Fahad Suleman

Fahad is a news reporter at eXputer with a huge passion for fighting games. For the past year, he has been utilizing his skills to report on the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. Side by side with his bachelor's in computer science, Fahad has also acquired a certification in English for Journalism from Coursera. Fahad now dedicates all his time to either playing video games or reporting news at eXputer.

Experience: 1+ Years || Covers News Stories at eXputer || Bachelor's in Computer Science.

Most Played Games
  • 6500+ hours in Dota 2.
  • 3500+ hours in Tekken 7.
  • 500+ hours Pokémon Games.
Gaming History
Used to play The King of Fighters back in 2004 during his childhood and has since dedicated his passion to fighting games.
Gaming Platforms
PC (GTX 1660 and i5-9400F).
125 Articles