Roblox Tower Heroes Codes [December 2023]

Unlock new skins, coins & stickers in Roblox Tower Heroes using this free codes!

Freebies in video games can be exciting for all players. You can redeem various codes in Roblox Tower Heroes to get exciting rewards. Customizing your game can be fun; after redeeming these codes, you can obtain exciting free skins for characters. You can also get other exciting rewards, such as coins and stickers with the help of the game codes guide page. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Roblox Tower Heroes Codes can give you Skins, Coins, and Stickers.
  • Stickers can be used for fun emotes expressions.
  • Make sure only to enter the Active codes.

List Of Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

  • Last checked December 1st, 2023

The internet is full of both expired and active codes that you can find on various websites. It is important to separate the active codes from the expired codes regularly. Expired codes will not work, so redeem the following active codes to get amazing rewards. 

KARTKIDPLUSHRedeem the code to get a Kard Kid Plush sticker
RDC2022SPINYou will obtain stickers
pizzatimeGet a free skin and sticker

Expired Codes

These are expired codes, so redeeming them will not give you any rewards. Save your time by avoiding redeeming these codes.

Valentine2023You will obtain a brand new skin
crispytyphYou will get typh hazel stickers
2020VISIONRedeem to get a free streamer skin
EncoreGet exciting stickers and characters after redeeming the code.
HEROESXBOXYou will get an Xbox Skin
CubeCavernGet an exciting WizSCC skin
THSTICKERRedeem to obtain stickers
PixelBitYou will obtain 20 coins
TEAMUPRedeem to obtain a team up sticker
ENEMYPETSYou will get spider stickers after redeeming the code
ODDPORTGet free cool skins and stickers
FRANKBDAYRedeem to get Frankbday skin
PVPUPDATEYou could get a modifier
NEWLOBBYExpired code
SPOOKTACULARThis code could be redeemed for smiley sticker and bat boy skin
ONEYEAR_THExpired code
APRILFOOLYou would get negative 20 coins and a gun wizard skin
Karts&ChaosExpired code
TEAMSPARKSRedeem to get a metaverse skin
valentine2021Valentine’s day skin reward after redemption
FastFoodExpired code
TreeBranchExpired code
xmas2020Expired code
July42020Expired code
thxgivingExpired code
100MILExpired code
PoisonShroomExpired code
halloween2020Expired code
DevHilohExpired code
4JULY2021Redeem to get fireworks modifer
Easter2022Could be redeemed for the maoi sticker
COOPERATEYou could get 3 new stickers after redeeming
1MILExpired code
lunar2021You could get lunar coins and skin
happy2021Expired code
CartoonyWizardExpired code

How To Redeem Roblox Tower Heroes Codes?

Redeem Tower Heroes Codes
Tower Heroes Redeem Box

You can redeem the Roblox Tower Heroes codes by following the simple steps below;

  1. Once you are on the main menu screen, Click the Roblox logo icon on the left side of the screen.
  2. After clicking it, a redeem code text box will open
  3. Type the code in the box, keeping in mind the capitalization, gaps, or any punctuation in the codes.
  4. Click redeem to get your rewards.

Why Are The Codes Not Working?

  • Codes may not work if you enter a code incorrectly; make sure that you are entering the code exactly the way it is to avoid errors. The best way is to copy the codes from here and paste them into your Roblox Tower heroes text box.
  • Make sure that your internet connection is working properly.
  • Avoid expired codes; if your code is not working, double check to ensure that you are not typing any expired codes.

Where To Find More Codes?

The official pages of @Pixel_bitStudio, @Hiloh23, @SmellyRBX post the Tower Heroes codes in their profiles regularly. So make sure you follow these accounts to get all the latest active codes. You can also join some player communities to get the codes if they are discussing them.

Final Thoughts

Roblox Tower Heroes codes can give you fun rewards; You can use the stickers for various emotes expressions that can liven up communication with your friends. Furthermore, you can use the coins to buy useful stuff and skins to customize your character. 

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