you find an opening. If you end up missing, then you can get heavily punished, which is why using Ghiza’s Wheel requires skill. Lastly, the scaling in both strength and dexterity becomes pretty decent once you fully upgrade it.

  • Amazing damage.
  • Bleed build-up.
  • Impressive charged attack.
  • Decent scalings.
  • Hard to master.
  • Slow moveset.
  • Cannot be obtained in the early game.

Why I Chose This Weapon: Ghiza’s Wheel is honestly one of the most unique weapons in Elden Ring, which I can use to stun lock humanoid bosses, and it scales really well with a quality build.

7. Stormhawk Axe

The Best Axe Quality Weapon.
best quality weapons elden ring
The Stormhawk Axe In Elden Ring (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Stormhawk Axe has amazing base attack damage with decent scaling for a quality build when fully upgraded. Aside from being a strong PvE weapon, the Stromhawk Axe works really well in PvP due to its strong Ash of War, known as the Thunderstorm. It can clear out ganks and leave your weapon with a strong lightning buff.

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If you want to use the same weapon for both PvP and PvE, then you should definitely opt for the Stromhawk Axe. Sure, its damage output is not the highest out of the other weapons on my list, but it’s definitely a more versatile armament with decent speed and a strong Ash of War.

  • Powerful Ash of War.
  • Decent scaling.
  • Good base damage.
  • Amazing for both PvE/PvP.
  • Unobtainable in the early game unless Nepheli is killed.

Why I Chose The Stormhawk Axe: I always keep the Stormhawk Axe as a secondary weapon in my inventory even when I’m not using it as a main because its Ash of War allows me to easily deal with gank boss fights.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other quality weapons that are also strong but have a lot of cons as well, which is why they didn’t make it into my list:

  • Sword of St. Trina: It offers decent scaling for a quality build, and its Ash of War can even build up sleep, but you’ll have to put some points into Intelligence to use the weapon.
  • Sword of Milos: Another strong greatsword for quality builds that offers bleed build-up, but its damage output falls flat compared to the greatswords on my list.
  • Axe of Godrick: The Axe of Godrick is one of the few good quality Boss weapons, but the requirements for wielding it are just too much during the early game.

My Take On The Best Quality Weapons

Quality builds are definitely the hardest to pull off in Elden Ring since players need to focus on leveling up two different stats aside from vigor and stamina. But the game also rewards you for leveling up strength and dexterity, allowing you to use almost every melee weapon. You can experiment with any armament you want in addition to the ones mentioned in my list.

This concludes my guide on the best quality weapons in Elden Ring. I have enlisted the best quality weapon for different types of playstyles and different weapon categories. I hope that the guide helped you in finding your main quality weapon. Let me know if you’re excited about Elden Ring’s DLC in the comments below!


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