15 Best Elden Ring Mage Armor Sets & Locations

My Elden Ring best mage armor sets guide entails the top 15 sets you should have to dominate the sorcery playstyle in the game.

Mage class will always remain weak in defenses; after all, if you are going all into sorcery playstyle, you will not get to invest many runes into leveling up the Endurance. As a result, equipping the heavy armor sets to get top-tier defenses is out of the question for a pure sorcery-build player in Elden Ring.

The list of mage armor sets I have curated below does not necessarily consider the extra buff or free intelligence levels you can get by equipping certain set pieces. That is why my list contains a little bit of both: mage armor sets for fashion purposes and stats as well. As always, I have included the best mage user armor sets in Elden Ring in my list from top to bottom, indicating the first to be the best in class and the last as average in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Elden Ring has a wide variety of armor sets available for all sorts of builds, including Str, Dex, archer, and mage builds.
  • Armor sets specifically for mage builds feature high elemental dmg negation and provide certain specific buffs to spells’ efficiency and damage.
  • They do carry certain demerits, like the low physical dmg negation and Poise, which forces you to stay at a distance all the times to not get interrupted easily.
  • Some of the best armor sets for mages include Azur’s Glintstone Set, Lusat’s Set, Snow Witch Set, Battlemage Set, and Alberich Set.
  • Using these armors will not only protect you from ranged spells, but also buff your own dmg output as they provide valuable bonuses to Int stat, magic damage, and FP consumption.

My Top Picks For The Best Elden Ring Mage Armor Sets

Armor SetsBest ForPhysical NegationMagic NegationFire NegationLightining NegationHoly Negation
Lusat’s SetThe Highest Vitality Stat In Elden Ring15.029.024.625.726.1
Azur’s Glintstone SetThe Highest Magic Def In Elden Ring13.629.224.625.226.5
Queen of The Full Moon Rennala’s SetThe Best Crown For Int Boost With No Demerit11.526.824.625.125.9
Preceptor’s SetThe Best Hat For Mind Boost12.828.526.325.525.5
Snow Witch SetThe Best Set For Cold Spells10.123.423.423.223.4
Alberich’s SetThe Best Armor For Aberrant Sorceries10.925.323.624.625.3
Sanguine Noble SetN/A10.123.420.722.923.7
Battlemage SetThe Best Headgear For Str/Int Boost11.125.723.724.625.0
Carian Knight SetThe Best Early-Game Set In The Game23.524.523.619.123.5
Errant Sorcerer SetThe Best End/Int Boosting Headpiece9.725.925.124.625.9
Lazuli Sorcerer SetThe Best Crown For Dex/Int Buff12.425.724.823.424.5
Raya Lucarian Sorcerer SetThe Best Int Boosting Crown In Elden Ring10.916.523.511.520.9
Spellblade SetThe Best Magic Ashes Of War Buffer8.925.1122.623.525.1
Juvenile Scholar SetThe Lightest Early-Game Set In Elden Ring6.616.715.416.016.4
Sage SetThe Best Mage Set For Low End Builds11.923.922.423.023.9

1. Lusat’s Set

The Highest Vitality Stat In Elden Ring.

best mage armor elden ring

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
15 29 24.6 25.7 26.1


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
109 55 181 209 21

Two armor sets have the vibe and the appearance of a supreme sorcerer in Elden Ring, and Lusat’s armor set is one of these two. Stats and fashion-wise, this armor set offers the highest magic damage resistance, and wearing this would be a perfect idea if you’re revisiting Raya Lucaria Academy while playing PvE or Coop or dueling an opponent who happens to be a mage. Also, read my Master Lusat guide and learn everything in detail.

The best part of Lusat’s armor set is that the headpiece increases the overall attack power of primeval sorceries by consuming more FP. This reason alone is good enough for you to equip the armor set and use primeval sorceries against foes in the game when playing as a mage.

Combine all these elements, and you will see for yourself why I think Lusat’s armor set is the best mage armor in Elden Ring to deal with high sorcery damage.

  • Very high magic defenses and the greatest Vitality stat in the game.
  • The headpiece increases the damage of Star sorceries.

  • Obtained by finishing a long questline.
  • Increases the FP cost of all sorceries by 15%.

2. Azur’s Glintstone Set

The Highest Magic Def In Elden Ring.

good looking mage armor elden ring

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
13.6 29.2 24.6 25.2 26.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
109 63 204 186 21

As mentioned earlier about two superior mage armor sets in Elden Ring, the first one is Lusat’s set, which I discussed above, and the second is Azur’s Glintstone set.

This mage armor set, too, is a sight to behold as from the headpiece to shoulders, the outfit features green glintstone crystals, and the overall appearance of the armor set radiates with the master of magic appeal. 

Like Lusat’s Set, the headpiece of Azur’s Glintstone increases the overall attack power of Azur’s primeval sorcery spells. As far as my experience and knowledge of Elden Ring, I think Comet Azur (the obvious one), Comet, and Glintstone Cometshard are the only three spells that fall under Azur’s primeval sorcery spells category. 

Of course, the increased attack power of Azur’s primeval sorceries comes at a price of extra 15% consumption of FP. As a result, if you equip Azur’s Glintstone Crown armor headpiece, you will get 15% increased damage on both Comet spells and 10% on Cometshard one. 

  • Huge Vitalty, Focus, and Highest magic defense in Elden Ring.
  • The crown provides damage buff to Comet sorceries.

  • Physical dmg negation pretty low.
  • Comes with the demerit of increasing sorceries’ FP cost.

3. Queen of The Full Moon Rennala’s Set

The Best Crown For Int Boost With No Demerit.

Rennala mage armor set
Queen of the full moor armor set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
11.5 26.8 24.6 25.1 25.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
96 58 167 187 16

There are not many mage boss armor sets in Elden Ring that you can showcase to friends in CO-OP or duelists in PvP. However, the Queen of the Full Moon armor set that is worn by the Rennala boss is one of the best light armor sets that favor a magic build player in the game. Besides the stat buff that you get in intelligence scaling, this armor set also looks cool.

Obtaining the Queen of the Full Moon armor set is not an easy task, so I suggest you to follow these steps:

  • Traverse through Raya Lucaria Academy, evading many obstacles.
  • You have to defeat The Red Wolf of Radagon before reaching Rennala’s boss arena.
  • The armor is then purchased from Enia in the Roundtable Hold after besting Rennala.

If you are having trouble fighting Rennala and want to carry a mage build, then I advise use the Godskin Noble Set with just a one point d weight difference and almost the same stats.

  • The crown enhances Int stat by 3.
  • Supplies excellent elemental defenses, Focus, and Vitality for its weight.

  • Poor overall Physical dmg negation and poise.
  • Only obtained by defeating a boss.

4. Preceptor’s Set

The Best Hat For Mind Boost.

Preceptor’s Set excellent sorcery hat
Preceptor’s Set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.8 28.5 26.3 25.5 25.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
124 59 206 190 27

The next good mage armor in Elden Ring that I think is out there is the Preceptor’s armor set. Why? Well, for one, the headpieces and the overall attire and appeal of this armor set comprehend the playstyle of a mage player in Elden Ring. Two, the headpiece increases the Mind stat by compromising the overall Stamina a little.   

If you want to fancy the mage build playstyle in Elden Ring by wearing the Preceptor’s armor set, then you will need to obtain all four set-pieces: Preceptor’s Big Hat, Preceptor’s Long Gown, Preceptor’s Gloves, and Preceptor’s Trousers. If you’ve reached the far end of Carian Manor, then you’d have the idea that Preceptor Seluvis NPC wears this outfit, and he is usually found in Three Sisters Site of Grace. 

So, in order to acquire Preceptor Seluvis’s armor set, you can kill him to obtain the complete set along with Seluvis’s Bell Bearing. Or, the good way to obtain the same mage armor set is by completing Ranni’s quest line. Also, consider reading my Bell Bearing locations guide and learn how to get them all in the game.

  • Provides substantial stats resistances and dmg negations from all elements.
  • The normal headpiece and also the varient provides different stats bonuses.

  • Difficult to get as only obtained by completing a lengthy questline.
  • The normal headpiece decreases maximum stamina by 9%.

5. Snow Witch Set

The Best Set For Cold Spells.

best mage armor for cold sorcery elden ring
snow witch set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.1 23.4 23.4 23.2 23.4


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
78 66 146 146 16

I have discussed various armor sets that buff a set of sorcery spells, but this amazing armor set also buffs the cold sorcery spells. If you are a mage build player in the game and want to cast frost status effect inflicting sorceries, then Snow Witch Set might be the one you need.

To fancy the complete outfit for your mage character in the game, you must collect and equip all three mage armor set pieces; Snow Witch Hat, Snow Witch Robe, and Snow Witch Skirt. While most armor sets come with four armor set pieces, this one comes with only three, and that is why the Snow Witch armor set may be the right choice for you if you are looking to equip a mid-to-high damage-negating set in the game. 

  • To acquire this armor set, you need to access the upper floor of Renna’s Rise, located at the far end of Carian Manor.
  • However, to reach here, you must first make certain progress with Ranni’s questline.
  • Without the progression, the access to the floor will be out of bounds for you. 

  • Has exceptional Elemental protection-to-weight ratio.
  • The headpiece boosts cold sorceries’ damage by 10%.

  • Recquires progression of NPC questline to obtain.
  • Very low pierce dmg negation.

6. Alberich’s Set

The Best Armor For Aberrant Sorceries.

excellent blood sorcery outfit
Alberich’s set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.9 25.3 23.6 24.6 25.3


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
93 55 159 170 15

Most mage armors that you see in my list are curated for sorcery or intelligence scaling players. However, Alberich’s armor set is an exclusive armor set that buffs the Aberrant Sorceries in Elden Ring. 

Now, Aberrant sorceries are still magic spells in the game. However, you do not need intelligence scaling to cast them. Instead, you will need to have a faith build in Elden Ring to use aberrant sorceries. That is why if you are an aberrant sorcery player, then there is no parallel to Alberich’s set in the game.

In order to acquire all four set pieces of Alberich’s armor set; Alberich’s Pointed Hat, Alberich’s Robe, Alberich’s Bracers, and Alberich’s Trousers,

  • You will need to reach the Leyndell, Royal Capital area of Elden Ring.
  • Once you’re there, go to the main hall, and at the far end, you find the complete armor set to collect.

  • Increases dmg dealt by Aberrant sorceries by 6% per piece.
  • Pretty high elemental dmg negations, Vitality, and Focus.

  • The legs and altered chest pieces do not provide the boost.
  • Very low poise so not viable for builds other than mage.

7. Sanguine Noble Set

good light weight mage armor elden ring
Sanguine Noble set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.1 23.4 20.7 22.9 23.7


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
97 37 156 144 17

The Sanuine Noble set does not have extra stat offerings, but is excellent fashion-wise. The overall appeal of the armor definitely gives it a vibe for a mage-material outfit. However, the only problem you will face is that the Sanguine Noble set is a late-game armor set.

  • To obtain this armor set in the game, you will first need to reach consecrated snowfield, which is a secret passage given access via Rold Lift in Elden Ring.
  • You can access this area in the game by obtaining two pieces of Haligtree medallions.
  • The first one is acquired by visiting the Village of Albinaurics; a hidden NPC will give you the Haligtree medallion without much hassle. 

The Finger Maiden Set might not look that good but if you want a light mage build then I recommend this in place of Sanguine Noble Set. It has better defenses and only is one point heavier.

  • Considerable Vitality and Focus stats.
  • For the weight, has exeptional defenses towards the elements.

  • Low physical dmg negation and robustness.
  • Obtained in a rather secret end-game area.

8. Battlemage Set

The Best Headgear For Str/Int Boost.

lightweight battlemage
Battlemage set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
11.1 25.7 23.7 24.6 25


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
103 55 155 176 22

If you are not entirely leveling up the intelligence but also strength as well, you will find the Battlemage set as the perfect outfit. It is because the armor is lightweight, allowing you to carry a mid to heavy-sized weapon. On top of that, the headpiece increases intelligence and strength as well.

If you would like to fancy the Battlemage armor set in Elden Ring, then you need to equip all four set-pieces; Haima Glintstone Crown, Battlemage Robe, Battlemage Manchettes, and Battlemage Legwraps. 

  • Acquiring the entire armor set is pretty easy as well, and you can get all four set pieces by defeating a specific Battlemage-attired enemy.
  • It can be found in East Windmill Pasture or West Windmill Pasture.
  • Usually, the NPC can be located at the far end of the collapsed bridge. 

  • Provides balanced Focus, Vitality, Immunity, and poise.
  • Great elemental defenses for the weight.

  • Has a low drop rate and only obtained through farming.
  • Not that high physical dmg negation and robustness.

9. Carian Knight Set

The Best Early-Game Set In The Game.

Knight and mage best armor elden ring
Carian Knight set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
23.5 24.5 23.5 19.1 23.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
66 110 50 55 40

Most of the good mage armor sets in Elden Ring that I have recommended above fall under the light armor sets category. However, the Carian Knight Set is the first one that is a medium-weight armor set and offers a much higher physical and elemental damage resistance than the sets I listed above.

It also looks excellent aesthetically as you get a knight’s armor, which is decorated with jewels and chains, a slight touch of the mage-ish armor set. 

To get all four armor set pieces of Carian Knight armor set: Carian Knight Helm, Carian Knight Armor, Carian Knight Gauntlets, and Carian Knight Greaves, you must first reach Raya Lucaria Academy.

  • Possesses relatively high physical and magic defenses.
  • Is a great early-game armor set and stays good for a lot of time.

  • Lightning dmg negation comparatively low.
  • Has lower Poise and Immunity stats.

10. Errant Sorcerer Set

The Best End/Int Boosting Headpiece.

very lightweight outfit
Errant sorcerer set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
9.7 25.9 25.1 24.6 25.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
90 56 174 186 18

The Errant sorcerer armor set does not have the high mage armor fashion statement that Lusat’s and Azur’s sets have. However, it is much more practical because of being lightweight, the headpiece giving free levels into two stats, and offering decent physical and elemental damage resistance.

If you want to look like an aged mage build player in Elden Ring, then you need to get all four set pieces of Errant Sorcerer armor set: Hierodas Glintstone Crown, Errant Sorcerer Robe, Errant Sorcerer Manchettes, and Errant Sorcerer Boots. 

  • You will first need to reach Mt. Gelmir’s Hermit Village.
  • Once you are there, the complete set can be obtained from two different corpses; the headpiece from the Southern end of Hermit village.
  • And the rest of the three set pieces from inside a house located northwest of Hermit Village.

For a little more weight and almost equivalent stats, I suggest going for the Depraved Perfumer Set, if you’re yet to obtain this one.

  • Gives great elemental dmg negation, Focus, and Vitality.
  • +2 Intelligence and Endurance provided by the crown.

  • Despite the buff, the crown decreases the wearer’s FP by 10%.
  • Very low robustness and physical defenses.

11. Lazuli Sorcerer Set

The Best Crown For Dex/Int Buff.

Lazuli Sorcerer Set
Lazuli best mage armor Sorcerer Set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.4 25.7 24.8 23.4 24.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
95 55 137 130 17

Lazuli Sorcerer set is another excellent early-game armor set, which can be obtained after reaching Raya Lucaria Academy. The armor set comes with four set-pieces: Lazuli Robe, Sorcerer Manchettes and Sorcerer Leggings, and Lazuli Glintstone Crown.

The headpiece is a little tricky to obtain but, at the same time, makes the whole set worth obtaining as it offers an increase in intelligence and agility by three free levels at the cost of reducing the HP by 18%. That is why I believe INT/DEX build players in Elden Ring will benefit from having Lazuli Sorcerer armor set. If you know any other set that favors this playstyle, let me know about it in the comments section below.

  • Substantial increase in Focus, Elemental dmg negations, and Vitality.
  • There’s a boost of 3 towards Int and Dex by the headpiece.

  • Reduces the user’s HP by 18% in reward of the buff.
  • Poise and physical defenses relatively lower.

12. Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

The Best Int Boosting Crown In Elden Ring.

high intelligence mage armor elden ring
twinsage raya lucarian mage armor

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.9 16.5 23.5 11.5 20.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
85 110 135 73 17

Now, Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set looks very similar to Lazuli Sorcerer set; the former comes in blue and red colors while the latter is covered in white. Besides that, the best part about the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set is that you get to choose the headpiece from four different helmets: Karolos Glintstone Crown (a.k.a Burger King), Twinsage Glintstone Crown, Olivinus Glintstone Crown, and Witch’s Glintstone Crown. 

While all four headpieces offer various benefits, such as scaling intelligence any one more stat at the cost of a particular stat, the Twinsage Glintstone Crown is by far the best helmet in Elden Ring.

Why? Well, for starters, it increases the overall intelligence by six levels at the cost of a 9% reduction penalty to stamina and HP. The free six levels are a massive benefit you can get out of any headpiece armor in Elden Ring. 

  • If you want to fancy twinsage Glintstone Crown headpiece armor, then you will need to reach the ladder connected to the second floor with the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace.
  • After that, you must beat Crystalline Crab and proceed towards Debate Parlor.
  • Then, take the broken stairs and jump off the balcony, which leads further to a staircase below. 

Considering Raya Lucarian Sorcerer armor set to be an early game mage armor, the pure mage-build playstyle players will surely love using this helmet until the end game. Consider reading my Elden Ring Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set location guide and learn how to get all armor set pieces. 

  • Gloves and leggings of the set provides Death resistance.
  • Features high Focus and Fire defense.

  • Poor physical and lightning dmg reductions and almost no poise.
  • Is difficult to obtain as needs to be farmed.

13. Spellblade Set

The Best Magic Ashes Of War Buffer.

spellblade set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
8.9 25.11 22.6 23.5 25.1


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
86 44 141 151 15

Spellblade Set is another amazing armor set that fancies a big hat, exotic robes, pointy boots, and decent trousers; basically, everything that a mage class character should wear. This armor set consists of four set pieces; Spellblade’s Pointed Hat, Spellblade’s Traveling Attire, Spellblade’s Gloves, and Spellblade’s Trousers. 

  • You can obtain this mage armor early in the game by completing Rogier’s questline, who will first appear in Stormveil Castle and will then relocate to Roundtable Hold.
  • His questline is relatively long and will intersect with Elden Ring Fia and Ranni’s questline indirectly. You can talk To Rogier to reveal certain information or buy magic-oriented Ashes of War
  • After you’ve talked to Ranni and begun her questline, if you re-visit Rogier, he will tell you about falling into a deep slumber.
  • After this dialogue, if you progress further in the game’s main story, Rogier will die, and his rapier, bell bearing, and Spellblade armor set can be collected where he sits in Roundtable Hold. 

  • Buffs magic Ashes of war by 8%.
  • High elemental dmg resistances, Vitality, and Focus.

  • Damage buff does not effect sorceries.
  • Has comparatively lower physical dmg reduction and poise.

14. Juvenile Scholar Set 

The Lightest Early-Game Set In Elden Ring.

Juvenile Scholar Set 
Juvenile Scholar mage armor Set 

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
6.6 16.7 15.4 16 16.4


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
53 35 89 100 9

The Juvenile Scholar armor set is another good set, and it comes with two set-pieces only: Juvenile Scholar Cap and Juvenile Scholar Robe. 

The armor set is not the best in its class, but it is decent enough for fashion purposes only. Having two set pieces, the Juveline Scholar set does not offer the best physical and elemental resistance against incoming attacks. However, you can equate two more random set pieces to get the damage negation as much as you want.

In addition, I suggest using the Commoner’s Set if you are looking for a light-weight set which is mage-oriented with more defenses and stats resistances.

  • Extremely light weight and will contribute almost nothing to weight issues.
  • Elemental defenses are considerable for such low weight.

  • Has extremely low poise.
  • Highly incompatible with builds other than mage.

15. Sage Set

The Best Mage Set For Low End Builds.

Sage Set
Sage mage armor Set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
11.9 23.9 22.4 23 23.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
76 46 141 150 15

If you are a mage playstyle player in the game who does not level up Endurance at all and puts all runes into Intelligence and Mind, then Sage Set might be the armor you need. 

Why? Because this armor set is even lighter than the Astrologer’s starting set, and of course, the overall physical and elemental damage resistance is lowered as well. So, you’d get to wear it without overloading your equip load, but at the same time, you would also get the most damage from enemies. Before reading further, why not go through my Astrologer Build guide?

  • The armor set is found in Liurnia of the Lakes, Stillwater Cave region.
  • To reach it, you will need to take the road of Lake Facing Cliffs and arrive at the location of two servants of rot, which is near the upper path.
  • After that, take the tunnel, and you will come across a point where two giant bats will guard a loot item.
  • Defeat these bats and obtain the loot that will contain the complete Sage Set.

You can always use the Astrologer Set instead. It has more overall defenses than this set but comes with a little more weight.

  • Has high Focus and Vitality for the weight bracket.
  • Doesn’t recquire extra investment in End and provides high elemental defenses.

  • Considerably low pierce defense.
  • There are better alternatives available.

Similar Options To Consider

Here are some alternative Mage Armor Sets in Elden Ring that are worth considering. However, I haven’t included them in my top picks due to specific factors:

  • Cleanrot Set: Light armor with high dexterity and Scarlet Rot buildup, but it offers very low physical defense, leaving you vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Astrologer Set: Despite providing decent magic defense and FP cost reduction, it gets outclassed by many other armor sets.
  • All-Knowing Set: While an excellent choice, this armor lacks passive bonuses compared to the sets I’ve selected above.
  • Scaled Set: A solid early-game option, but acquiring it poses more difficulty compared to other sets available in the early stages.
  • Royal Knight Set: It doesn’t offer any specific buffs for intelligence, spell damage, or FP management compared to the other sets.

My Take On The Best Mage Armors In Elden Ring

After having spent over 1500 hours exploring the Lands Between and trying out every fascinating thing I found, I can say this with confidence that it’s pretty hard to declare a single armor set as the best in this game. Different armors can become the top choice in different situations. In addition to the stats and numbers, the looks of a particular set matter a lot when deciding its viability.

No matter how powerful stats it has, if its ugly, you are bound to ditch it. Keeping this in mind, I suggest you to go around and determine which set fits your preferences and builds the best. Still, if I talk about what can provide you the best performance in mage builds overall, I believe it has to be the Azur’s Glintstone Set and the Lusat’s Set. Solid looks, exceptional defense-to-weight ratio, and buffing sorceries, what else do I need?

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the good, early game, and the best mage armor sets in Elden Ring. Which mage armor has been your favorite so far in the game? Do you have any other mage armor preferences from the ones I listed here? Let me know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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