Elden Ring Update V1.07 Is Live, Patch Notes Revealed

Elden Ring released the Version 1.07 patch update for all available platforms. The update brings several balance adjustments to improve the gameplay.

Elden Ring Update V1.07 is live on all platforms, and the full patch notes are also available.

Elden Ring, one of the recent FromSoftware games and the hottest release in 2022, has received a patch update to balance the PvP and PvE gameplay. The game is still going strong even almost three months after its release.

The following are some of the major highlights from the new update. You can read the full patch notes of the Elden Ring V1.07 update here.

Major Takeaways:

  • The V1.07 update adds separate damage scaling for PvP.
  • Poise received some balance adjustments.
  • Colossal weapons have been buffed.
  • Shield effects have been adjusted.

The update brings several changes to the spells, skills, and incantations present in the game to improve the versatility. There were also many balance adjustments and bug fixes that improved the quality of gameplay.

The update also adds another feature: separate damage scaling for PvP. Elden ring attempts to balance out the PvP mode by separating the damage scaling when playing against other players.

Almost all Ashes of War have been nerfed in the PvP mode. The power of several dragon incantations has been nerfed greatly nerfed in the PvP mode, along with the Unendurable Frenzy madness incantation.

Along with that, stamina attack power and poise damage of all the weapons has been improved with the exception of ranged weapons.

Note that all the changes made to the PvP damage scaling won’t affect PvE and co-op gameplay, AKA jolly cooperation.

There were also several balance adjustments that affect both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game.

Poise, in general, has been increased for all armor, with some exceptions. The poise damage and rating of several two-handed weapons have also been increased while attacking.

Colossal weapons have been buffed. The attack speed of several Colossal Sword attacks has been increased and the recovery time is reduced, except for jump attacks, while running attacks and dual wield attacks.

The effects that improve the shields have also been adjusted. Notably, the Barricade Shield Ashes of War, Scholar’s Sheild spell, and the Shield Grease item have been changed to provide more effect on shields with low guard boost and lower impact on shields with already a high guard boost.

The fingerprint shield, also known as the strongest shield in the game, saw its guard strength nerfed in the Elden Ring’s V1.07 update.

The game also saw several bug fixes and performance updates in the new patch notes. The bug that prevented PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players from playing multiplayer mode has been removed.

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