Epic Games

Formerly known as Potomac Computer Systems, Tim Sweeney, the company’s founder, changed the name and jumped into the video games industry in the early later 90s. The company is famously known for Unreal Engine, which powers most of its games for the last two decades. Epic Games received worldwide recognition after their success in the Gears of War franchise. Later in 2017, the company developed Fortnite, a battle-royale game, which quickly became a household video game globally. In about that same year, PUBG Corporation released PUBG on Steam which competes with Epic Games’ Fortnite since the launch. Apex Legends and Valorant also fall under the same genre, and all four battle-royale games, more or less, are rivals of each other. This is why at eXputer, not only will you find battle-royale-related content, but you can also read Epic Games titles-related news, guides, pc settings, error fixes, and more.

  • Famous Products: Unreal Engine, Bink Video, Epic Games Store, Unreal series, Gears of War series, Fortnite
  • Founded: 1991
  • Platforms: Windows PC, iOS, Android
  • Founder: Tim Sweeney
  • CEO: Tim Sweeney