Game Codes Ultimate Guide

Get free goodies by claiming these free game codes!

This is our ultimate guide page for All-Things-Game-Codes. We have listed the usual FAQs that you may or may not come across while reading our code page(s) on the website. 

What Are Game Codes?

Game codes are in-game redeemable items that developers offer to the players of a particular video game. Most codes are associated with online-only video games with a lot of fan base.

Here are some of the most common types of redeemable codes:

  1. Cosmetic Item: unlock purely aesthetic items like skins, costumes, or accessories
  2. In-Game Currency: unlock coins or gems used to purchase items or upgrades in-game
  3. Unlockable Item: unlock items or features not available through normal gameplay (e.g. special weapons, vehicles, levels)
  4. Season Pass: unlock multiple DLCs for a game, including new levels, characters, or game modes
  5. Pre-Order Bonus: given to players who pre-order a game and unlock exclusive in-game items
  6. DLC unlock additional content like new levels, characters, or game modes
  7. Event: unlock exclusive items or offer special discounts during special events or promotions
  8. Giveaway: offered for free as part of a promotional giveaway, can unlock anything from in-game currency to exclusive content
  9. Beta Access Codes: allow players to access a game’s beta testing phase to provide feedback and improve the final product.

Why My Codes Are Not Working

There are a few notable reasons why the codes you saw listed on our page(s) are not working.

  1. Incorrect Code Input: The first mistake is easily a human error one. We recommend you copy the codes listed on our page(s) and paste them as it is on your game’s redeem portal. 
  2. The codes expired: The free codes are released to claim for a limited time. If you miss the window, then they expire.
  3. Limited Slots: Sometimes, the free codes have limited availability to claim. Consider this as a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are late, the codes will no longer be available to claim.  
  4. Change your server: Sometimes, the server that you’re signed in while redeeming the code may no longer offer to claim the free codes. We recommend you restart the game, change the server & try again!

How To Get More Codes?

We usually update our guide(s) with the new codes whenever they’re released. Still, you can visit the following social channels of various video games to see for yourself if free codes have become available or not. 

Game Name Social Platforms
DBZ Demo Official Novaly Roblox GroupOfficial Novaly Anime Discord Server, @NovalyStudios 
Da Piece Official Discord Serverdevelopers 
Arsenal Discord serverROLVe
Summoners War Chronicles Discord, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel
NBA 2K Mobile Official NBA 2K Mobile Twitter
Devious Lick Simulator @HenryTheDev and @Sylently
Destiny 2: Emblem Bungie, Destiny, forum and Discord, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel.
Eating Simulator Eating Simulator’s official group, Enclamatic
Slayers Unleashed Private Server Codes Developers, Discord 
Project XL TheSalehm121
Anime Battlegrounds X Codes Official Anime Battlegrounds X Twitter, Official Anime Battlegrounds X Discord
Roblox Sled Simulator Sweet Sour Studios
Anime Showdown Official Anime Showdown Discord, Melon Revenue YouTube
UFO Simulator @FutureRBLX, @FutureRBLX
Project Pokemon Official Project Pokemon Roblox Group
Roblox Tower Heroes @Pixel_bitStudio, @Hiloh23, @SmellyRBX
My Store Codes @ItsKolapoRBLX
Science Simulator Interbyte Studios on Twitterofficial Discord server
Space Legends Vetra Developments Roblox Group, Vetra Developments Community Discord Server,  @VetraRblx
Roblox Vetopia Discord server
Doodle World Twitter and Discord
Piece Adventures Simulator PieceAdventurez, Discord
Nuclear Plant Tycoon Ice Cold Studio
Arcade Empire discord server
AU: Reborn Official Discord Server, @xenostrology 
Super Golf Twitter, Discord
Bad Business Official Twitter page
Tower Of God Great Journey Twitter, Official Forum
Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Listher, Discord and Roblox Group
Roblox Saga Piece Roblox Saga Piece Official Discord
Free PSN Codes r/psncodesnow, Sony Rewards Program
Cube Defense Codes Cosmic Development, Cosmic Development Discord Server
Roblox Phlia Piece Codes Discord 
Streetball Allstar Codes Facebook, YouTube, and Discord
Figure Fantasy Codes Facebook, Twitter 
Rodeo Stampede Codes Discord, Twitter and Facebook
Idle Huntress Codes Idle Huntress Discord, Twitter, Facebook
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