Dislyte Tier List: All Espers Ranked [Patch 3.3.1]

For those on a search for the best Dislyte Espers to focus on, our comprehensive Dislyte character tier list is what you need!

Did you see our AFK Arena Tier List? If not, then it’s about time that you do! The folks behind AFK Arena are here with yet another fabulous “stylish” urban mythological RPG, the Dislyte. It manifests gacha characters called the Espers through time to combat fierce opponents in a modern setting rather than the usual dungeon-like backgrounds. That said, we have come up with a definitive Dislyte Tier List for you to know which Esper is worth your attention. 

Key Highlights
  • As of now, Dislyte offers its players a collection of 93 competitive characters, or “Espers,” as it calls them. 
  • From DPS to AoE, Attack, Defense, Immunity, Heal, Debuff Removal, and many more, each character is fit to serve different roles in Dislyte that influence their performance. 
  • Besides roles, the ranking of Dislyte Espers is based on their overall performance measured across multiple Dislyte modes, namely TemporalTower, Fafnir, Kronos, Apep, Story and Cube, P-War Offense, and P-War Defense.
  • Espers that feature an optimum mix of offense, defense, and support are considered best in Dislyte. This includes Gabrielle, Lewis, Lin Xiao, Sally, and Ye Suhua.
  • On the other hand, espers that are not recommended for competitive Dislyte battles are Jiang Man, Berenice, Kara, Alexa, Layla, Helena, Li Ao, and Arcana.

Dislyte Espers Comparison

EspersRoleElementApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Lin XiaoFighterShimmerSSBAAB
Ye SuhuaSupportShimmerSSCSAA
Li LingFighterInfernoBSSABB
Tang XuanFighterWindABBBBB
Jin YuyaoSupportInfernoCCCBSB
Luo YanSupportWindCCCBAA
Lu YiFighterWindBBABCC
Chang PuSupportFlowBCBBBC
Long MianControllerWindCBCBAS
Ren SiDefenderInfernoCBBBAB
Unky ChaiSupportInfernoCABBBB
Heng YueSupportFlowDBCCBD
Tang YunFighterWindCBSDDC
Bai LuiliFighterShimmerCBBCBB
Xie ChuyiFighterFlowBCSDBD
Bai LiuliFighterShimmerBBDBDC
Xie YuzhiControllerWindBDADBD
Jiang ManFighterFlowBDDDCB
Li AoDefenderInfernoDDDCCC

Dislyte Tier List Summarized

Dislyte Tier List Espers Ranking Table
S-TierGabrielle, Lewis, Lin Xiao, Sally, Ye Suhua, Ethan, Embla, Yuuhime, Elaine, Camille, Uday, Ginny, Valeria
A-TierLucas, Sander, Unas, Nicole, Li Ling, Raven, Cecilia, Narmer, Asenath, Sienna, Lauren, Chalmers, Clara, Koharu, Jin-hee, Mateo, Yamato, Javid, Lian, Hilda, Adrina
B-Tier Hyde, Tang Xuan, Tiye, Jin Yuyao, Donar, Ollie, Meredith, Jacob, Laura, Pritzker, Chloe, Eira, Luo Yan, Celine, Lu Yi, Catherine, Chang Pu, Bonnie, Long Mian, Ren Si, Drew, Freddy, Unky Chai, Parmi, Xuan Pin, Leora, Ain
OthersBiondina, Bardon, Djoser, Tevor, Dhalia, David, Heng Yue, Lynn, Tang Yun, Bai Luili, Jeanne, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Triki, Zelmer, Kaylee, Bai Liuli, Xie Yuzhi, Hall, Anesidora, Leon, Falken, Q, Jiang Man, Helena, Berenice, Alexa, Kara, Layla, Li Ao, Arcana

Dislyte Tier List 

Dislyte Tiers Criteria
How To Read the Dislyte Character Tier List

We have divided the mythical melee Dislyte packs for you into three tiers of Espers ranging from best to weak. Each important and worthy character of Dislyte is ranked into tiers based on their overall performance, while mode-specific rating is also discussed along each of them. The mode ratings are split into: 

  • S: Excellent performance with no significant flaws
  • A: Good performance with slight shortcomings.
  • B: Average performance that will get the player through.
  • C: Below Average performance
  • D: Worst performance

Note that this criterion are true for the moderating only. Though the overall rating and tier divisions resemble this a lot, it’s still not the same. This is all we think was necessary for you to know before starting; therefore, let’s get going. 

S Tier

Dislyte Characters Tier S
Dislyte Tier-S

The S-Tier of our Dislyte tier list contains all the overpowered characters that the RPG offers. They all possess incredibly strong utilities that can easily flip the outcome of combats in no time. This tier also houses a couple of outliers like Gabrielle and Lewis, who are the most worthy and indeed the most difficult to get a tight hold of. 


Role: DPS, DEF Down, AoE, Immunity

This is a DPS character of Dislyte synced with the added utility to carry extensive buff and debuffing of the rest of the troop. This is done by bringing mass improvement to the team‘s immunity and DEF Up while inflicting the ATK Down and striking all opponents via Rush. Similarly, Broadside induces solid DEF Down too. Gabrielle also packs high speed in her movepool, allowing her to always have an edge during fights.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ASASSSS


Role: DPS

Lewis plays as an aggressive berserker who can manifest plenty of temporary damage booster attacks after short time intervals. Both Rage Avatar and Fire Palm can do that, however, at the cost of some HP. Rage Avatar also offers added attacking capacity but will reduce all of this Esper’s quality of cooldown in just one go. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BSSBAAA

Lin Xiao

Role: DPS, Bleed, Diseased, DEF Down, SPD Down

This Esper has got a mind-blowing attribute that can easily make her Crit Rate reach the sky. The nuker DPS of Dislyte, Lin Xiao, owns Light of the Tiger, which blows the entire opponent’s team and, for its own team, offers the Esper multiple Tiger Roar buffs. Also, Lin Xiao‘ critical made via Whiplash will help induce an additional Bleed debuff.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSSBAAB


Role: Remove Debuff, Immunity, Healer, ATK Up

She is a healer Dislyte character who can uniquely diminish incoming attacks with her potent dispels. Sally uses Ode To Joy to grant her massive healing capacity coupled with dispels. These dispels equalizes Sally’s teammates’ health pool and deliver to everyone some ATK UP potential. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ASBSSSS

Ye Suhua 

Role: Healer, Support, ATK Down, ATK Up, Invincibility, DEF Up

This Dislyte’s support character has an incredible quality of shielding its allies with robust invincibility. Astral Guardian notably offers bonus rejuvenation and extra healing buff and also added invincibility at HP lower than 50%. Whereas Star Dancer grants DEF Up and ATK Up buff to Ye Suhua‘s entire teams. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSSCSAA


Role: Fighter, DEF Down, ATK Up

Embla is a powerful legendary fighter Esper who can deal with a large amount of damage by using her unique debuff stack, hitting enemies with bleeds and diseased debuff. Her abilities of Tattered Sword, Chaotic Thrust, and Desolate Flower can do best at attacking and killing enemies. Desolate Flower also inflicts DEF down for attacking the enemies multiple times. Each resonance of these abilities can be obtained from the Echo.


Role: DPS, Support, DEF Down, AP boost

Ethan is a newly introduced DPS powerful support Esper who has immense control and attack abilities to help him defeat the enemies. The attacks from his abilities including Chaos Sound, Joyful Delight, and Enchanting Song cannot be resisted and every hit has a chance of letting DEF down and it also helps in AP boost. You can directly obtain Ethan from Echo after this update.


Role: Fighter, DEF down, ATK up, AoE damage, Bas HP

Yuuhime is one of the strongest Espers in Dislyte which has the ability to deal damage to one enemy based on ATK with Nether Jewel. She has proper access to the single target of the enemies and AoE damage. The other attack from her abilities including Death Gate and Beyond the Grave cannot be resisted and every attack inflicts the DEF down and deals extra damage on ATK.


Role: Fighter, ATK down, Buff Blocker, Damage Amplifier

This newly introduced Esper is a decent fighter with effective abilities to destroy the opponent by amplifying the damage and having access to multi-stage attacks. Her Night Raid skill inflicts sleep and empowers her ability-based attacks with passive effects that have the capacity to ignore some DEF for enemies. Meanwhile, the Oblivion Strike can inflict ATK Down and sleep with some extra debuffs on the targeted enemies, providing extra damage. Wherever the Endless Night can give her Night Goddess that clears Stealth on all the enemies. When Elaine does a critical hit, it directly transfers all of the debuffs to the targets.


Role: Fighter, Base ATK, Bleed, Debuffs

Camille is an offensive fighter who is famous for dealing significant amounts of damage by inflicting Bleed. She has an eye for the enemies and uses her extraordinary skills to destroy them. Her first Claw Attack skill can help in getting one enemy attack and extends their debuffs. Whereas her Double Claws ability can inflict disease on the enemies, and if by any chance the targeted enemy is troubled with bleed, that instantly triggers the bleed effect. But whenever the target is hit with Wolven Smash, it will inflict Bleed and Sear on the enemies. And all of these abilities make Camille worthy of S-Tier in our Esper’s list.


Role: Support, DPS, ATK up, SPD increase, AoE

Despite putting Uday in this tier, he is a lot more prestigious for you than any other Espers because of his offensive abilities. He is famous for his ability to protect and attack and also gave him an upper hand against the opponent. He can easily increase any random ally’s AP, inflict SPD, and attack the enemies with the help of the Star Bubble skill.

However, Sirius Ward grants one ally to absorb, shield, and give him/her protection against negative outcomes. This Esper is mostly utilized during war situations, where he can destroy the enemies, dispels debuffs from the allies, and provide them ATK Up.

Ginny (Hestia)

Role: ATK Buff, Dispel Debuffs, Offense, Defense

You gotta be trying Ginny for PvP, given the immense potential she shows, especially in the case of Point War and Knockout. Starting from the power-filled Captain Ability, you will get a massive team-wide 40% ATK buff in PvP game modes. Providing extraordinary capabilities for offense and defense, the rest of the kit isn’t less mighty, either. Furthermore, Ginny works like an absolute charm when it comes to dispelling debuffs thanks to her second ability, the Simmer Flame. With removing debuffs, the ability also offers Chef’s Zest to stack unique buffs. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSSASSS

Valeria (Quetzalcoatl)

Role: Ap Focus, SPD Up, Damage Scaling 

With a keen eye on AP and SPD, Valeria contests as a superb Fighter Esper in Dislyte. Most of her kit, especially the powerful third ability, Serpent Surge, and basic ability, Launching Tide, receive fantastic damage scaling with every increase in SPD. The correct build enhances the stack game even further, while Valeria smoothly reduces the target’s AP for maximum disruption on the field. Valeria’s Plum Feathers passive isn’t less either, as it provides two incredible damage swelling buffs when needed the most. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSSSSSA

A Tier

Tier A characters dislyte
Dislyte Tier-A

The Tier-A of our Dislyte character tier list houses the most sturdy Espers of the game that possess game-changing abilities. However, they aren’t as self-sufficient as the members of the S-Tier, therefore, making it necessary for the players to build the right team around them. This way, you’ll be able to unleash these Espers to the fullest and really avail their extraordinary abilities.


Role: AoE, Stun, Remove Buff, Increase AP

Lucas has got robust disabling qualities onboard. The Blessing of Phobos enables the launching of attacks that have a high chance of stunning enemies in a single turn. Lucas’s Pillar of Light gives off a multi-pronged hit towards the foes with a decent probability that each attack will reduce the target’s AP and dispel at least one buff from it. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABAAASA


Role: AoE, DEF Down, Increase AP, Immunity

Unas is an agile support character in Dislyte who’s efficient in offering solid Immunity buffs to the entire team paired with decent AP bonuses. Along with hood support, Unas helps the team by launching powerful attacks. His Gale Force enables him to give off devastating attacks against the opponent that inflicts extra damage, consequently swelling the team’s AP. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SCAASSS


Role: Support, Def up, several Buffs, and Invincibility 

Nicole was released in patch 3.0.1 June update of Dislyte. She has already made her place among the best Espersin Dislyte owing to her abilities. With the power of Nephthys, she is able to revive her teammates and take damage for them while providing defense and buffs like invincibility. 

As a Captain, she can boost her teammate’s HP by 30% in Point war. Like many other characters in our tier list, you can get Nicole by rerolling in Dislyte. Also, check our 3 Stars Tier List in Dislyte to see the best characters in the game that are more accessible and easy to get.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier RatingBCBBAAS

Li Ling

Role: Self Healing, Steal AP, DPS

This is an engraved DPS unit of the Dislyte character tier list whose power increases via the debuffs that hit his foes. Multi-pronged hits are inflicted by Altar stacking Bleed debuffs at Li Ling‘s targets and triggering a destructive final attack that can overcome the DRF rating of the target. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BSSABB


Role: AoE, DPS, Steal Buff, Mark, DEF Down, Remove Buff, Remove Debuff

An offensive, powerful AoE DPS unit with potent group dispels. Raven‘s Sunset curtails the DEF and Max HP of its target based on the damage rendered in the attack. Whereas dispelling all buffs on the target is done by Raven’s Sleipnir.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABABASS


Role: DPS, Reduce AP, SPD Up, SPD Down

The Esper very efficiently utilizes the full potential of all his SPD-related skills, therefore, proving to be one of the strongest assassins and nukers of Dislyte. Based on these qualities, Sander has got good damage boosting skills. His Sandstorm skill diminishes the enemy’s AP and deals an AoE Stun combined multi-pronged hit. Similarly, Corrosion reduces the SPD of an enemy with every critical hit while swelling the Esper’s SPD in return. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BBSAABB


Role: ATK Up, DPS

Narmer proves to be a solid nuker, especially if combined with many Burning Suns. Narmer of Dislyte stacked with plenty of Burning Suns will allow him to inflict huge damage within single hits. He also mixes this potential with his Emblazoned Strike ability to render even greater impact. Nevertheless, getting Burning Suns isn’t very difficult either, as each buff or action taken will offer you some. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABBCBSS


Role: AoE, DPS

This unit is a sturdy DPS, especially against larger moves or anywhere where Mona can effectively land her criticals. Her Lunar Hail’s critical hail might prove very dangerous for the opponent, given that it inflicts considerable damage. On the other hand, Mona has also got the Hunter’s Mark which is strong enough to damage the adversary and helps restore the Esper’s AP and health. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ACACAAA


Role: Increase AP, Healer, Remove Buff, Recovery

With both Health Regen and AP buffs on offer, Asenath is a great A-Tier pick as a healer Esper of Dislyte. This is induced by the special Lotus Steps and Lotus Mark on both. Together they grant the Esper AP and reduce incoming damage. Players can also spread the recovery effect by Lotuses to their allies and other team Espers by using Dancing Buds: a potent team-wide healing ability. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABACAAA


Role: Increase AP, Stun, SPD Up, Reduce AP, ATK Up

Sienna is a strength support Dislyte character who provides massive team-wide SPD Up and ATK Up while also helping to clear the enemy’s AP for better effect of Stun. The Esper does this via her special Earth’s Blessing skill. Additionally, Sienna can increase here as well as all her allies AP using the Guardian Vine. The Esper also knows how to gain another turn on ascension.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABBCSSS


Role: Increase AP, Revive, Immunity, Healer, Remove Debuffs

Provided her decent abilities that contribute to team-wide healing and AP swelling, Cecilia can play a support Esper role well. She manages to do this via her Gemstone Feathers skills. What’s of most interest, though, is Cecilia’s Crimson Protection skill which, like no other Esper, enables her to revive the dead teammates into the game. 

Though you have to wait for her to die first, availing the ability might be a great game-turning trick. Anyways, Cecilia has also got the Ruby Coronet skill which helps in clearing debuffs and gaining Immunity.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BABCASS


Role: Support, Immunity, Healer, Shield,  Remove Debuffs, Increase AP

Another great healing Esper of the A-Tier of our Dislyte tier list who offers team-wide immunity, AP buffs and also a strong shield against critical attacks. Clara does this by her one-of-a-kind healing skill called the Queen’s Protection, which before ascension grants healing and then partially converts into Shield. The skill is also paired with Hymn of Life, which increases the AP of all the allied Espers, especially ones with scarce healing potential. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CABBASS


Role: DPS, Buff Blocker, Diseased

Do you remember the top-tier contestor, Lewis? Well, Chalmers is a similar offensive nuker who will deal a lot of additional damage but at the cost of his own HP. Despite that, Chalmers couldn’t make up with Lewis because of his mode-specific rating. Anyways, Chalmers can deal devastating damage to his foes via the Gold Pulse skill. The skill also helps him deal a Diseased healing block that blocks the opponent from getting buffs for some time. Chalmers’s second skill, the Vita Lightbeam, also inflicts extra damage. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BASCCCC


Role: Healer, Support, Revive, SPD Down, Increase AP

Lauren plays the doctor’s role for a player’s Esper team, offering awesome support, including AP boosters. Though her other two skills are ordinary, the Healing Water is truly fantastic as it broadens the alliance’s rejuvenation while delivering massive healing support to anyone partner of choice. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCCBASA


Role: Petrification, Disabler, Reduce AP

This Esper is a decent Disable with effective abilities to petrify the opponent by reducing AP debuffs. Melanie’s Covenant of Punishment brings the reduction that slowly empowers all her ability-based attacks with the potential to reduce AP. Nevertheless, Melanie seriously lacks in the Fafnir Dislyte mode, but her rating in the other modes is pretty acceptable. Perhaps this is also why we have placed her in one of the better tiers of our Dislyte Tier List. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCADBSS


Role: Support, ATK Down

Koharu is a strong support Esper which has the ability to buff and debuff even at the same time. His Bell Twirl ability can easily attack and defeat enemies, dispels debuffs, and obtain recovery from it. While the Prayer Dance ability can implore ATK down which increases the ally damage dealt. He can be acquired from Novice and Echo support.


Role: DPS, Controller, Increase AP

Jin-hee is an offensive controller Esper who is famous for his single-target kill. He has an eye for the enemies in which he has solid control over every single target he faces. He has various abilities including Fast Ball, Round Slider, and Cyclone Screw that help in increasing Jin-hee’s AP. Whenever the target is hit with a dizzy daze, he directly absorbs all of their AP which enhances his performance.


Role: Fighter, DEF down, Dispelling Buffs, SPD increase

This Fighter unit has all the abilities to enhance his teammates to perform multi-stage attacks. Newly introduced Mateo is great at performing damage by using his Blast burn skill, which can directly inflict Spear for two turns and even help in dispelling the buffs. His special skills Fire Pillar and Fire Punch enable him to deal damage based on the ATK to the enemies, inflict disease, and also grant DEF down for the next two turns. This also gives him an upper hand over the enemies by stealing enemies’ buffs with each hit. This character also increases his AP on each critical hit which eventually deals extra damage based on Mateo’s ATK.


Role: Support, Max HP, ATK up, DEF up

Yamato is a Dislyte Support character that has the ability to deal damage and grant allies buffs. He takes advantage of his abilities to grant buffs. For instance, His Death grasp skill can easily deal with damage based on Max HP and ATK. Yamato can also inflict a buff blocker with every hit, which can help him consume extra damage, based on the opponent’s Max Hp. His Abyssal Crossing ability can easily provide his allies a true amount of DEF Up and ATK Up for two turns. He can also get a few Rashomon stacks that eventually increase the C rate.

Javid (Shamash)

Role: DEF Down, Diseased, Sear, DoT

Although anticipated to be the show’s star, Javid isn’t very extraordinary but not average. The fighting esper manifests has some incredible uses, particularly in PvE meta, due to the onboard AoE capabilities as well as the high debuff potential that wreaks havoc in the opposing side. Javid can dish out DEF Down, Diseased, Sear, and the very special Judgment Seal, which synergizes very well with Bomb Espers such as Jiang Man and Embla. Javid’s Sacred Flame can also render DoT effects, ultimately leading to extra infliction of True Damage and improved survivability.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SAASSAS

Lian (Jiao Tu)

Role: AP, Healing, Support, DEF Up, Shielding 

This one’s a great supporter addition to Dislyte that aces equally well in AP manipulation and Shielding. With her unique Dream Bubble buff, Lian can swell the opponent’s Miss Rate, revive downed teammates, and improve the existing healing potential. Furthermore, the esper offers to heal scaling damage and DEF up. Overall, we recommend Lian as an incredible alternative to all S-Tier healers and the best in terms of fighting Kronos. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating AAASSAS

Hilda (Hypnos)

Role: Sleep, Poison, SPD Down, DEF Down. 

If you are a long-time Dislyte player, you must have felt the absence of a Sleep dedicated Controller esper, but not anymore. Hilda seems to have perfectly filled that spot thanks to her significant damage dealing and her solid amount of poison. We urge you to try Hilda, especially for Andras in the Ritual Miracle, as mostly all her kit is OP and incapacitates huge opposing teams in an instant. As expected from a go-to debuffer, Hilda’s kit also offers SPD Down and DEF Down.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSAAAAS

Adrina (Chantico)

Role: AP Reduction, Controlling, ATK Increase, C-Damage Increase, HP Scaling 

Having every bit of different damaging options Dislyte features, this esper puts up a very unique fighting kit to your disposal. Adrina primarily relies on pursuit and assist attacks for primary damage dealing. However, she can reliably foster a hybrid Controller Esper profile thanks to her abilities that consistently render Stuns to all targets. Regarding Adrina’s passive, you can enjoy a 99% AP Reduction whenever an ally plays. With Red Chilli, you can swell her Crit Damage and ATK instead, while Warmest Welcome renders HP scaling damage.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating SSAAAAS

B Tier

Tier B characters dislyte
Dislyte Tier-B

Though less generally effective on-field relative to the dwellers of the previous tier, Tier-B Dislyte Espers have some seriously solid skills that you will definitely need on certain occasions. Know their specific power points and summon them to your team accordingly.   


Role: AoE, Buff Blocker, Remove Buff

Hyde has a passive Reaper skill that makes the Esper immune to effects rendered by any debuffs or even buffs. The same skill also offers Hyde additional damage based on how many debuffs are sent toward the enemies. On the other hand, Hyde’s Cerberus helps dispel buffs from enemies. This Dislyte character has also got some healing power in his arsenal. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CBCCASB

Tang Xuan

Role: AoE, DPS, Bleed, Reduce AP, Stun

Despite ending up in this tier, perhaps due to her mode-specific rating, Tang Xuan has a bigger collection of debuffs than many other DPS, offensive Espers of Dislyte. She has the Enchanting Dream skill on board and access to solid AoE damage rendering potential thanks to Righteous Anger and Shattering Dream. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating AABBBB


Role: Steal AP, Disabler, CC, SPD Down

A decent Disable Esper of the Dislyte realm with strong skills like Nightbringer, Starstruck and Devouring Void in her collection. Tiye can easily suck her enemy’s AP while combating them. Once taken all the AP from the enemies, Tiye distributes it equally among herself and the allies. She also can apply Stun to all foes, which after ascending also deals a good amount of SPD Down. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ABBCASA

Jin Yuyao

Role: CC, Support, Remove Debuffs, Immunity

One of the Espers with the most base HP in Dislyte. Jin Yuyao’s skills make her strong enough to deal with Stun, Petrification and Freeze and boost her AP in each turn, especially when a debuff is targeted at your side. The Esper is mostly utilized in Point War, where she destroys every turn order of your enemy, given her ability to transfer debuffs. However, Jin Yuyao will require considerable SPD for that.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CCCCBSB


Role: DPS, Immunity, Tank

Donar has great defensive abilities synced with a solid Immunity buff, DEF Up buff, and the Thunder Blessing. It is a stacking passive that boosts Donar’s DEF up to 100%! The Esper is quite sturdy in multiple contents but a little too slow in terms of base SPD. Donar is best 

utilized in teams with high DEF. Because he doesn’t have many healing stats onboard, pairing Donar with Espers that buff him further and heal will make a great team combo.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BACCBSS


Role: Fighter, Def down, and Taunt ability.

This Fighter Esper in our tier list with Healing and Support capabilities was released in patch 3.0.1 June update of Dislyte. While Ollie might not be a good option as compared to the S-tier Fighters in our Dislyte tier list, he can perform two roles at once which will help you in boss battles like Kronos and Fafnir.

He can prevent his teammates from dying and his Hookstrike ability can inflict heavy damage on the enemy. With Ollie, you will also have a chance to Silence enemies. When your teammates take a critical hit, the Salvifuc Judgement ability will help them and stop them from dying. Your allies will have Invincibility and Recovery and Ollie can then counterattack by casting Law of Duat on the attacker. 

Law of Duat can deal heavy damage on a nearby enemy depending upon the maximum HP they have and the ATK caster has while he inflicts Taunt and DEF down. It’s not just the allies that will be invincible, the caster will get invincibility too.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier RatingACCCBAA


Role: Support, SPD Up, Def Up, and CRIT RESIST.

With powerful Support and lifestyle abilities, the next esper in our tier list Meredith was released in patch 3.0.1 update of Dislyte which introduced new characters based on Egyptian Mythology.

Meredith has an ability called the Hand of Scylla that can reduce the enemy’s HP by 1 and restore the teammate’s HP by that same amount. She can also grant increased speed to teammates who have HP equal to or greater than 80% after the ascension period. The Sonic Venom ability can deal Poison damage to one enemy. 

Sonic Shield can heal one teammate and also provide them defense and critical resistance. As a captain, she can increase her teammate’s HP in Sonic and Ritual Miracle by 30%.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier RatingBCCCBAA


Role: Poison, Support 

A Support Esper in Dislyte who is particularly good in dealing with the Apep mode of the game. Jacob’s A2 skill is really very robust, delivering Fangs to each of his allies, who consequently become immune to debuffs (Poison ones). Plus, they also sustain more capacity to inflict Poison debuff in return. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CSCCCCC


Role: Support, Def Up and CRIT RESIST 

Laura is another Esper in our tier list that was released in patch 3.0.1 June update of Dislyte that introduced Egyptian Mythological characters. She has the ability to grant shield protection to all her teammates and attack the enemy when her shield is dispelled or destroyed. 

The Shield Attack not only inflicts damage on the enemy but can also inflict Silence. At the end of the teammate’s turn, the Shield Guardian ability can grant your ally a shield for protection. After the Ascension, if Laura’s shield is dispelled or destroyed, she can counterattack. Iron Wall ability can grant a shield and critical damage resistance to all the teammates. If your ally is already protected by a shield, their shield strength will increase.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApepKronosFafnirTemporal TowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier RatingCCCCSSS


Role:  Stun, Reduce AP, Disabler

Another great Disabler Esper of the tier geared with a powerful passive that extends the opponent’s cooldowns to more than one turn. This ability is further powered by Pritzker’s A3, which renders damage to enemies thrice while also inflicting Stun along with each attack. Make Pritzker even worthier by teaming him with potent Disabler Dislyte Espers like Tiye and Sienna. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CCCCCBB


Role: DPS, Buff Blocker, Steal Buff

Being a DPS unit, Chloe knows how to inflict devastating hits and Buff Blocker debuffs on random targets while collecting maximum buffs. Pair Chloe with sturdy Dislyte Espers like Ye Suhua and experience her massive damage rendering potential in most content.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating AABABAA

Luo Yan 

Role: Healer, Support, Recovery, Revive, ATK Up, Diseased

The Infinity Miracle makes Luo Yan a very useful Support character for Dislyte, who has the potential to reduce the opponent’s max HP by almost a quarter and deal Disease damage. This makes him incredibly practical against most enemies, especially those with high HP targets. Luo Yan can also apply ATK Up, Recovery and Death Tome (a buff that can revive allies). 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CCCCBAA

Lu Yi 

Role: DPS, Bleed, Ignore DEF

This fighter unit hits with a heavy chance of inflicting substantial Bleed damage. Lu Yi is particularly great in performing in the Fafnir meta of the game, where his random but frequent attacks can dismantle even the strongest shield in no time.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CBBABC


Role: Remove Debuff, SPD Up, Increase AP

Another strong Support Esper of this tier who is capable enough to control the combat all by herself. Eira particularly owes this potential to the decent Ap-based utilities in her arsenal. Strikes made with her Seabreeze Sonata inflict an AP decrease and SPD down debuff on opponents. Also, Eira’s Divine Love skill is one-of-a-kind. It detaches debuffs from allies while offering a sturdy protecting charm in return—the Brisingamen’s Watch.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCACCBC


Role: SPD Up, Sleep, Reduce AP, Remove Debuff, 

Celine is a decent Disable unit for teams that manage single target attacks. The Esper can also help remove debuffs from allies while offering them a DEF Up and SPD Up buff in return. Therefore, Celine can be a consistent source of SPD Up buff for the team.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCBCBBB

Chang Pu 

Role: Healer, Support, Reduce AP

Chang Pu has got a lot of healing potential onboard for her team allies. Her special skills enable her to apply Immunity buffs on reaching the third Ascension. With that, Chang Pu can also offer a strong single aim heal coupled with the ability to down the enemy’s AP. Given this support, you may want to consider this Dislyte Esper in the early game.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BBCBBBC


Role: Reduce Buff, Stun, Increase AP, Remove AP

Bonnie really possesses a superb speed making him a solid Support Esper who can give off strong AoE attacks. She has an incredible cooldown utility that can even bypass an enemy’s immunity potential hence making Bonnie a worthy Esper pick if you are looking forward to winning the Point War battles. The character can also make 5% AP Up for allies by converting dispelled buffs. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BBCCAAA

Long Mian 

Role: AoE, Support, Freeze, Reduce AP, SPD Down

Long Mian is one of the few Espers in Dislyte with the Freeze capability known to fully control the enemy. Along with Freeze, Long Mian has got AP and SPD Down debuffs too. He is best utilized in Point War battles as a Captain.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating ACBCBAS

Ren Si 

Role: Tank, ATK Down, Standoff, DEF Down

Ren Si is a tank pink who can be a great pick for a Point War team. He doesn’t only make decent Area of Effect attacks but is exceptionally durable himself too. On suffering a fatal hit, Ren Si’s passive grants him a sturdy Standoff buff and allows him to counterattack. The character might be the best pick for tackling with “cleave” damage. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCBBBAS


Role: Support, Increase AP, Miss Rate Up, Standoff, Remove Debuff, 

Catherine proves to be a strong threat, particularly against Disablers of the Dislyte Point War battles. In her turn, Catherine can easily remove one debuff on the entire team. This cleanse is followed by AP Up boosting all her allies. While Ren Si is a good cleave damage manager, Catherine is great at showering some.  

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CCBCCSA


Role: DPS, DEF Down

Drew is a Dislyte starter character specializing in inflicting robust single aim attacks. The Esper’s defense-ignoring hits, minimal cooldowns and DEF Down make him practical for nearly all in-game content.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCBBCBB


Role: DPS, Remove Buff, ATK Up 

Early game players may get many benefits from Freddy in their team. Hs is a robust DPS unit of Dislyte who takes advantage of his low HP to boost his abilities. For instance, his attacking skills can render twice more impactful damage when Freddy is low at HP with a much higher crit rate. Fredd can also ignore DEF when his HP is halfway gone. To make up for this unique but dangerous quality, the character has Standoff and ATK Up, which saves him from completely running out of HP.

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating BCBBBAB

Unky Chai

Role: Crit Rate Up, Increase AP, Reduce Cooldown, ATK Up

The Support Dislyte unit has got some decent qualities, like chipping his ally’s cooldown, paired with other solid offensive-supporting abilities. Unky Chai also keeps ATK Up and Crit Rate Up buffs in his pack. Pair this Esper with Sally or Suhua to make a good team combo. 

Dislyte ModeStory and CubeApep KronosFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense
Tier Rating CCABBBB


Role: Controller, DEF Up, ATK Down

Parmi is a powerful controller who contains the powers of the Goddess Ninsun. She can do a lot more damage to weak enemies. All her abilities including Dreambell Curve, Pipedream Echo, and Fantasy Crater make her the best Espers. Whenever the targets of Parmi are Incapacitated, the overall damage also increases. This Esper can be directly obtained from the Event shop while the Dream of Redemption is in process.

Xuan Pin

Role: Support, DEF Down, Increase AP

This Support Dislyte Esper has got a decent number of skills, like granting all of the allies powerful buffs, Increasing allies’ AP with Chariot and Horse. Xuan Pin also keeps the ATK up and DEF down for two turns in his pack. The number of abilities including Strategic pieces, Heavy cannonade, and Checkmate can help him deal with damage in order to succeed against the enemies. The most fun fact about Xuan Pin is that he gains General at the start of the game, provides one stack of Soldier to all of the teammates, and then grants them ATK Up.


Role: Support, Max HP, Base ATK, DEF down

Ain is a newly introduced Esper who can help her teammate and increase their damage outside of their turns and keep them safe. The Force Barrier grants shields to her teammates. The Marker’s Strike can be used to hit the enemies several times in order to inflict DEF down. She gets extra points for granting her teammates extra damage whenever they attack the enemies.


Role: Fighter, DPS, ATK up, Amplifies damage, Rate Down

Leora is a powerful fighter who has the ability to assist the team in order to destroy the enemies. She proves to be the best S-Tier fighter who works wonderfully when combined with other Espers in the game. Forward strike skill can offer her the ability to destroy the enemies by reducing their AP and has some passive effects that reset her own Cooldowns. Before using the Dawn Guardian ability, Leora enters War Goddess mode which grants her teammates a standoff and increases the damage ability. Using the Daylight Beam increases ATK up and inflicts a C rate down.

Other Dislyte Tier List Espers 

Dislyte characters (more)
Other Dislyte Espers

Now that you know who the most important Espers of Dislyte’s character palette are, it’s about time we also discuss some more. The characters listed below may not be as generally good as those who made it into our Dislyte tier list ranking; their performance in separate game modes still deserves your attention.

We have listed in order, starting from the characters with decent ratings in most Dislyte modes and concluding on the ones with barely acceptable ratings in any mode. 

The further you descend in this list, the weaker the Dislyte’s Esper you’ll be greeted by who lack game-changing skills and require a substantial investment of effort to do better. Nevertheless, the ones higher up in this list might still be a great pick to consider. 

Dislyte Esper Dislyte Mode-Specific Tier Rating
Story and CubeKronosApepFafnir TemporalTowerP-War OffenseP-War Defense   

There you have it, our definitive, most up-to-date Dislyte character tier list. Excited to catch up with some more Dislyte-like gacha releases with an excellent horde of characters on offer? Check out our Last Cloudia Tier List and FGO Tier List to fuel your interests. 

Latest Patch Notes

Last Updated: Version 3.3.1

A few new Espers are added to the game alongside the version 3.3.1 release. These include: 

  • Javid (Shamash).
  • Ginny (Hestia).
  • Valeria (Quetzalcoatl).
  • Lian (Jiao Tu).
  • Hilda (Hypnos).
  • and, Adrina (Chantico).

How To Pick Best Esper In Dislyte

Since our Dislyte tier list is updated with every new patch release and Esper added into the game, it will help you determine what Espers might be the best choice for your team. There are some points you should keep in mind when choosing Espere for your team.


Some Dislyte players noticed that synergy plays a major role in choosing the best Espers. Many Espers are weak at first when they don’t have relics or their skills are not leveled up. Some of these Espers can turn the odds in your favor if you invest in the right skills.

Even if the Espers are not the best in any of the game modes if they possess a good synergy they can help you win any match easily. After the right investment, some Espers especially the ones whose cooldown rate decreases when leveled up can really increase your probability of winning.


In our Tier list, you might have noticed some Espers have more than one role in Dislyte, like Ollie who was released in the patch update 3.0.1, he is not only a good fighter but also has healing abilities.

So when you’re investing in any Esper’s Skills, make sure that they are versatile. Early on in the game, invest only if flexible Espers because they are the ones who’ll carry the whole battle. This is the best strategy if you’re playing in Story or Cube Miracle and also if you’re fighting Kronos or Apep Battle.


This determines how fast a certain Esper can help you win in a certain game mode. In our tier list, Sander due to his AP down and captain abilities can improve the efficiency when you face Kronos in Dislyte.


When you play Point War in Dislyte make sure you choose the best defense characters that we mentioned in our tier list. Lin Xiao and Chloe are good options.

In case you don’t get any good characters you want from the tier list, you can always reroll to get a new character in Dislyte. This will give you a variety of DPS, AoE, and Support units to choose from.  

How To Reroll In Dislyte 

Many players tend to reroll if they are not happy with the Espers they have in Dislyte. By rerolling you will be able to get some of the best Espers from our Dislyte tier list for 2023. Also, you will be able to pull some of the best three-star, four-star, or five-star Espers from our Dislyte tier list by using the reroll method. 

Keep in mind that Dislyte does not provide its players with enough gacha currency. So rerolling is not an easy process. Furthermore, you will have to spend a lot of time if you want to perform a 10X pull. 

When you first start the game, you will have to go through a series of chapters. As soon as you reach chapter 4 you will have around 10 or more Golden Records. Golden Records are the currency you will need to summon around 10 Espers in the game. If you want more of the gacha currency you can always complete some of the stages in other game modes like the Cube Miracle game mode.

In this way, you will be able to collect extra Golden Records or you can exchange the Cube Miracle mode currency you have for Golden Records. You can do it in the Online Union shop. Other ways of collecting the golden records are through login rewards, mission rewards, course rewards, and registration rewards. 

Initial Esper Pull 

In order to pull an Esper for the first time in Dislyte follow the steps below. 

  • The first step is to open up the gacha menu in the game. 
  • Next, spend 10 Golden Records to get 10 summonings or pulls. 
  • You will get at least one legendary Esper in one of the pulls. 

If you get the characters you wanted then you can continue to play otherwise you can start over. For that, you will have to reset all your current progress and perform a reroll in the game. 

Reroll Process 

Follow the steps below to reroll in Dislyte. 

  • The first step is to open up the game and click on the Profile Icon located in the upper left corner of your screen. 
  • After that open up the Settings by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen. 
  • In the Settings menu, click on the Services option. 
  • You will see an option to Initialize an Account there. It will be located under the Account Service section. 
  • After you click on the initialize account option, a screen will pop up where you will get an option to input a code. The code will appear on your screen and it will allow you to reset your account. 
  • Now you have to enter the given code in the input box. 
  • Next click on confirm button and you’re done. Keep in mind that you can only reset your account three times. 

All your current progress will be erased and you will be taken back to the login screen. Thus, you will be able to start the game all over again and perform initial pulls to get some of your favorite Espers. 

Some great characters to look for are Sally, Gabriel, Clara, and Lin Xiao. 


To come up with the Dislyte character tier list that could really help new as well as veteran players unleash unexplored in-game horizons, we invested a whole lot of time and effort.  

We took a rather unconventional approach and divided up the tier list into multiple sections. This was done amid the massive horde of Espers offered by Dislyte and how each one of them is good at something different. While ranking, our team kept every occasion-based potential as well as general end game outcome in mind. 

Also, the task was shared with Veteran players owning strong accounts to share their honest and (as much as possible) unbiased evaluation of each Dislyte Esper. Nevertheless, we hope that you have found our Dislyte tier list helpful enough for you to enjoy the game to its fullest!


What is the best Dislyte esper in 2023?

It should not surprise you that Gabrielle is ranked the best esper in our Dislyte tier list. The ginger-hair character is the most badass when it comes to dealing heavy damage to enemies and defending the team. She can play these two roles at a single time.

Which is the worst Dislyte esper in 2023?

Our Dislyte tier list ranks Alexa as the worst character in Dislyte. It does not have superior powers to compete against other powerful characters. It is a D-rated character and should be avoided using in battle except only when you don’t have any other option.

Which is the best point war esper team in Dislyte in 2023?

Ranking various characters based on their attack, defense, and power abilities, our Dislyte tier list concludes Lin Xiao and Chloe as the best esper team in Dislyte. They can work together as an attacking team or a defender team in point war mode in Dislyte.

Which is the best esper for cube miracle mode in Dislyte in 2023?

Li Ling is the esper that our Dislyte tier list suggests you to use when playing Cube Miracle mode. It will help you pass through the difficult dungeon, clearing the paths by defeating enemies to earn handsome rewards in Dislyte Cube Miracle mode.

Which is the best esper team to defeat Fafnir in Dislyte in 2023?

Fafnir is the most difficult-to-defeat boss in the Ritual miracle mode of Dislyte. Lu Yi, Gabrielle, Tang Yun, Berenice, and Li Ling would be the best team that you can use to defeat the Fafnir in the Ritual miracle mode of Dislyte, as mentioned in our tier list of Dislyte for 2023.

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