Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is widely regarded to be the most successful game subscription service for consoles. The subscription service by Microsoft provides a rotating catalog of titles from a vast array of publishers including day releases. The famous game pass also provides additional benefits like Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play. The service also allows gamers to play across devices from the cloud if the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is subscribed. Xbox Game Pass delivers these benefits on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, while also incorporating mobile devices like Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The beginning of Xbox Game Pass was a risky move by Phil Spencer, the new-current CEO. The idea manifested into Game Pass because of the troubled launch of Xbox One.

Phil incorporated the formula that streaming services like Netflix and Spotify have used, and it turned out to be a stellar success. Each pricing model for Xbox Game Pass provides various benefits, including over 100 games. A player can either subscribe to the console or PC subscription. The Ultimate Game Pass allows access to both PC, Mobile and Console titles. Microsoft reported that subscriber amounts had accumulated to become greater than 25 million by January 2022.