Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapons Tier List [2023]

Here is a list of the top weapons available in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The greatest weapons available in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (MHR) may be found using our Sunbreak Weapon Tier List. We now view the weapons differently thanks to improved gameplay, agile fighting mechanism improvements, and intriguing new enemies. If you’ve been away from the game for a while, there are certain weapon modifications you might not have noticed. Here is our newly updated tier list with the DLC in mind to see which weapons are the best.

Key Highlights
  • There are a total of 14 weapons put at a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak player’s disposal. 
  • Weapons in the MHR Sunbreak are ranked based on the recent weapon modifications the game has seen, as well as the opponents just introduced. 
  • Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Great Sword, Switch Axe, and Bow are the highlight names in the game. These fit perfectly with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s improved gameplay and super agile fighting mechanism. 
  • On the split side, MHR Sunbreak weapons that you should completely ignore equipping include Lance and Hammer. Their low damage output isn’t worth the high investment required.
  • The more capable an MHR Sunbreak weapon is, the better your chances of lasting in the exciting game. 

Here’s a complete summary of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapons Tier List:

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
S-Tier Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Great Sword, Switch Axe, and Bow
A-Tier Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, Charge Blade, and Long Sword
B-Tier Hunting Horn, and Insect Glaive
C-Tier Gunlance, Lance, and Hammer

The age-old question of video games is raised once more with the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: which weapons are the best?There have been some changes since Monster Hunter Rise, including adding new skills and modifications to practically all weapons. Read on how we ranked each Sunbreak weapon on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapons Tier List. Also, consider reading our Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List Breakdown

All MHR Sunbreak Weapons’ ranks are included in this list of tiers. Use it to determine which weapons are the most potent. Based on how useful and robust they are in the game, all weapons are ranked in the following Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon tier list.

From S through C, with S being the greatest and C the worst, a rank has been assigned to each weapon. So let’s get started.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak S-Tier

You won’t be disappointed by these weapons’ damage output and attacks, and they are the greatest in the game.


In Monster Hunter Rise, ranged weapons were “broken” (positively), and they’re even better in Sunbreak. Given how strongly MHR and Sunbreak rely on mobility and evading with “Wire Bugs” and skills, the Bow‘s ability to avoid and deal damage simultaneously elevates it to the top tier.

There is most likely no other weapon in the game that you can use on Master Rank hunts with the assurance that you won’t be struck the entire time. And one of the finest movements in the game is the stake thrust.

Switch Skills: Stake Thrust

An attack that drives a stake with explosives into your target.
In response to further strikes, the stake increases the harm done to the victim. The kind of arrow released determines how much more damage is inflicted.

Silkbind: Butcher’s Bind

Iron silk arrows are fired. And it flows around both shafts. If the second arrow also falls in the same location as the first, it does very serious damage. The stuck arrow vanishes if the second arrow misses its mark.

Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun and the Bow benefit greatly from the mobility that Monster Hunter Rise provides. With the Wyvern Counter and the ability to battle from a distance, the weapon’s defense is among the finest in the game despite already being a more mobile and dodge-based weapon.

Switch Skills

a unique firing technique enhances damage output while decreasing critical distance and raising recoil. You must be aware of it and alter your firing posture since the range at which ammunition is most powerful has been decreased. Remember that some types of ammunition are exempt from this.

Silkbind: Wyvern Counter

A quick retreat that releases a shot with a lot of recoils and uses a Wirebug to intercept it.  Although it is not a strong assault, it is most useful when used to deflect incoming attacks.  You may withdraw with an explosive departure that can even stop breath assaults if you time it correctly.

Heavy Bowgun

The inability to move has always been one of the Heavy Bowgun‘s disadvantages. Well, that doesn’t exist in MHR. Rise’s Armor Piercing ammunition makes this weapon top-class for slicing through foes.

The Heavy Bowgun now does enormous amounts of damage while retaining the reactive mobility that makes it so potent, thanks to Crouching Shot and Wire Bug movement.

Switch Axe

Perhaps the most evenly matched weapon in terms of fighting and guarding is the Switch Axe. But the extraordinary quantity of burst windows that you possess makes it stand out from its competitors.

The Elemental Burst Counter could now be the game’s most effective attack and defense skill. Transformation combinations have also become simpler.

Great Sword

The Great Sword is the only weapon in the game that enables you to continue the battle for longer. Additionally, you will out-damage most other weapons even if you merely use repeated slashes without charging.

Many players make the error of thinking the Great Sword is a passive, timed weapon that needs precise combat knowledge to discover your opportunity. However, the Great Sword is an effective weapon that you may use to choose your battles.

You can never depart the Monster until you desire to do so, thanks to the new Strongarm Style and a variety of additional skills.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak A-Tier

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak A-Tier List contains stronger weapons and an excellent choice for facing different monsters.

Long Sword

The Long Sword has lost its S-tier status while still being one of the most often used weapons since its most effective new talents have locked down its mobility.

Sakura Slash feels incredibly unbalanced, and Capcom adjusted it such that you are locked into attacks much more than while using the Great Sword while trying to balance it. Spirit Gauge is still simple to build, but you could lose your moment to put it to use.

Charge Blade

In terms of performance within the game, the Charge Blade should be where the Switch Axe currently is. However, because of its complex playstyle, it is placed at a lower rank.

The Charge Blade’s combinations have been simplified in certain ways. It’s still top-tier, but in terms of damage and adaptability, it falls short of weapons like the Greatsword or Switch-Axe.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are in their traditional place as mid-tier weapons with a lot of potentials, and it’s one of the least altered weapons in Sunbreak. It works best for beginners or when beginning an unfamiliar conflict. Choose a different weapon without a doubt if you want a more intriguing play style or if you feel secure in combat.

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades significantly struggle in terms of raw damage output while having excellent I-frames (invincibility frames), continuous damage, and outstanding Wire Bug abilities.

A Charge Blade or Switch Axe player effortlessly dealing 1K damage in one shot while a Dual Blades player seeing many double-digit damaging numbers come out is irritating. The type of damage needed to keep this weapon competitive with the other melee weapons is not even provided by the new skills.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak B-Tier

With a few restrictions, the B-Tier Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons list has some of the excellent weapons in MHR’s DLC. Some of them perform well as support equipment when playing with others.

Insect Glaive

Users of the Insect Glaive have long enjoyed the freedom and adaptability they have when flying through the air in Monster Hunter video games. Thanks to Wire Bugs and natural verticality, the Glaive is now virtually equal to every other weapon in MHR and Sunbreak.

The Insect Glaive received some excellent improvements in Sunbreak. But every other weapon’s maneuverability drags it down to earth and keeps it securely in the B-Tier.

Hunting Horn

One of the most fascinating, entertaining, and distinctive weapons in MHR is the Hunting Horn. Additionally, it might trap you into actions you don’t want to take to finish combinations and deal inconsistent damage.

However, if you’re playing multiplayer, the Hunting Horn should be a part of every group because of how useful it is. Hunting Horn would solely rank at the top of this tier, including multiplayer possibilities. But it stays in B due to its inherent problems.

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Due to their poor potential and high investment needs, these weapons are listed lower on the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons tier list. You can pick them if they fit your playing style, but it isn’t recommended.


The Hammer still seems like a situational weapon, despite Sunbreak increasing the weapon’s overall playability and impact. You only need to stand at the monster’s head in multiplayer and then stun-lock it.

The buff is lackluster because the finest abilities, Spinning Bludgeon and Impact Burst, come from Rising rather than Sunbreak.


The Lance seems clunky and lethargic in a game where movement and mobility have been emphasized. The Lance feels out of place in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Since practically other weapons have been made simpler, even though it has a very high skill ceiling.

Although you can still do a lot of damage, the weapon isn’t what it once was due to the mediocre new skills. One of the series’ top weapons in the past was the lance. It’s an afterthought in Sunbreak.


Similar to the Lance, the Gun Lance has mobility limitations. Even though the new Bullet Barrage skill is great, you will still struggle to do consistent damage if you don’t use it or can’t land it. Similarly, it does have a very high-skilled ceiling. But the Gun Lance feels rather static and previous generation compared to practically every other weapon in a game emphasizing dodging and simple combinations.

MHR Sunbreak Tier List Criteria

After carefully considering each weapon’s capabilities and functionality, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons tier list was prepared. Weapons that produce more damage and have fewer restrictions are ranked higher.

While those with limited potential and high construction costs are ranked lower, player reviews of the weapons and discussions on various internet forums were also considered.

Our staff works hard to provide the most objective tier ranking based on statistics and data. Which weapons are your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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