Pop It Trading Codes [Working June 2024]

Everything you need to know about Pop It Trading Codes in June 2024.

Pop It Trading Codes are cheat codes to get a tonne of free in-game items. The freebies can help you get insane items, such as boosts you can use on your adventures, so it is something worth scavenging the internet for. Here are all the free active codes for Pop It Trading in June 2024. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Pop it Trading Codes are used for obtaining different rewards and free in-game items; all of these codes are valid for certain items.
  • To redeem the Active codes, you need to launch Roblox, choose the block ‘YouTube Codes’, enter the code and click on redeem.
  • There are many Pop it Trading Active Codes, some of the well-known ones are Kingofthepirates, JUMPINJAKS, and Steprightup!
  • XOX Studios’s Official YouTube channel can get you updated on the newly released codes for Pop it Trading.

List of Active Pop It Trading Codes

  • Last Checked on June 2nd, 2024.

We hope to take the burden of not knowing whether a code is active from your shoulders, so the following are the codes active at this time:

  • R-A-N-D-O – Redeem for free item
  • pizzeria – Redeem this code for Pizza themed items
  • catnap – Redeem this code to get Poppy themed items
  • Doodle: Redeem this code to get Doodle themed items
  • firstnaf: Redeem this code and get your hands on Freddy item
  • Steprightup!: Redeem this code and get one of the Circus themed items
  • Kingofthepirates: Redeem this code and get one of the One Piece themed items
  • Boingboing!: Redeem this code and get a horrifying disembodied head
  • JUMPINJAKS: Redeem this code and get your hands on a deeply strange-looking rabbit man
  • fantasticplastic: Redeem this code and get a Barbie Item
  • funkimunkii: Get a random item after redeeming this code
  • Whonewit?: Redeem this code and get your hands on one of the new Amanda items at random
  • Kreekcraft: Redeem this code and get your hands on some crafting supplies
  • b5nb5n – Redeem this code to get BANBAN item at random
  • stoked – Redeem this code to get one of the new thrift items at random 
  • categg – Redeem this code to get one of the new items at random 
  • doilookpretty – Redeem this code to get one of the new items at random 
  • pingu – Redeem this code to get one of the new items at random 
  • miaminights – Redeem this code to get one of the new items at random
  • ewww – Free Valentines Day gift. (Recent)
  • heartburn – Valid for a Random Valentines Gift item. (Recent)
  • holasoyd0ra – Valid for Random Dora or Cake item.
  • b4nb4n – Valid for a Random BANBAN item.
  • itsalive! – Valid for Random New item.
  • metacarpus – Valid for a Random Hand Egg Item.
  • kawa11 – Valid for a Random Kawaii item.
  • meoooow – valid for a Random Holiday Item.
  • m3rry – valid for a Random Holiday item.
  • Thursday – valid for a Wednesday item.
  • candy – valid for a Random Candy item.
  • fifi – valid for 1 Random FIFA item.
  • youspinme – valid for a Random Heli Hat.
  • yodome – valid for a Random Baby Yodo.
  • halloweenie – valid for Halloween items.
  • callmemaybe – valid for a 3am item.
  • knocknock – valid for a Wardrobe item.
  • lachancla – valid for Slapping Sandals item.
  • popit1year – valid for a Birthday item.
  • aredsword – valid for a Red Sword.
  • daegg – valid for an Alphabet Lore item.
  • meoooow – valid for a Pet Party item.
  • whaaaaaa – valid for a Random Baby item.
  • knock-knock – valid for a Doors item.
  • pepto – valid for a Pink Sauce item.
  • lasagna – valid for a Random item.
  • ****** – valid for a Rainbow Friend item and a new box to protect you from the reaper.
  • throne – valid for a Toilet item.
  • 1337 – valid for a Gaming item.
  • m0dn4r – valid for a Random item.
  • madregate – valid for a Mothergate item.
  • Juego – valid for a controller item.
  • baila – valid for a Tix Tox item.
  • fotito – valid for an Instagram Camera item.
  • pájaro – valid for a Twitter item.
  • 100k – valid for a YouTube item.
  • gub – valid for a Reward.
  • lightemup – valid for a Flamethrower.
  • wth – valid for a Monster item.
  • pineapple – valid for a Pineapple item.
  • portal – valid for a Portal item.
  • r41nb0w – valid for a Rainbow item.
  • farmer – valid for a Magic seed item.
  • code – valid for a Reward.
  • upupup – valid for a Ladder item.
  • 90sec – valid for a Floppa item.
  • noclip – valid for a Backrooms item.
  • trippy – valid for an Illusion item.
  • naughtyornice – valid for a Tommeh Train.
  • kitty – valid for a Cat item reward.
  • popit! – valid for a Reward.
  • stuffi – valid for a Reward.
  • armor? – valid for a Watermelon.
  • sugar – valid for a Lollipop.
  • cupid – valid for a V-Day reward.
  • no – valid for a Slendy Note.
  • tako – valid for a Slippy Orange.
  • Tony – valid for a Tiger.
  • Loot – valid for a Mystery box that can contain any Random Surprise.
  • buff – valid for a Barbell.
  • 2022 – valid for a Sparkler.
  • ice – valid for a Diamond.
  • chance – valid for a 12 Sided dice.
  • juaniday2021 – valid for a Hot Cocoa.
  • sus – valid for an Among Us item.
  • quidditch – valid for a Fire Extinguisher.
  • crystal – valid for a Crystal.
  • cute – valid for a Baby Long legs or a Bunzo Bunny.
  • 鞭炮 – valid for Firecrackers.

List Of Expired Codes

The expired codes for Pop It Trading are listed here; these codes will not work and have been listed for your own ease. 

  • inazuma – valid for a Lightning Katana.
  • squid – valid for a Square Guy.
  • gummy – valid for a Gummy Bear.
  • 3MIL – valid for a Cash Reward.
  • 120TOYS – valid for a Cash Reward.
  • UPDATE1 – valid for a Cash Reward.
  • 1000COINS – valid for a Cash Reward.

Where To Redeem Pop It Trading Codes

Now that you have the codes for your freebies, let’s begin redeeming the freebies allowing you to continue playing your game. Follow the steps below to redeem your codes.

  1. Firstly, launch Pop It on Roblox.
  2. Walk onto the block labeled “YouTube Codes”
  3. Enter your code from above here
  4. Click Redeem and have fun with your freebies!

Where To Get More Codes

Pop It Trading codes are released on a regular basis, so you are bound to find a new working code. To keep updated on any new codes that have been released, keep an eye on the Official YouTube Channel of XOX Studios.

This page is also updated on a regular basis, so all new working codes are uploaded here. Check back here whenever you are in need of a new code. 

This is all regarding Pop It Trading and the codes that come with it; make sure to come back now and then to check on any new codes that have been released; you’ll be walking out with some freebies no matter what! Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like these and don’t forget to check our Ultimate Game Codes guide as well.


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