FIXED: PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0 [2023]

The causes and the 7 different methods to fix the Error CE-34878-0 on the PlayStation 4 console

What Is The PS4 Error CE-34878-0?

'CE-34878-0' PS4
The error code ‘CE-34878-0’ on the PS4

The error ‘CE-34878-0’ most notably occurs to indicate that the currently running game or application has crashed. Error codes on the Playstation 4 & 5 systems consist of a hyphen code. These start with two specific letters followed by a distinctive numerical code.

Key Highlights
  • You might encounter the error code CE-34878-0 after a game or app crashes on your PlayStation 4 console.
  • Error code CE-34878-0 can occur because of several reasons. These include corrupted game files, compatibility issues, an issue while installing a game, faulty hard drives, and many more.
  • You should first try to restart, or power cycle your PlayStation 4 console and then see if that fixes the error code CE-34878-0.
  • You can additionally try to restore your application’s licenses from your PS4 console’s settings.
  • Try to transfer your games and applications from your HDD to an external hard drive.
  • Download the latest PS4 firmware version and make sure all of your games are kept updated.
  • You can try rebuilding your PS4’s database. There is also the option of initializing your PS4 console.

There are multiple variations of these codes and they all have different issues stemming from various causes. The most prominent method anyone reaches out to is to contact PlayStation Support. But even so, the code is vague enough that the reasons why it may occur may entirely be different than those suggested by the Support staff.

The PS4 suffers from several error codes generated due to different types of conditions. They can be entirely dependent on your software or if the server status of the PlayStation Network is down. Problems like the error ‘CE-34878-0’ can relatively frustrate a lot of gamers at the worst times while playing games on the PS4.

The “CE” in the error code stands for Common Error. So it is one step to know that the error is a reoccurring annoyance for most users. Fortunately, we have managed to compile some workarounds and fixes suggested by users on the Reddit & Discord communities of the PS4.

Solving the error code is not too taxing at all and can be done by most users new to its properties. But first, it is important to pinpoint the exact causes of what might be causing the error to arise on the console.

Causes Of Error CE-34878-0

The CE-34878-0 has some noticeable reasons why it has a persistent occurrence on the PlayStation 4. While it may occur when an application is running, the issue has a few different causes to it, which include:

  • At some point, the game files or its updates may have gone corrupt during the Installation process.
  • The game may have some sort of compatibility issues if your PS4 firmware version is outdated. Updating the software to the latest version might be the method to fix it.
  • Speaking of which, the system software files may get corrupted during installation, too, so be careful when installing or reinstalling it.
  • Some of the PS4’s hardware components might be damaged or in need of urgent repair. The disc drive or a defective power supply can cause errors like these while running your games.
  • The Hard Drive or the External HDD might be damaged, and you might need to repair or replace it.

As you can already tell, these causes are mostly related to software or hardware problems. In most extreme cases, you might need to send your PS4 to either Sony manufacturers or an expert technician for repair. The hardware can become tainted with some defections due to random power outages or surges, as well as external damage.

The error can also reportedly occur in more than other instances aside from just the ongoing applications too. It may just about arise due to a malfunction within the PS4 motherboard or graphics card chip. But that aside, the main focus should be that this error is considered a “common error”, so it can be fixed relatively with ease.

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How To Fix CE-34878-0 Error Code On The PS4

Luckily, throughout the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle, there have been quite several workarounds and solutions found for these error codes. They are all thanks once again to the dedicated community of the console who have discovered tons of unorthodox loopholes and methods to easily resolve these kinds of issues.

The 7 methods we have listed are straightforward and to the point enough for most players to easily understand. As we mentioned before too that some of these solutions can also be applied to cure the other error codes found on the PS4. By all means, test them out if you are experiencing more variants of these complex issues.

Many users find that using the Official fixes listed by Playstation Support is not helpful enough. They have vague answers and some fixes might not help resolve the error code as intended by them. But worry not as we advise you carefully follow the solutions we have listed, which will hopefully alleviate this hectic CE-34878-0 error.

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Restarting Or Power Cycling The PS4

PS4 restarting
How to restart PS4

First and foremost, users can opt to reboot the PS4 from the main interface. It is quite the oldest trick when it comes to solving headache-causing errors or bugs and glitches in games. Restarting the PS4 will allow it to refresh its system state and clear any known problem at the time.

Alternatively, you can try “Power Cycling” the console if restarting it once or twice does not work out. The technique is a little different from just restarting it. So we recommend following these steps to do it:

  • Make sure the PS4 is completely powered off.
  • Detach the main power plug of the console from the switch outlet to disconnect the power.
  • Now just to be sure we highly recommend waiting 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Reconnect the system power supply again.
  • Boot up the PS4 and check if the application which was causing the error code CE-34878-0 is still occurring on the system or not.

It is intentionally a workaround that will allow the power supply to work in a healthy state. Consoles are basically like computers but with a custom and more restrictive operating system. Over time they build up cache and junk files from normal usage. Power cycling deletes these files and helps to speed up the system.

Restoring the Application Licenses

Although knowing that the cause may be due to the Blu-ray disc being damaged might be the reason behind the error can be self-explanatory. Users can simply swap the disc or exchange it for a new copy to resolve it.

So in the case of digital games, PlayStation is quite restrictive in not offering refunds on your digital purchases. The condition according to a Support Agent was that the game should not be downloaded after the purchase to be eligible for a refund. Which to be honest is very redundant and unhelpful, to say the least.

However, you also have the option to restore the digital licenses of your games and applications. It refreshes the game directory and the ownership status on it. Users on Reddit have reported it to have helped them run their games smoothly without any interference. You can do it in the following way on the PS4:

PS4 restore licenses
How to restore licenses on the PS4
  • Open up the settings list on the PS4
  • Navigate to the Account Management options.
  • Here you will notice the Restore Licenses choice at the bottom of the menu.
  • Click on it and begin the process to verify and restore your digital access licenses.
  • The process will only a few minutes to complete depending on how many items you own.

Transferring Games From HDD To External SSD/HDD

As discussed previously, one of the causes that might stem the error in the first place might be due to the HDD of the PS4 being corrupt or defective in some sort of way. If you have an external HDD or SSD connected to the PS4. You can transfer the games to these storage drives to save space and get them to work as planned.

However, it is worth pointing out that if your PS4 gets turned off via a power outage or surge. The next time you turn it on, you might have to “repair” it. Do not be alarmed at this prompt because it will only repair the storage state of the external HDD. The prompt also exists on the PS5 too if you have external storage connected to it.

It is not a guaranteed way to resolve the CE-34878-0 nor will it get your stuck or frozen games running smoothly. You can transfer games from the PS4 HDD to the External HDD through the following step-by-step manner:

PS4 extended HDD
How to format Extended HDD PS4
  • Make sure your External HDD or SSD has about 250 Gigabytes of space and has a USB 3.0 connection.
  • Once you connect an applicable external hard drive, you will be prompted to format it on the PS4.
  • Head into the main settings and scroll down to open the Devices menu.
  • Here you select the “USB Storage Devices” option to locate your newly plugged-in device.
  • If there are no personal or vital files on it then confirm the option to “Format as Extended Storage Device”
PS4 transfer games
How to transfer Games PS4
  • Now simply head to the Storage options in Settings and into your main System Storage Location.
  • Once in the ‘Applications’ list, you can click on the options button on the Dualshock 4 to select which games you want to transfer over to your External HDD device.
  • It will take time to transfer depending on their total game size so be wary of that fact.

Install The latest PS4 Firmware Version

One of the rarer occurrences of this error might be due to the System software of the Playstation 4 being outdated in some format. Most of the time the console may automatically download the latest version of the firmware as you boot up and log into the console.

Most importantly, there will be times when you will be required to reinstall the system firmware. Like most operating systems like Linux and Windows, the PlayStation OS can also get corrupted or misbehave. You can update the PlayStation 4 software manually by heading into the system settings and selecting software.

However, you can also update it via USB in the Safe Mode menu of the PS4 via the following steps:

PS4 Software CE-34878-0
PS4 Safe Mode system Software
  • Press and hold the Power Button of the console for a few seconds until you hear a 2nd bootup sound.
  • It will open up the PS4 Safe Mode menu that can also be found on the PS5.
  • The menu contains a variety of processes for the console and its safety.
  • Select the 3rd option of ‘Update System Software’ to begin the process via USB or the Internet.
  • Make sure you have the USB formatted as Fat32 or ExFat and have the latest update downloaded on it.
  • You can download the latest PS4 firmware from the Official Software Update site from Sony.
  • Make sure you have a folder titled PS4 with another Folder in it called UPDATE’.
  • Paste the firmware file in the ‘UPDATE’ directory and save it as “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • The PS4 should be able to detect the update file without any issue and install the system software update.
  • Head back onto your Console and check if the error CE-34878-0 still exists in the game.

Keeping Games & Applications Up-To-Date

Game updates PS4
How to update games on PS4

It should be a universal fact in the gaming world that updates for games help maintain its ecosystem. Developers will often release updates to improve the stability and performance of Video Games. So there is no doubt that you should always make sure your games and applications on the PS4 are always updated with the latest patch.

The update files will help games run smoothly too. There will often be times when you are playing multiplayer games like Fortnite or Apex Legends and realize the game running poorly. There will be a slight chance that Sony will have published an update file without you knowing it since you will be in-game at the same time.

So with these kinds of games, it is always important to verify if there are any updates issued for them. You can confirm if games on the PS4 have any updates or not from the main interface. Simply click on the options button while hovering over a game on the home screen and select the “Check for Update” option.

However, the Playstation comes programmed with the mechanic of downloading updates automatically. But for some reason, you might be required to scan for them manually via the options menu on PS4 Video Games so that you can prevent errors like CE-34878-0 to take place on the system.

Rebuilding The PS4 Database

PC users have the luxury of using various game launcher applications to clear cache in an instantaneous process. They can also verify the integrity of game files on Steam or repair game Files on the Battle Net game launcher. However, PS4 and PS5 users are also in luck with the option to rebuild the database of their consoles.

The process is used to boost the overall memory unit of the console. It is a feature present to accommodate users with the helpful ability to clear any excess cache or data from their console’s RAM. It is not a risky or time-consuming process nor will it harm any saved data on the console in any way possible.

The procedure is simple enough and it is by far the most well-known method used by experienced users of the console to help improve its UI efficiency and daily task performance. You can execute the process via the following method:

PS4 rebuild database CE-34878-0
How to rebuild the database on PS4
  • Firstly, completely power off the console.
  • Open the Safe Mode menu by pressing and holding the power button down for a few seconds until you hear a 2nd boot-up sound from the PS4.
  • Connect your controller via the USB cable and into the port of the system.
  • Select & Confirm the 5th option, which is “Rebuild Database,” to begin the process.
  • The PS4 will then restart and initiate the rebuilding database procedure
  • The entire operation should only take only a few minutes to complete depending on the files installed.
  • Once it is done, check if you are still experiencing the error code CE-34878-0 on the PS4 system.

Initializing The PS4

PS4 initialization
How to initialize the PS4

Lastly, the final method you can try is to Initialize your PS4 system. It is almost similar to factory resetting it. We should warn you that the process will erase the data on the Playstation 4 and reset it. So we advise backing up your save data, Game files, and Gallery pictures in a USB storage device to prevent any loss.

You can also select the process via the safe menu which we talked about above in the other methods. But users on the main interface of the console can do it easily via the following short steps:

  • Head to the main PS4 Settings
  • Select the Initialization Menu.
  • Here you will have two different options to factory reset your PS4.
  • Select the “Full” choice and proceed along with its confirmations.
  • The process may take upwards of a couple of hours to complete so be ready when you want to do it.
  • Whenever it is done, simply reinstall the problematic games back on the PS4 and verify if the error CE-34878-0 is resolved in it.


Trying to solve the error CE-34878-0 can be quite problematic for some people. It occurs mostly while you are playing a game and has a chance to occur outside of it too in other applications.

We suggest following each of these workarounds we have listed to the full extent. One of them just might cure you of the headache of this exhausting issue. If push comes to serve, and the error refuses to solve. We recommend contacting a Sony Support Agent for further helpful information.

You can usually contact them at their Live Chat Request during available hours. Moreover, the issue might resolve but it may possess your system again since of course, it’s a “Common Error” of the console.

We hope the solutions we have listed will help you fix the error CE-34878-0 as fast as possible so you can get back to playing games in peace on the PS4. Let us know if any of the methods help you out or if we missed anything in the comments box below!

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