All PlayStation Plus Tiers Have a $30 Discount For Annual Purchases

New or returning members can redeem this discount, but not current subscribers.

Subscription services have become the biggest money-makers in the entertainment industry since the last decade. Everyone from movie studios to gaming companies now has a service and the competition is tough in gaming.

Ever since Microsoft upped the game with their Xbox Game Pass in 2018, PlayStation also restructured their flagship PlayStation Plus to provide better value for consumers.

Now, the PlayStation Plus has 3 tiers and players can pick anyone they like depending on their needs. If you haven’t tried the PlayStation Plus membership already, this is the best time to buy it. You can save a lot of money as there is a $30 discount on the yearly membership of all three PlayStation Plus tiers.

Major Takeaways

  • A new deal on PlayStation Plus gives a discount of up to 50% to buyers until 20th December.
  • You can buy annual memberships of all 3 tiers for $30 less in this new deal.
  • Only new or returning members can avail of this deal, current members cannot.

You can view this amazing new deal by going to the PlayStation Store as it’s right at the front. A $30 discount means that players can now save up to 50% in this new deal. However, this deal is only available to new members or returning customers.

If you already have a PlayStation Plus membership online, you can’t avail yourself of this amazing new offer. But if any players are looking to make a return to PS Plus, they only have to play half-price. For example, the cheapest tier, PlayStation Plus Essentials, is normally $60 on a yearly membership.

Due to this deal, however, customers can buy it at 50% off for just $30, cutting the original price in half. Similarly, if you want to buy a membership for the 2nd best tier, PlayStation Plus Extra, you can save 30%. Extra’s annual subscription is normally $100, but you only have to pay $70 after the price cut in this deal.

Extra also has many more benefits than PlayStation Plus Essential. You get access to an amazing catalog of games, including heavy hitters like Ghost of Tsushima and God of War. This is before mentioning the Ubisoft+ Classics collection, so it’s an amazing deal at $70.

But, if you want to go even bigger you should buy the most expensive and resourceful title, PlayStation Plus Premium. Normally, it costs $120 to get an annual membership for PS Plus Premium. However, you can get it for just $90 through this deal, meaning you get a 25% discount.

PlayStation Plus Premium does its heavy price justice by giving players access to dozens of games not available in any other tier. You can play a lot of legendary PlayStation titles available specifically for Premium users in the Classics collection. That’s not even the biggest benefit of this tier, as players get access to cloud-streaming games through Premium.

In addition to this, Premium also allows its subscribers to play some game demos not available to anyone else. Titles are also added regularly so you will never get bored with the content. So, if you want to spend big on a subscription, PlayStation Premium is definitely your best bet, but do it before December 20 as the deal ends on this date.

In an era where gaming has become expensive, subscription services are necessary to enjoy gaming in a cost-friendly way.

They not only allow us to play dozens of games for meager amounts but connect us with other people. Hopefully, the competition between Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Sony‘s PlayStation Plus continues as it’s only good for consumers.

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