Hannan Mundia

Hannan is an Opinion Piece writer at eXputer. He is a BBA student who started gaming when he was just three years old with his trusty Nintendo 64 and hasn't stopped since. Dabbling in all sorts of games, he's the type to never bash you for liking a particular game, even if he'll judge you for liking Mass Effect: Andromeda. When he isn't sitting on his worn-out gaming chair playing something, he's either writing about games or on his bed thinking about what to play next, even if he'll eventually replay Skyrim for the 100th time.
Most Played Games
  • 2000+ Hours in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • 1000+ Hours in Skyrim.
  • 700+ Hours in Kingdom Hearts series.
  • 200+ Hours in Persona 5 Royal.
Gaming History
Hannan started gaming in 2004 when he got his first Nintendo 64. Ever since then, he has bought every Nintendo and PlayStation console.
Gaming Platforms
PC (Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 & i5-10400)
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