Dislyte Tier List: All Espers Ranked

For those on a search for the best Dislyte Espers to focus on, our comprehensive Dislyte character tier list is what you need!

The folks behind AFK Arena are here with yet another fabulous “stylish” urban mythological RPG called Dislyte. It manifests gacha characters called the Espers through time to combat fierce opponents in a modern setting rather than the usual dungeon-like backgrounds. That said, we have come up with a definitive tier list for you to know which Esper is worth your attention. 

We have carefully reviewed our Tier List to ensure that it accurately reflects all the changes to Espers in the latest update, Patch 3.4.4.

Key Highlights

As of now, Dislyte offers its players a collection of 93 competitive characters, or “Espers,” as it calls them. 

  • From DPS to AoE, Attack, Defense, Immunity, Heal, Debuff Removal, and many more, each character is fit to serve different roles in Dislyte that influence their performance. 
  • Besides roles, the ranking of Dislyte Espers is based on their overall performance measured across multiple Dislyte modes:
    • TemporalTower.
    • Fafnir, Kronos.
    • Apep.
    • Story and Cube.
    • P-War Offense.
    • P-War Defense.
  • Espers that feature an optimum mix of offense, defense, and support are considered best in Dislyte including Gabrielle, Lewis, Lin Xiao, Sally, and Ye Suhua.
  • On the other hand, espers that are not recommended for competitive Dislyte battles are Jiang Man, Berenice, Kara, Alexa, Layla, Helena, Li Ao, and Arcana.

Dislyte Espers Comparison

EspersRoleElementApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Lin XiaoFighterShimmerSSBAAB
Ye SuhuaSupportShimmerSSCSAA
Li LingFighterInfernoBSSABB
Tang XuanFighterWindABBBBB
Jin YuyaoSupportInfernoCCCBSB
Luo YanSupportWindCCCBAA
Lu YiFighterWindBBABCC
Chang PuSupportFlowBCBBBC
Long MianControllerWindCBCBAS
Ren SiDefenderInfernoCBBBAB
Unky ChaiSupportInfernoCABBBB
Heng YueSupportFlowDBCCBD
Tang YunFighterWindCBSDDC
Bai LuiliFighterShimmerCBBCBB
Xie ChuyiFighterFlowBCSDBD
Bai LiuliFighterShimmerBBDBDC
Xie YuzhiControllerWindBDADBD
Jiang ManFighterFlowBDDDCB
Li AoDefenderInfernoDDDCCC

Dislyte Tier List Summarized

Espers Ranking Table
Tiers Espers
S-Tier Gabrielle, Lewis, Lin Xiao, Sally, Ye Suhua, Ethan, Embla, Yuuhime, Elaine, Camille, Uday, Ginny, Valeria
A-Tier Lucas, Sander, Unas, Nicole, Li Ling, Raven, Cecilia, Narmer, Asenath, Sienna, Lauren, Chalmers, Clara, Koharu, Jin-hee, Mateo, Yamato, Javid, Lian, Hilda, Adrina
B-Tier  Hyde, Tang Xuan, Tiye, Jin Yuyao, Donar, Ollie, Meredith, Jacob, Laura, Pritzker, Chloe, Eira, Luo Yan, Celine, Lu Yi, Catherine, Chang Pu, Bonnie, Long Mian, Ren Si, Drew, Freddy, Unky Chai, Parmi, Xuan Pin, Leora, Ain
Others Biondina, Bardon, Djoser, Tevor, Dhalia, David, Heng Yue, Lynn, Tang Yun, Bai Luili, Jeanne, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Triki, Zelmer, Kaylee, Bai Liuli, Xie Yuzhi, Hall, Anesidora, Leon, Falken, Q, Jiang Man, Helena, Berenice, Alexa, Kara, Layla, Li Ao, Arcana

S Tier

Dislyte Characters Tier S
Dislyte Tier-S

The S-Tier of our tier list contains all the overpowered characters that the RPG offers. They all possess incredibly strong utilities that can easily flip the outcome of combats in no time. This tier also houses a couple of outliers like Gabrielle and Lewis, who are the most worthy and indeed the most difficult to get a tight hold of. 

Gabrielle Provides extensive buff and debuff utility to the team, boosting immunity and DEF Up while inflicting ATK Down and dealing AoE damage.
Lewis Aggressive berserker capable of manifesting temporary damage boosts at short intervals, with abilities like Rage Avatar and Fire Palm.
Lin Xiao Boosts Crit Rate significantly and deals heavy damage with abilities like Light of the Tiger, inducing Bleed debuffs with critical hits.
Sally Diminishes incoming attacks with potent dispels, heals massively with Ode To Joy, and grants ATK UP potential to teammates.
Ye Suhua Shields allies with robust invincibility, offers bonus rejuvenation, and provides extra healing buffs.
Embla Deals heavy damage with unique debuff stacks, inflicting DEF down with abilities like Desolate Flower.
Ethan Newly introduced powerful support Esper with immense control and attack abilities, bypassing enemy DEF with every hit and providing AP boost.
Yuuhime Strong Esper with access to single target and AoE damage, inflicting DEF down and dealing extra damage with attacks.
Elaine Solid fighter capable of amplifying damage, executing multi-stage attacks, and inducing various debuffs for added damage.
Camille Offensive fighter known for significant damage through Bleed effects, extending debuffs and inflicting disease with abilities like Claw Attack and Double Claws.
Uday Remarkable offensive abilities combined with protection skills, boosting allies’ AP and SPD while launching attacks against enemies.
Ginny (Hestia) Excels in PvP with team-wide ATK buff and versatile kit for offense and defense, including debuff dispelling and unique buffs stacking.
Valeria (Quetzalcoatl) Top-tier Fighter Esper focusing on AP and SPD, scaling damage impressively with each SPD boost and reducing target’s AP for maximum disruption.

A Tier

Tier A characters dislyte
Dislyte Tier-A

The Tier-A of our Dislyte character tier list houses the most sturdy Espers of the game that possess game-changing abilities. However, they aren’t as self-sufficient as the members of the S-Tier, therefore, making it necessary for the players to build the right team around them.

Lucas Has disabling abilities like stunning enemies and reducing their AP while dealing AoE damage.
Unas Agile support character providing immunity buffs and AP bonuses to the team, along with powerful attacks.
Nicole Top-tier support Esper offering defense buffs, reviving teammates, and immunity from debuffs.
Li Ling Engraved DPS unit whose power increases with debuffs on foes, inflicting heavy damage with Bleed debuffs.
Raven Offensive AoE DPS unit with potent group dispels, reducing DEF and Max HP of targets while removing buffs and debuffs.
Sander Top assassin and nuker leveraging SPD-related skills for maximum impact, reducing enemy AP and boosting own SPD.
Narmer Solid nuker with Burning Suns, inflicting huge damage with Emblazoned Strike and other abilities.
Mona Sturdy DPS unit effective against larger moves, inflicting considerable damage with critical hits and restoring AP and health.
Asenath Great healer offering health regen and AP buffs, spreading recovery effects to allies with team-wide healing abilities.
Sienna Strength support character providing massive team-wide SPD Up and ATK Up while reducing enemy AP for effective stuns.
Cecilia Support Esper reviving fallen teammates, providing immunity, healing, and clearing debuffs for the team.
Clara A-Tier healing Esper offering team-wide immunity, AP buffs, and a robust shield against critical attacks.
Chalmers Offensive nuker dealing extra damage at the cost of HP, causing devastating damage with Gold Pulse and Vita Lightbeam.
Lauren Doctor role support Esper offering massive healing support and AP boost to teammates with Healing Water.
Melanie Decent Disabler petrifying opponents and reducing AP debuffs, empowering ability-based attacks with AP reduction.
Koharu Strong support Esper buffing and debuffing simultaneously, attacking enemies, dispelling debuffs, and obtaining recovery.
Jin-hee Offensive controller Esper famous for single-target kill, controlling every single target with increased AP.
Mateo Newcomer Fighter Esper boosting teammates for multi-stage attacks, dealing direct damage, and inflicting DEF down and disease.
Yamato Support Esper dealing damage and buffing allies with DEF Up and ATK Up, along with stacks boosting critical rate.
Javid Fighter Esper shining in PvE meta with potent AoE capabilities and high debuff potential, inflicting DEF Down, Diseased, Sear, and Judgment Seal.
Lian Great supporter offering AP manipulation and shielding, increasing opponent’s Miss Rate, reviving teammates, improving healing potential, and offering DEF up.
Hilda Sleep-focused Controller Esper incapacitating large opposing teams with significant damage, potent poison, SPD Down, and DEF Down.
Adrina Unique fighting kit relying on pursuit and assist attacks for primary damage, with consistent Stun abilities, boosted Crit Damage and ATK, and HP scaling damage.

B Tier

Tier B characters dislyte
Dislyte Tier-B

Though less generally effective on-field relative to the dwellers of the previous tier, Tier-B Dislyte Espers has some seriously solid skills that you will definitely need on certain occasions. Know their specific power points and summon them to your team accordingly.   

Hyde Immune to debuffs/buffs effects, dispels buffs from enemies, has healing power.
Tang Xuan Has a collection of debuffs, access to AoE damage with Enchanting Dream skill.
Tiye Can suck enemy’s AP, distribute it among allies, apply Stun and SPD Down.
Jin Yuyao Deals with Stun, Petrification, Freeze, boosts AP each turn when debuffed.
Donar Defensive abilities with Immunity buff, DEF Up, Thunder Blessing boosts DEF up to 100%.
Ollie Prevents teammates’ deaths, inflicts heavy damage and Silence on enemies.
Meredith Support with healing abilities, reduces enemy HP and restores teammates’ HP.
Jacob Good in Apep mode, delivers Fangs for immunity to debuffs and inflicts Poison.
Laura Introduces shield protection, counterattacks when shield is dispelled.
Pritzker Extends opponent’s cooldowns, inflicts Stun with each attack.
Chloe Inflicts devastating hits, Buff Blocker debuffs on random targets.
Luo Yan Reduces opponent’s max HP by almost a quarter, deals Disease damage.
Lu Yi Inflicts substantial Bleed damage, great in Fafnir meta.
Eira Controls combat, decreases and SPD down debuff on opponents, detaches debuffs.
Celine Removes debuffs, offers DEF Up and SPD Up buff, source of SPD Up buff for the team.
Chang Pu Heals allies, applies Immunity buffs, strong single-aim heal, reduces enemy’s AP.
Bonnie Superb speed, gives off strong AoE attacks, cooldown utility can bypass immunity.
Long Mian Freezes enemies, AP and SPD Down debuffs, utilized in Point War battles.
Ren Si Tank Esper, durable, passive grants Standoff buff, counterattacks after fatal hit.
Catherine Removes debuff, boosts allies’ AP, great against Disablers in Point War battles.
Drew Specializes in robust single-aim attacks, minimal cooldowns, DEF Down.
Freddy Low HP boosts abilities, can ignore DEF, Standoff and ATK Up save from running out of HP.
Unky Chai Support unit, chips ally’s cooldown, keeps ATK Up and Crit Rate Up buffs.
Parmi Controller, increases damage on Incapacitated targets, directly obtained from Event shop.
Xuan Pin Buffs allies with ATK up and DEF down, General grants Soldier stacks at game start.
Ain Helps teammates, increases damage outside turns, Force Barrier grants shields.
Leora Assists team in enemy destruction, reduces enemy AP, enters War Goddess mode.

Other Dislyte Tier List Espers 

Dislyte characters (more)
Other Dislyte Espers

Now that you know who the most important Espers of Dislyte’s character palette are, it’s about time we also discuss some more. The characters listed below may not be as generally good as those who made it into our tier list ranking; their performance in separate game modes still deserves your attention.

Dislyte Esper  Dislyte Mode-Specific Tier Rating
Story and Cube Kronos Apep Fafnir  TemporalTower P-War Offense P-War Defense   
Biondina B C B D B S B
Dhalia C B C D C B C
Bardon C B C B D C C
Tevor C A B C C B C
Djoser B C B C D D C
Heng Yue C D B C C B D
Tang Yun C C B S D D C
Bai Luili  D C B B C B B
Lynn  B B D B D C C
David C D D D D C D
Jeanne C D D B D C C
Taylor C C D C B C C
Xie Chuyi C B C S D B D
Triki  D C D D C D D
Zelmer D C B C D D D
Kaylee D C B A B C C
Bai Liuli B B B D B D C
Xie Yuzhi D B D A D B D
Hall B C B B D C C
Anesidora B C D D C C C
Falken D D D D C B C
Jiang Man A B D D D C B
Helena C A D D C D D
Leon D A D C D C D
Berenice C D D S D D D
Kara D D C D D C D
Layla D C D C D D D
Alexa D D C D D D C
Li Ao D D D D C C C
Arcana C D D D D C D


To come up with the Dislyte character tier list that could really help new as well as veteran players unleash unexplored in-game horizons, we invested a whole lot of time and effort.  

We took a rather unconventional approach and divided up the tier list into multiple sections. This was done amid the massive horde of Espers offered by Dislyte and how each one of them is good at something different. While ranking, our team kept every occasion-based potential as well as general end game outcome in mind. 

Also, the task was shared with Veteran players owning strong accounts to share their honest and (as much as possible) unbiased evaluation of each Dislyte Esper. Nevertheless, we hope that you have found our tier list helpful enough for you to enjoy the game to its fullest!


What is the best Dislyte esper in 2024?

It should not surprise you that Gabrielle is ranked the best esper in our tier list. The ginger-hair character is the most badass when it comes to dealing heavy damage to enemies and defending the team. She can play these two roles at a single time.

Which is the worst Dislyte esper in 2024?

Our list ranks Alexa as the worst character in Dislyte. It does not have superior powers to compete against other powerful characters. It is a D-rated character and should be avoided using in battle except only when you don’t have any other option.

Which is the best point war esper team in Dislyte in 2024?

Ranking various characters based on their attack, defense, and power abilities, our list concludes Lin Xiao and Chloe as the best esper team in Dislyte. They can work together as an attacking team or a defender team in point war mode in Dislyte.

Which is the best esper for cube miracle mode in Dislyte in 2024?

Li Ling is the esper that our list suggests you to use when playing Cube Miracle mode. It will help you pass through the difficult dungeon, clearing the paths by defeating enemies to earn handsome rewards in Dislyte Cube Miracle mode.

Which is the best esper team to defeat Fafnir in Dislyte in 2024?

Fafnir is the most difficult-to-defeat boss in the Ritual miracle mode of Dislyte. Lu Yi, Gabrielle, Tang Yun, Berenice, and Li Ling would be the best team that you can use to defeat the Fafnir in the Ritual miracle mode of Dislyte, as mentioned in our list of Dislyte for 2024.

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