Sony Planning To Launch Live Service Games In The Future

Sony Interactive Entertainment is planning to make more live service games by March 2026.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is announcing its third-quarter earnings of 2021 (FY2021 Q3) right now. They revealed new information such as their financial results and plans. One such plan is to make more live service games. Not only this, but Sony is also looking to expand its IPs into the mobile market. But no further statement was made on this subject. 

According to their live webcast, Sony wants to launch ten live service games by March 2026. Hiroki Totoki mentioned during the earnings call “Our studios will learn from Bungie, that is a strong wish we have the Bungie side is willing to work closely with us.

While we do not know what games they might release, we have a few speculations. The first game that immediately comes to mind is the PS Home (2.0?), an obvious choice for PSVR2. For those unaware, PS Home was a virtual 3D social gaming platform – call it a metaverse, if you will. It launched for the PS3 back in 2008. Sony closed the service back in 2015 due to the “progressive and innovative nature of the gaming industry…”

All of this goes hand in hand with the recent acquisition of Bungie as well. It is needless to say that Bungie has a lot of experience in live service games thanks to working on Destiny 1 and 2. The acquisition is starting to make much more sense now, considering the plans of Sony Interactive Entertainment

While Destiny 2 will remain a multi-platform game according to Sony, players genuinely believe that Bungie‘s new game will be a part of what Sony mentioned in their webcast. Another notable name is The Last of Us 2 Factions – or Factions 2, depending on what Naughty Dog calls it. Keep in mind that all of this is highly speculative as of now, and nothing of the sort may come to fruition. 

We can also assume that Deviation Games might be working on a new multiplayer project. Since their partnership with Sony, Deviation has been working on an original IP. No information has been given about the project, but it might be related to what Sony said about making live service games. So far, Deviation had this to say about their project:

‘We’re drawing on what we’ve learned over our collective decades making games, but we’re also out to make something fresh and brimming with innovation like you’ve never experienced before.”

Recently, Deviation expanded its horizons and made a new studio called Deviation Games Canada. This goes to show that they are in full production mode and working hard on their new title. Apart from this, Gran Turismo 7 could also be a part of the live service games that Sony mentioned. 

A while back, Insomniac Games also announced that they are working on a new multiplayer project. While no new information has been provided about it, we can assume that this will be a part of one of the ten games. 

Naturally, players are worried that Sony‘s shift in direction is wrong. However, single-player games make a lot of money for Sony, so they won’t be abandoning that route. If Sony continues making great single-player games alongside good live service ones, it will be a massive win. 

What do you think of this development? Which ten games do you think Sony is talking about? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: Since the live stream has ended, a voice recording will be available approximately 1 hour after the conclusion of the live event.

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