Angry Birds 2 Promo Codes [May 2024]

Redeem these codes to get useful rewards in Angry Birds 2.

We all love getting a few freebies in video games. You can obtain a lot of useful stuff in Angry Birds 2 with promo codes. You can obtain a variety of items used for customization. You can obtain Black pearls, Gems, and other rewards from the promo codes. You can use gems and black pearls for different purposes in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Promo Codes for Angry Birds 2 can be used by players and redeemed in order to get rewards.
  • The rewards that can be obtained from redeeming those codes are Black Pearls, Gems, etc.
  • To redeem these codes follow these steps:
    • Open Game => Go to Settings => Click on the Promo Codes Button => Enter the Active codes => Redeem and enjoy your rewards.
  • Not working codes can either be due to incorrect spelling or because of the codes expiring.
  • Follow and Subscribe to the official Angry Birds 2 pages on Facebook and YouTube in order to stay up to date with any new code release.

List Of Active Angry Birds 2 Promo Codes

  • Last Checked on May 2nd, 2024.

You will find both active and expired codes all over the internet; that’s why we have separated the active codes from the expired codes that you can use to redeem useful rewards. 

The following are the working codes for Angry Birds 2:

  • 0S0uHo
  • zIzAqh
  • DHzzEU
  • U0ykNw
  • l3awih
  • nJD5cA
  • B9ZRix

List Of Expired Codes

These codes are expired, so they won’t work when you try to redeem them for rewards. Steer clear of them while you are redeeming codes.

  • 2500birbs
  • BIRDS888
  • 1000likes 
  • ANGRY2022
  • AB100M 
  • NEWAB555
  • 2FSLj8oD
  • ErOFYQSu
  • AjWBZXG7
  • gckMeumV
  • sLeYreAd
  • X1kyXu0v
  • Sr96kspu
  • MvQIUXtb
  • 5uV839K6
  • LT0G3Hj7

How To Redeem Angry Birds 2 Promo Codes?

how to redeem promo codes angry birds 2
Redeem Promo code screen

Once you have these codes, the next step is to redeem them to gain useful rewards. Redeeming these codes for awards consists of simple steps mentioned below. So follow them step by step to redeem these codes or read more about the process on the definitive game codes guide page.

Before you start, we would like to inform you that promo codes are only redeemable on Android devices.

  1. Once you have opened up your Angry Birds 2 game, press the setting button on the bottom left of the main screen.
  2. Once the settings menu has opened, tap on the Promo codes button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  3. Enter the active codes to get your rewards.

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

Your codes may not work for a variety of reasons. Make sure your internet connection is stable before you redeem your code. An unstable internet connection may interrupt the redemption process. So, it is important to check your connection before you start redemption. 

Make sure you have typed the letters in the promo code in the correct capitalization. Make sure to notice the uppercase and lowercase letters of the code and type them accordingly. Make sure that there are no gaps or extra symbols that can make a code invalid. It’s recommended to copy and paste the codes mentioned above to avoid errors.

These codes are available for a limited time so make sure that they are not expired before you redeem them. An expired code will not work to give you any rewards. We mentioned various expired codes that do not work above for reference. Angry Birds 2 promo codes are only available for Android devices, so they would not work on your apple device.

Where To Find More Codes?

You can obtain various official codes from social media sources. The official pages of Angry Birds, including Facebook and Youtube post these codes regularly, so make sure you stay updated. You can also obtain the codes from within the game by checking your in-game mailbox.

Angry Birds 2 is an exciting sequel to the Angry Birds series. The game features various birds striving to win against evil green pigs to save their eggs. You would need to be skillful at utilizing various words to destroy the structures that pigs have built. 

You can obtain a lot of gems and black pearls through these promo codes. The obtained currency can be useful for specific purposes, including continuing a level if you fail. You can also utilize the gems in daily deals. You can purchase hats using black pearls that would also upgrade your slingshot and give you a score multiplier boost. 


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