Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s New Update Out Now On Switch & Steam

The patch is minor but brings forth a myriad of bug fixes.

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  • Monster Hunter Rise is a highly established action RPG that came out in 2021. The game has seen constant development to date, and the addition of a major story expansion called Sunbreak in June 2022. 
  • A new patch for the title, dubbed v15.0.1 for the Switch and v15.0.1.0 for Steam, has been outed in recent times, bringing a myriad of bug fixes for the platforms Monster Hunter Rise is on. 
  • Noteworthy issues such as the prevention of progress in the event of a player getting hit during the
    “Quest Completed” animation have been resolved. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s latest patch is geared toward multiple bug fixes. The update, titled v15.0.1 for the Switch and v15.0.1.0 for Steam has now been released for relevant platforms, skipping other systems, such as Xbox Series X|S and PS5 for now. Here are the complete patch notes that have been outed as part of the latest update. 

  • Fixed a bug causing the “Guard Bash” Rampage Decoration Skill to activate in response to things other than monster attacks, such as certain locale gimmicks and endemic life.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the “Destructive Dragon Deity” quest from showing up in the Join Request search if players in the same lobby try to join this quest through the “Join Hub Quest” option.
  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect explanation to be displayed for the “F Jaggi Helm X” at the Buddy Smithy in Elgado.
  • Fixed a bug preventing progress if the player gets hit with an attack during the Quest Completed animation.

Although the update effectively fixes an issue with Lances in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, people are calling for the patch to be reverted. Apparently, there was an exploit in motion that rendered Lances to work super efficiently in-game, taking down bosses and other foes without breaking a sweat. Here is a glimpse of what this weapon type could do under the right circumstances prior to the latest Sunbreak update.

Wake up babe, new Lance Tech just dropped
by u/Youmassacredmyboy in MonsterHunter

As the official Monster Hunter Twitter page tweeted the release of update v15.0.1 or v15.0.1.0, the developers have addressed another matter concerning the game’s players. Apparently, players have reported that the frequency of drawing the attention of a monster in-game has been operating improperly. Players reap results on the basis of the order in which they joined a multiplayer quest.

That, of course, isn’t the most desirable scenario, as the game mechanic in question—aggro—is imperative for devising strategy in battles. Having a monster targeting you just because you hopped in on a session too late or early is evidently problematic. The good news is that the issue has been identified and will be resolved in the next patch, as the developers have clarified. 

Last month, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s free title update 5 added a highly requested monster to the game, called Amatsu. Being an Elder Dragon in nature, the monster holds history to its name, marking its first appearance in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Since then, Amatsu has popped up in other mainline Monster Hunter titles as well, becoming a fan favorite and now seeping into Rise: Sunbreak as well. 

In other news, the relatively recent release of Wild Hearts has had people thinking about whether Monster Hunter has finally met its match. After all, the more integrated monster design, more involved character interaction with their surroundings, along with varied difficulty settings are no slouches to ignore. Although the game’s developers feel honored to be compared to an RPG like Monster Hunter, they believe that Wild Hearts can hold its own quite fairly as well. Comment down below and let us know how you think these two fare up. 

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