Rumbleverse Patch Adds Progress Safeguard; Fixes Server Issues

The first Rumbleverse patch is out, and it addresses some of the most common and annoying issues faced by the players.

Rumbleverse is probably one of the biggest free-to-play releases this year. Since its release last week, on the 11th of August, players and critics have received the game exceptionally well. So much so that the game’s servers crashed, and players had to wait in queues of more than 100,000 players to log in.

After its successful release, Epic Games published the first patch for the game that will address some of the connection issues and other minor stability updates. The developers stated in the patch notes, “as our first post-launch patch for Rumbleverse, we have released an update to address a few key issues with online services.”

More specifically, the developers addressed two significant issues that Rumbleverse had. The first one is where players immediately get disconnected when they land on the barge. The patch addresses this issue by stating, “fixed an issue to reduce immediate disconnects upon loading into a barge.”

The second major and annoying issue many players faced in Rumbleverse was losing their entire progress. The bug would cause the game to reset a player’s entire progress instead of just losing the progression of a single play session.

The patch notes state, “added a safeguard to cause users to only lose play session progression instead of resetting their entire progression.” The developers finally added a safeguard mechanism to save players’ progress in Rumbleverse.

Lastly, in the patch notes, the developers state that they have added “overall system stability improvements.” There were many occasions when some players would have stability issues with Rumbleverse, so it’s excellent news that the developers have finally addressed those minor issues.

So far, Rumbleverse is going ahead with a great pace, and players seem to love the game for its unique new addition to the Battle Royale genre. Let’s hope the developers keep the game stable and fresh with new updates, patches, and content.

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