Deviation Games Announces Deviation Games Canada

The developer is expanding fast and has opened a studio in Canada.

Most of the gamers heard about Deviation Games for the first time in 2021. The studio was set up in November 2019 by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. Both of them have played a massive role in the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise. The Los Angeles based studio announced a partnership with Sony to make games for the PlayStation. This exciting new studio is going to be important in PlayStations future. Since the announcement the publisher has been expanding pretty fast. They have just recently opened a brand new studio.

Deviation Games notified fans about a Canadian branch of the studio. On LinkedIn, the publisher officially revealed Deviation Games Canada. The company called this new expansion very thrilling. It had been in the works for a few months according to them. But, the studio kept it quiet.

Deviation Games Announces Deviation Games Canada
Deviation Games announces a new studio on LinkedIn.

The post was also a hiring call. Deviation wants more staff for its brand new studio. So, they are hiring people from Canada. You can check out the jobs on their website. So, if you are from Canada and have skills for game development, you should apply. The fact that Deviation is launching a new studio goes to show that they are in full swing in developing their latest game.  

Deviation Games is doing really well for a new studio. They recently partnered with Sony to make games for the PlayStation. This is a huge milestone in itself. To make AAA games for such a huge publisher is big for a new studio. Everyone is excited to see what the two can produce.

The studio wants to follow the same pattern as Sony. Deviation wants to make games which have great storytelling. It also wants to couple a great story with brilliant game design. Blundell believes that a game without fun gameplay is not good – despite its narrative. This has been the staple of recent PlayStation games. So, the developer fits the bill. Most fans think that the PlayStation game from Deviation is a first-person shooter – considering that both the founders worked in Treyarch for a long time. But, we will have to wait to see what the project is.

To see a promising studio do well is something all gamers like to see. And with the potential Deviation has, everyone will be keen to see what their future brings. So, we hope that this expansion is just the beginning for them. Their PlayStation exclusive game will show us why Sony believes in them. But, the project isn’t dropping in 2022. Whenever the game launches, we will be there to see what Deviation has produced.

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