Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered v1.907.1.0 Fixes Crashing Issues

The small patch notes tackles the most remaining bugs

Sony has recently started bringing its PlayStation exclusives on PC to expand the targeted audience. This tactic was initiated to compete with Microsoft’s growing roster of Xbox games on PC. Recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered made its way to PC players and became a stellar sensation upon release.

The community had highly anticipated the game since the first unveiled details regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PC. Seeing Spidey swing through the skyscrapers coated in Ray-Tracing, and using a mouse & keyboard to fight enemies midair has been enjoyed by many players.

Who could not immerse into Spider-Man swinging through the urban wilderness of New York to fight crime in this remarkable and fleshed-out story? However, the PC port came with unique bugs and hindrances that Sony has been tackling through continuous updates.

The innovative Ray-Tracing initially resulted in crashes and issues that were dealt with in one of the first game’s patches. The latest yet relatively small patch notes strike yet more prominent bugs related to crashing and freezing issues experienced by different groups of players. 

The patch note states, “With this update, we address an issue that could cause crashes and other issues when starting a new game or loading a save game for a select group of players.” Now, Marvel’s Spider-Man will run smoothly for the gamers who experienced the aforementioned crashing issues. 

Moreover, Sony also deals with some impediments that cause some players to be unable to progress further in the “Uninvited” mission due to the camera not being equippable. The note cites, “Fixed an issue that prevented some players from equipping the camera in the mission Uninvited, halting their progression.

Another prominent bug fixed in the patch notes finally deals with the glitchy camera encountered by a minority of players while using a mouse & keyboard. The patch note continues, “Fixed an issue that caused erratic camera movements when aiming mid-air during combat when using mouse and keyboard.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC would sometimes get stuck for players if they exited the camera mode using Alt-Tab; the popular bug is also finally rectified. The last fix reads, “Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze when using Alt-Tab after exiting Photo Mode under specific circumstances.

The small list of fixes ends here, but the patch note also discusses issues that have been reported. For instance, some players using Intel CPUs cannot capture a picture of the empire state building, halting the progress. This problem was solved by Intel in a beta driver update.

There are still some lingering bugs that developers are currently investigating. Some players have reportedly revealed the degradation of performance while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man over time. While other gamers using NVIDIA GPUs have reported getting unexpected low levels of performance on their laptop devices. 

Furthermore, the achievements are outright not unlocking correctly for a minority of players. These aforementioned bugs do not currently have a fix but Sony is currently investigating them to find a solution. They may finally be resolved for good in the next patch notes for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Sony has continued to thrash emerging bugs to enrich Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered experience on PC for players. These patch notes ensure the players proceed to have a positive time with the PC port of the four-year old game. 

What are your thoughts about the latest enhancements in the patch notes? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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