Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom is back with its award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter series. This time, they’ve brought you Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a game where you’ll get to explore brand-new maps as a hunter, taking down fearsome monsters. With a new story set in the Kamura Village, you must work with the villagers to defend them from the Rampage as you hunt a plethora of monsters with distinct behaviors and deadly ferocity. Players will often find themselves crafting better gear as they immerse themselves in the game’s stunning visuals. From 14 different weapons to choose from to explore the world with your Wirebug and Companions, there is much to do in this game. That is why at eXputer, we have all the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, best settings, and news pieces related to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to help you in the hunt!