PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is the leading video game console of the 8th generation when it comes to releasing exclusives and making PS4 the go-to video game platform. Sony released an enhanced version of the console called PS4 Pro, but that did not offer much to the table as compared to its direct rival Xbox One X. Sony’s initiative to give players access to the vast PS2 and PS3 video game library through PS Now also started at a snail’s pace. Even though Sony has released PlayStation 5, the company’s boss Jim Ryan said that they would continue making great games for the PlayStation 4. All of this information may seem hot news to some and not so much to others, and it is why we at eXputer are your the best source for all sorts of PlayStation 4 news. We cover news-related media revolving around PlayStation 4 console, video games, subscriptions services, PS Store discounts & sales, and much more.

  • Designer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 15, 2013
  • Original Price: $399
  • Generation: 8th
  • Successor: PlayStation 5
  • Predecessor: PlayStation 3