The BEST Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build

Our Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build entails some of the best weapons, armor, talismans, and spells to use in battle and crush your enemies.

The Giant Crusher is an excellent weapon combined with certain talismans and some of the best ashes of war to decimate any enemies that dare step foot towards the player. With a combination of melee damage connected with the main spell, players can easily defeat enemies without worrying about health depletion. We will cover all there is to know about this build, so let’s get started! If you want another class like Bandit, then take inspiration from our Elden Ring Bandit Build guide.  

Key Highlights

  • Giant Crusher Build is a strength-centric build that aims to dissipate foes in a few hits, while also having points in Faith to use some basic spells and buffs as well.
  • The weapons recommended for Giant Crusher Build are Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, Giant Crusher, and Commander’s Standard. These weapons require 60, 45, and 24 Strength to wield them respectively.
  • For casting incantations, Clawmark Seal is the recommended sacred seal.
  • The recommended armor set for Giant Crusher Build is the Raptor set. As lightweight armor, it doesn’t take the player’s weight too much, allowing them to swiftly dodge and move.
  • The talismans that go well with Giant Crusher build are Great-Jar’s Arsenal, Radagaon’s Sorseal, Ritual Sword talisman, and Claw Talisman. These talismans help with the equip load, various attributes, and damage.
  • Royal Knight’s Resolve is the Ash of War that further enhances the attack power of your weapon. Using this Ash of War amidst battle raises the power of the subsequent attacks.
  • The incantation that complements the Giant Crusher Build is “Flame, Grant me Strength!”, as it raises the physical and fire damage output of the user.

Giant Crusher Strength Build 


Elden Ring Build Characters Stats
Characters Stats

Since players want to master the Giant Crusher Build, they should get into three main stats that are primary stats that will offer them the basis for the gameplay and overall playstyle to be the best out there. 


Starting with Strength, it is one of the most crucial attributes that players need to look into since it will be the main stat for the weapons and the overall playstyle. In essence, Strength controls the overall ability of the player to take control of weapons that are heavy along with weapons that primarily scale off of Strength. 

Strength also controls the overall damage output for weapons that scale off Strength. Additionally, players will also experience their attack power being enhanced if they invest points into Strength. Typically, players are advised to invest in Strength and look into weapons that scale off of Strength B or Strength A rating since they are considered better. 

Lastly, Strength will also contribute to the player’s physical defense against attacks launched by enemies toward the player. Therefore you should invest points into Strength. Make sure to check out our other Strength Build


The next primary attribute that players are advised to invest in is Vigor, which is needed if the player wants to dominate the battlefield. While the player is in heavy combat with their foes, it is important to note when the HP starts to drain, and you need to stay alive if you want to win the fight. 

Vigor is where HP maintenance comes in since the main focus of Vigor itself is placed on maintaining and keeping the player alive. The higher the investment into Vigor, the better the health and the higher the health bar limit will be for the player, and you will be able to stay alive for longer periods. Also, go through our Golden Seeds locations guide and collect them all to increase the Crimson Flask count which will also allow you to stay alive for a longer duration in the game. 

Another thing that vigor control is the player’s Fire damage resistance, alongside also enhancing the immunity of players the higher the investment ends up being. 


Another important attribute that players should look into is Endurance. It will control how well the player can maintain their overall stamina and how much of their stamina bar can stay full throughout the battle against foes. 

Another thing that endurance controls are the player’s Equip Load Limit, which is needed to wield heavy weaponry and armory, which is also a crucial part of the player’s playstyle and gameplay. Therefore, players should consider investing points into Endurance to benefit from it. 


Lastly, Dexterity is not a primary attribute but a basic secondary stat that players can invest some base points into. Overall, Dexterity controls how well a player can wield weapons that scale off of Dexterity and how they can use them on the battlefield. 

Dexterity also reduces the overall spell-casting time, allowing for increased usage of spells, inevitably increasing the overall damage output naturally. It also strengthens the player’s guard and footing, allowing them to stay on their foot the entire time and not fall back or be knocked by the opponents. 


Players will mostly focus on duel-wielding one weapon, keeping the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build going. Still, we have provided another weapon option that can help you when you are facing your worst opponents in combat. 

Giant Crusher 

Elden Ring Giant Crusher Weapon
Giant Crusher Weapon

Starting with the first weapon option, the star of the build itself, the Giant Crusher is an excellent weapon that will greatly assist the player when going out on the battlefield to take over their enemies. The way that the weapon outshines other colossal weapons is excellent for melee damage output. 

The weapon itself scales off of Strength, and that too with Strength C, and is one of the highest strength-scaling weapons, as it requires a total of 60 Strength Points. Anytime the weapon is used, players will be able to move forward toward their foes and render them useless with great physical damage. 

The weapon can also be infused with different ashes of war to further strengthen it and upgrade it. When using for this build, players will typically go for +25, which greatly increases the overall damage output, but some people also use it at +24. For a more flexible build, take a look at our Quality Build!

Physical Damage155
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard70
Magic Guard52
Fire Guard52
Light Guard52
Holy Guard52
Boost Guard47

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Elden Ring Prelate's Inferno Crozier
Prelate’s Inferno Crozier Weapon

Suppose you, for some reason, do not have enough to duel-wield the primary weapon. In that case, you can also look into Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, which can be a substitute for the Giant Crusher and offer an amazing amount of damage output.

The weapon itself is laden with great physical damage, which is perfect for melee attacks which the players can do by running and coming face-to-face with them. The weapon itself can cause the opponents to go airborne with its passive, alongside also rendering them useless with the overall damage output.

The weapon scales off of Dexterity E and Strength C and requires players to have at least 8 Dexterity Points and 45 Strength Points to wield it.

Physical Damage156
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard66
Magic Guard49
Fire Guard49
Light Guard49
Holy Guard49
Boost Guard44

Commander’s Standard 

Elden Ring Commander's Standard
Commander’s Standard Weapon

The next weapon that we will look into is not necessarily a replacement for the hammers but rather a secondary weapon option. The Commander’s Standard is excellent as a secondary piece, as it is tailor-made for strength-based builds such as the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build

The weapon itself is considered a halberd, with a consistent amount of damage output, most of it is physical. The Commander’s Standard scales off of Strength D and Dexterity D and requires players to invest at least 14 Dexterity Points and 24 Strength Points to wield the weapon. 

Physical Damage138
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard58
Magic Guard41
Fire Guard41
Light Guard41
Holy Guard41
Boost Guard41

Clawmark Seal 

Elden Ring Clawmark Seal
Clawmark Seal Weapon

Ending it all with the last “weapon” that players will need is the Clawmark Seal, which is not used as a weapon itself. Rather it is simply there in the Giant Crusher Build to allow the player to cast incantations such as the one we will be using in this build. Without a sacred seal, a player can not cast incantations or spells. 

The Clawmark Scale primarily scales with Faith D and Strength D, and players need to have at least 10 Faith, and 4 Strength Points to use in combat/battles. 

Physical Damage31
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Incantation Damage60
Physical Guard25
Magic Guard15
Fire Guard15
Light Guard15
Holy Guard15
Boost Guard15

Raptor’s Set 

To get the most out of the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build, players would want to get their hands on an armors et that is not too heavy, as it would require a lot of Equip Load Limit space. To combat that, the Raptor’s Set is a solid option, as it can offer protection while also being lightweight. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 16.0
Strike Negation17.7
Slash Negation19.3
Pierce Negation19.3
Magic Negation20.9
Fire Negation20.9
Light Negation22.4
Holy Negation19.3
Immunity Resistance129
Robustness Resistance77
Focus Resistance136
Vitality Resistance136
Poise Resistance8

Skeletal Mask 

Elden Ring Raptor's Mask
Raptor’s Mask

Starting with the first armor piece, we have the Skeletal Mask with us, as it is adorned on the player’s head; it aims to protect the player from any kinds of headshots that are aimed at them and rather allows the players to get in and attack the enemy and render them ultimately useless.

The main focus of the mask is placed on the physical, slash and pierce damage negation that it provides, alongside also providing a solid amount of elemental dissolution. Players can also experience increased personal protection while being protected by the skeletal mask. Below are the listed stats. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 2.5
Strike Negation2.8
Slash Negation3.1
Pierce Negation3.1
Magic Negation3.4
Fire Negation3.4
Light Negation3.6
Holy Negation3.1
Immunity Resistance23
Robustness Resistance14
Focus Resistance24
Vitality Resistance24
Poise Resistance1

Raptor’s Black Feathers 

Elden Ring Raptor's Armor
Raptor’s Armor

Keeping it going with the Giant Crusher Build, the next piece that we would like to mention is the Raptor’s Robe, which works perfectly when it is adorned over the torso, as it will protect the player when they are in the middle of a battle and need to be protected until the end of combat. 

While being adorned on the torso can greatly enhance the player’s elemental negation while also focusing on slash and pierce damage negation. The player will also get increased vitality and focus resistance. See below for stats. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 8.0
Strike Negation8.8
Slash Negation9.5
Pierce Negation9.5
Magic Negation10.2
Fire Negation10.2
Light Negation10.9
Holy Negation9.5
Immunity Resistance57
Robustness Resistance35
Focus Resistance60
Vitality Resistance60
Poise Resistance5

Bandit Manchettes 

Elden Ring Raptor's Gauntlets
Raptor’s Gauntlets

The Bandit Manchettes are the equivalent of the “gauntlets” that other armor sets would describe. They are supposed to go along the arms and are pretty lightweight, meaning they will not add much to the player’s overall Equip Load Limit nor reduce mobility. 

While the main focus is placed on elemental damage negation, it is not to be said that the physical protection is ignored, as it will be offered. The main aim of the manchettes is also to increase vitality, focus, and immunity resistance. Players can choose to play as samurais, for which they can take help from the Elden Ring Samurai Build.

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 1.5
Strike Negation1.6
Slash Negation1.7
Pierce Negation1.7
Magic Negation1.9
Fire Negation1.9
Light Negation2.1
Holy Negation1.7
Immunity Resistance15
Robustness Resistance8
Focus Resistance17
Vitality Resistance17
Poise Resistance0

Bandit Boots 

Elden Ring Raptor's Greaves
Raptor’s Greaves

Ending it all with the Bandit Boots, they mainly aim to be worn while players are going for heavy combat, and with the boots themselves being on the lighter end, it makes it easier for the player to swiftly move across the battlefield, and easily take out the worst of enemies. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 4.0
Strike Negation4.5
Slash Negation5.0
Pierce Negation5.4
Magic Negation5.4
Fire Negation5.4
Light Negation5.8
Holy Negation5.0
Immunity Resistance34
Robustness Resistance20
Focus Resistance35
Vitality Resistance35
Poise Resistance2


Another crucial part of the Giant Crusher Build is the talismans that are specifically listed. They all work together to provide the player with the needed buffs for winning every combat session against foes. 

Great Jar’s Arsenal

Elden Ring Build Great Jar's Arsenal
Great Jar’s Arsenal

Starting things off with the first talisman on our list, Great Jar‘s Arsenal offers the kind of support needed for every build. In essence, the way the talisman itself works is that it will increase the overall Equip Load Limit for the player, which is crucial when you are going to be on the battlefield and wielding heavy weapons. 

The talisman will buff the load limit by 16 to 19%, which can greatly help the player, and payers won’t have to worry about heavy armors. 

Radagon’s Soreseal 

Elden Ring Radagon's Soreseal
Radagon’s Soreseal

Another excellent option for a talisman is the Radagon’s Soreseal, which can work with the other amulets to buff up the player. This talisman, however, focuses on the player’s overall attributes, especially Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, and Vigor, which are all crucial for this build. While you’re at it, why not read our Radagon Icon Location guide and get this best talisman in the game.

The minor side effect is that players will take in slightly increased damage when this talisman is equipped and used on the battlefield. 

Claw Talisman

Elden Ring Build Claw Talisman
Claw Talisman

Another talisman that players can look into is Claw Talisman, which works to enhance the player’s overall attack power while in combat and takes an airborne stance to strike down on enemies from above. The greater damage can improve the chances of winning against enemies. 

Jump attacks are enhanced by 15%, which allows for an easier victory, 

Ritual Sword Talisman 

Elden Ring Ritual Sword Talisman
Ritual Sword Talisman

Following through with the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build, another viable talisman is the Ritual Sword Talisman, as it relies on the player ensuring that they need to keep their HP at full at times. When the player has the max HP and the talisman is triggered, it will enhance the overall attack power. 

The attack power increase can allow the player to move forward, attack the enemy and decimate them while players achieve victory. 

Kindred of Rot Exultation 

Last but not least, Kindred of Rot’s Exultation is yet another option. Though it does not exactly fit in with the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build, players should check out the talisman if they want to experiment with different versions of this build. 

The main aim of the talisman is to increase the overall attack power of the player by detecting any poisoning that occurs, either to other players in PvP or enemies in PvE. On the subject of poison, consider reading our The BEST Poison Build guide.

Ash of War

Moving right along with the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build, there is only one solid ash of war that players can take advantage of since it is a really specific build. 

Royal Knight’s Resolve 

Elden Ring Royal Knight's Resolve Ash of War
Royal Knight’s Resolve

The Royal Knight’s Resolve is excellent ash of war to equip, as it presents the player with the Royal Knights Resolve skill, which can allow the player to position their weapon in a way where they are holding it flat and then make an oath of their resolve, which will cast a magic spell that will boost up the attack power of the player’s next attack. 

This allows the player to swiftly move onto the battlefield, get up close and personal with enemies and deal potent damage upon their next hit launched at the enemies. The ash of war itself can be equipped with the weapons mentioned in the list before. 


As for enchantments, even those are limited to one for this specific build, as the Giant Crusher is a weapon that is comparatively difficult to build upon and requires tons of experience in excellent gameplay to play properly. 

Flame, Grant Me Strength! 

Elden Ring Flame Grant Me Strength
Flame Grant Me Strength

The only spell that players are recommended to use for the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build is Flame Grant Me Strength, which can be used by the player when they are in the middle of combat and want a sudden boost. 

The way the spell itself functions is that it will enhance the player’s overall physical and fire damage output, which will allow for easier victory. 

Giant Crusher Build Playstyle In Elden Ring 

As for the build playstyle for the Elden Ring Giant Crusher Build is pretty easy to traverse. Duel-wielding, the Giant Crushers use it to get close to the enemies and then charge forward to land heavy melee attacks that render them useless on the battlefield. 

Combine it with the talismans like claw talisman, which will cause the player to go airborne and land down on top of enemies, decimating them, or boost up your attack with the Ritual Sword Talisman and deal even deadlier blows to your foes. If you liked this build, check out our Elden Ring Best Builds for a full overview! 

Using the Great Jar’s Arsenal will allow for easier wearability of the armor set, such as the Raptor’s Armor Set, which will be able to provide the necessary protection for battles.


Elden Ring has brought upon an open-world game with some of the best weapons, talismans, spells, and dynamic starting classes to choose from, upon which players can make their builds to defeat the toughest bosses and opponents that are present in the game. 

As of the newest patch, please take note that the damage has been nerfed, but the build is still viable! 

Image Source & Build Inspiration: Angbata 11

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