Rush Royale Promo Codes [Sep 2023]

Discover the Royale Promo Codes, how to redeem them and how to get even more codes!

Codes are a surefire way of getting free rewards, and they require no effort! That is why all players, no matter their rank prefer codes and the rewards they bring. This guide will help in that regard and all details regarding Rush Royale Promo Codes can be found here, how to redeem the codes, and how to get your hands on even more codes!

Key Takeaways
  • Rush Royale has a bunch of codes to choose from, each with its own specific reward.
  • Rewards range from free Emotes to free in-game currency.
  • To redeem codes, open the navigation panel by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines and click on the Promo Codes Option. Enter your code and press Apply to redeem.
  • Check out the Ultimate Game Code Guide if there are any issues whilst redeeming codes. All solutions can be found here.
  • Follow the Official Twitter for more Rush Royale Promo Codes!
  • Joining Discord will not only provide more codes but also upcoming news about the game!
  • Make sure to bookmark this page and check back later on for more codes.

List Of Active Rush Royale Codes

  • Last Checked on Sep 11, 2023.

Finding active codes from inactive ones is quite a difficult and tedious task that no one wants to do. That is why, that task has been done beforehand. The list below includes only active Rush Royale Promo Codes!

Rush Royale CodesReward
YAKD-UF5U-N3AKValid for a Free Plague Doctor Emote.
YAKC-WV38-IMFNValid for a Free Rubber Ducky Emote.
Y7U7-7AFG-XXL3Valid for Free Rewards!
Y7U8-8KF2-PUFCValid for Free Rewards!
Y7OR-CWA4-DFCCValid for Free Rewards!

List Of Expired Codes

The codes in the list below are all inactive and cannot be redeemed for any rewards. Using these codes will be nothing but a waste of time, so it is recommended to stay away from these codes.

Rush Royale Expired CodesReward
Y997-7KKY-R3ITValid for Free Rewards!
Y9BZ-S8EG-B659Valid for Free Rewards!
Y8X7-OX1G-00FWValid for Free Rewards!
Y8UF-4MLP-SI06Valid for Free Rewards!
Y9N3-CXWM-LMYSValid for Free Rewards!
Y95J-PM30-F149Valid for Free Rewards!
Y9N2-HL2B-3LXXValid for Free Rewards!
YA3R-UOU1-CM02Valid for Free Rewards!
YAC3-V008-KXTMValid for Free Rewards!
YAHL-28NZ-WDK4Valid for Free Rewards!
Y9HJ-3V0I-V3V3 Valid for Free Rewards!
Y9ER-P3ZR-NRC7Valid for Free Rewards!
Y9KB-3B8Z-IZCCValid for Free Rewards!
Y8UF-4MLP-SI06Valid for Free Rewards!
Y997-SJPX-T65JValid for Free Rewards!
Y8X7-DZXW-ROAKValid for Free Rewards!
Y997-7KKY-R3ITValid for Free Rewards!
Y9N3-CXWM-LMYSValid for Free Rewards!

How To Redeem Rush Royale Codes

Redeeming Rush Royale codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming Rush Royale codes.

Now that you have gotten your hands on some active codes, all that is left is to redeem the codes to access their rewards. This is a quick and easy task that only requires a few short steps. Follow the steps listed below, and redeem your codes!

Before You Start: Codes are case-sensitive and require correct spellings. Make sure to double-check your spelling and any capitalization before you click to claim your code to avoid any issues.
  1. Launch Rush Royale.
  2. Click on the 3 Horizontal Lines to open up the navigation panel.
  3. Click on the Promo Codes button.
  4. Enter your code in the redemption box.
  5. Click on Apply to redeem.
  6. Enjoy your Rewards!

What Is Rush Royale?

Rush Royale is a tower defense-style game available to play on Android and iOS. In-game, 2 players face off against enemies trying to save their own tower. Players can upgrade and level up their towers, but that will make them more vulnerable to attacks. Codes can be used for a quick power-up, so use them wisely!

That is all there is to know about Rush Royale Promo codes right now. If you did not get an active code this time around, make sure to hang around. New codes are added frequently, and this page will be updated as soon as any codes become available. Check out other guides, such as Tower Defense Simulator Codes or  Funny Tower Defense Codes, games similar to Rush Royale that may catch your fancy. Drop a comment down below for any questions or guides you may want!

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