Ahmad Rafiq

Ahmad's idea of a successful life involves three things: unlimited time to play video games, a chiseled body with abs that can grate cheese, and all-you-can-eat buffets at all times (ironic, I know). This final-year medical student is a religious enjoyer of all categories of video games and has developed full-fledged opinions on games you've probably never even heard of. As an opinion writer at eXputer, he combines all of his gaming, gym, and medical knowledge to deliver content you won't find anywhere on the World Wide Web.
Most Played Games
  • 3000+ Hours in Apex Legends.
  • 300+ Hours in Batman Arkham Trilogy.
  • 150+ Hours in Skyrim.
  • 120+ Hours in Witcher 3.
Gaming History
Ahmad was introduced to video games on a cheap Sega Genesis knockoff until he got a PS2. A Core 2 Duo and PS2 were his go-to gaming devices for well over 8 years.
Gaming Platforms
PC (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB & Ryzen 5 1400)
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