PUBG Patch 19.2 Brings New Changing Weather, Vehicle & More

The weather feature is primitive and does not include a day/night cycle.

The battle-royale genre has deeply flourished through the widely-popular game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). In PUBG, 100 players are dropped together on an island. Fight or hide against each other on maps filled with diverse biomes and buildings, and the last earns the chicken dinner. PUBG, inspired by a film, has primarily caused the extensive integration of the battle royale genre in different franchises.

The game has massively grown over the years and now brags a wonderful community of players enjoying the franchise on different platforms. The novelty of this battle royale has surely withered away with time, but its unique focus on realistic simulation and massive maps mean the game has not lost its allure.

However, the game has stayed true to its basic battle-royale formula. PUBG has rivaled all the other battle royales it inspired. Games like Fortnite are among the large competitors of the franchise. The other games have tinkered and expanded upon the battle-royale genre in various ways over the years.

PUBG has stayed innovative and fresh to play because of its large variety of updates. The last 18.2 update brought a new map named Deston and various innovative features, like the workshop, that altered the overall experience. The latest 19.2 patch enhances the Deston map, including a new vehicle, changing weather, and map optimizations, alongside many bug fixes.

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The update brings a new vehicle, an ice cream truck that will only deliver people looking to kill you for good. The large open windows of the van are a double-edged sword; you can either shoot through the prominent place or get fired. Using the horn will play the familiar and soft musical tone usually available in trucks.  

The truck can carry up to 4 passengers and is only available in Deston, like most other features included in the update. Arguably the most important addition of this patch is the new weather feature. The Deston will have the new changing weather element that will allow the time to “Go from dawn to early morning, late afternoon to sunset, or from a clear day to a stormy one with the new time-of-day weather feature.”

The weather feature provides a primitive time system that modifies the weather from one state to another. It is worth mentioning that it’s not a dynamic day/night cycle system and does not include drastic changes to the sun’s angle. One of the following cycles will be randomly selected for each match.

  • Dawn to early morning
  • Clear weather to stormy weather
  • Storm to Clear weather

Another significant addition worth discussing is the improved animation refresh that is finally implemented. The patch notes define it as, “The motions should feel different but familiar, and a lot of care and effort went into making sure no timings were changed in this process.” The weapon operation motions are now improved and refresh to feel more tactical during gameplay.

A new item named “Heavy Stock” can be attached to modify different guns, such as Assault rifles like M416, among many others. There is a new “shoot indicator” in the AI training matches tutorial awards, a new spawn tool to be utilized in the training mode, and much more in the update.

The update brings loot changes and map optimizations to Deston, like the “additional cover and loot to the island northwest of Ripton” and “additional cover and fence adjustments to the southeast portion of Downtown Ripton, near the large art park.” There are more fuel pumps in Buxley and Cavala.

There are ascender spots to the 3-4 story apartments. Moreover, additional ascenders are included in various skyscrapers in the downtown area and bridges in Ripton. There are more covers, cell towers, and terrain adjustments in the new 19.2 patch.

Furthermore, PUBG is also collaborating with McLaren that brings new McLaren-related items like skins to the store. There are additions to the workshop and various bug fixes and performance improvements. What are your thoughts about the new 19.2 update? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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