Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working [FIXED]

Is Elden Ring multiplayer not working for you? You’re definitely not alone in this ordeal. Read on as we explore why the issue at hand potentially originates and what measures you can take to hop back into playing online. 

Elden Ring has had its fair share of launch issues, bugs, and various other problems. Some of the most significant ones to surface include the Connection Error When Summoned and the Anti-Cheat Error, both of which have managed to obstruct gamers from enjoying the title at full flight. 

Despite the pertinent problems arising in the wake of the title’s launch, however, FromSoftware has been diligent in hammering out most of the major obstacles. With that said, it’s apparent that players are still prone to running into some struggles with the game, but this comprehensive write-up is going to help you negate that. 

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In our in-depth review, the latest entry in the Soulsborne franchise has managed to land a 10/10 score, particularly due to its hybrid combat, vibrant open-world gameplay element, and, of course, the rush of the challenge. While you’re more than welcome to read our thoughts on Elden Ring, do check out this best starting class guide if you’re new to the series. 

For now, though, let’s delve into the multiplayer error, what it is, and how you can get to the bottom of it at the earliest. 

Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working Issue Explained

The online portion of this genre-defining RPG is probably one of the main reasons why people decided to pick it up in the first place. It’s no less than a shame to have your grand prospects laid to waste that way when multiplayer features simply do not turn out to be functional. The problem in question manifests when you either cannot join someone else’s game as an invader or an ally or another player can’t join you, again, as an invader or an ally. 

This definitely isn’t the most desirable situation in Elden Ring. Cooperatively play is a whole lot of fun and helpful too in an equal measure. Players getting stripped off from this functionality is a terrible situation, with some affected parties even refusing to play the game without the multiplayer portion working.  

The Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue stems from a wide variety of possible reasons. Sometimes, it is your internet connection speed that’s barring you from playing online. In other instances, it’s probably not a fault on your end and the game’s servers have been pulled from maintenance. In addition, some end-user settings can also be preventing the multiplayer of Elden Ring to work. 

To get your copy of the game to start functioning normally again, you have to try a series of fixes one by one to eventually get to the source of the issue. As iterated earlier, Elden Ring’s multiplayer error problem could be due to anything at this point, but don’t fret. We’ll help you rule all possibilities out, right from the major factors down to the minute details. 

How to Fix Elden Ring Multiplayer Not Working

The following is a round-up of everything you can do on your end to get Elden Ring’s multiplayer working again. Be sure to follow the written instructions meticulously for the best results. We’re going to start off by taking care of some basic factors and then work our way up to the more advanced fixes. 

Confirm Whether Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Servers Are Online 

We mentioned earlier that the temporary downtime of Elden Ring’s multiplayer servers can be something to blame if you cannot hop online in the Lands Between. Now, this is a big “can” and news like this is typically posted online beforehand. This is why it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the official Twitter handle of the title for updates on the matter at hand. 

In recent times, the developers announced on Twitter that Elden Ring’s online servers are bound for maintenance and that the service would last 1 hour. This happened relatively recently, on 23 March, so it is certainly possible that you’re repeatedly getting stuck in the loop of this scenario on your end. We suggest waiting it out if you do happen to find server downtime at the time of reading this article. 

If, however, there’s nothing from the developer’s end causing your suspension from online play, keep on reading for more ways to fix the Elden Ring multiplayer not working hassle. 

Is Your Internet Working Right?

We know. This is the oldest one in the book. However, it still surely bears double-checking. Oftentimes, we neglect the possibility of a concurrently inadequate internet connection speed. In cases like that, you have to confirm whether you’re getting proper connectivity on your end. 

Websites like Speedtest by Ookla can help you verify your internet’s speed. Sign yourself up for a quick speed test and check whether you’re getting satisfactory results. Remember, the bare minimum download speed needed to play Elden Ring online is 5 Mbps. In addition, you need a ping lower than 250 milliseconds and an upload speed higher than 1 Mbps for decent results.

Anything that fails to make the cut in this regard will leave you undeniably annoyed thereby locking you out from the Elden Ring multiplayer experience. Therefore, if you’ve found issues with your internet, get down to fixing it right away. If your internet has been working fine in the first place, keep on reading to try other potential solutions related to your internet connection. 

Reset Your Internet Router 

Since the Elden Ring multiplayer not working problem relates to the internet in one way or the other, we have to rule out all major possibilities pertaining to it before we can continue. One thing that has worked for several people trying to play online is a mere reset of their internet router or modem. Unplug the source device of your internet connection and let it stay that way for a couple of minutes. 

Right afterward, plug the cables back into the router and try connecting to Elden Ring’s servers again. See if you can join another player now or have someone else invade or aid you. With some spell of luck and fortune, you should be seeing favorable results on your end now. 

If you don’t, however, keep on reading for one more internet-related fix to try for fixing this frustrating hindrance.

Try a Wired Connection

A wired internet connection is leaps and bounds above a wireless one, boasting a set amount of bandwidth that isn’t divided among other users, a lesser number of traffic obstructions, and stronger connectivity. All of these factors come together to provide an optimal networking experience, which is something you definitely want for playing Elden Ring online. 

One user, in particular, was able to fix the game’s multiplayer error issue by getting themselves an Ethernet connection using a LAN cable. They then proceeded to reset their internet router and set up the device with their console. 

Upon connecting Elden Ring to online servers, the cooperative play became possible and it proved to be a win-win situation for everybody. We genuinely suggest that you try the same and try using a wired connection for the RPG in question instead of a wireless one. That should help you get to grips with the multiplayer portion of the game.  

If you are playing on any of the eligible PlayStation consoles, what this basically does is improve your NAT type. In some cases, users who currently have NAT Type 3 on their console get it changed to NAT Type 2. This almost guarantees that you don’t have any network-related issues on your end. 

  • If your NAT type doesn’t switch to the desired one, we suggest talking to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about it and having them help you. 

However, if you still cannot hop online in the Lands Between despite having good internet, fret not. A plethora of fixes are yet to be discussed, so keep on reading and don’t lose hope just yet. 

Optimize Elden Ring’s Network Settings

In Elden Ring, you get a full-fledged settings menu that allows you to tweak the various different options and processes of the action RPG. Somewhere along those lines exists a dedicated “Network” area too. The latter is chiefly concerned with online playability and allowing players to delve into the multiplayer mode of the game.

If some of the settings aren’t optimized correctly in the “Network” section, then you might be running into the Elden Ring multiplayer not working issue because of that. To confirm whether this is the scenario or not, check out the following instructions and replicate the outlined steps on your end.

  1. Open the in-game menu of Elden Ring and select the “System” option. 
Selecting the "System" Option
Selecting the “System” Option

2. Right after that, switch to the “Network” tab when you’re in the “Settings” section. The “Network” tab looks like a globe intertwined with spherical lines. As soon as you arrive there, make sure that you’re using the settings as shown in the image below. Cross-Region Play should be set to “Perform Matchmaking.”

Send Summon Sign has to be kept enabled while your Launch Setting has to say “Play Online.” At long last, you also have to agree to the Data Usage Agreement of Elden Ring. Try selecting the Data Usage Agreement option to disagree with it and then agree to the terms and conditions again so it can be reset.  

Elden Ring multiplayer not working
Optimizing the Network Settings

Once you’ve ticked off these settings, you should be able to resolve the Elden Ring multiplayer error. Many players have these fundamental options set incorrectly and that is why they fail to play online. With that being said, if you’re already using the right settings and the game’s multiplayer still doesn’t do the trick for you, keep on reading to try more potential fixes. 

Adjust the Multiplayer Password Setting 

Elden Ring’s multiplayer comprises a setting that lets you set a password. This is intended for instilling more privacy in your sessions, especially if you want to play the game with your friends only. Now, there is quite a bit that needs to be understood thoroughly here. First, if you set a multiplayer password in Elden Ring, you’ll be highly likely to match up with your playing friends. 

If you don’t do that, on the other hand, and leave the multiplayer password blank, you’ll be able to connect with random players online. This is an integral part of Elden Ring’s online play that needs to be duly checked, especially when you’re running into pertinent issues. Follow the steps listed ahead to determine your multiplayer password setting in Elden Ring. 

  1. Access the in-game menu of Elden Ring and select the “Multiplayer” option. The following screenshot specifies what to do. 
Selecting the "Multiplayer" Option
Selecting the “Multiplayer” Option

2. Press the “Y” button if you’re on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S to open up the multiplayer password section. If you’re on PlayStation, you’ll have to press the “Triangle” button.

Elden Ring multiplayer not working
Accessing the Multiplayer Password Area

3. The third and final step is to make sure you’re not using any multiplayer password. That is, unless, you want to keep your session friends-only and don’t want random players to come and join you. If you’ve set a passcode already, you can press the “X” button on your Xbox controller to delete it easily. Use the corresponding button if you’re on PlayStation.

Leaving the Multiplayer Password Blank
Leaving the Multiplayer Password Blank

If you had a multiplayer password assigned already, you might be experiencing the multiplayer not working issue because of it. Many players were able to play online again after getting rid of this seemingly harmless restriction.

Try it on your end and see what results in it brings. If you still haven’t found luck with the title, unfortunately, keep on reading for more ways to fix this problem. 

Understand How the Multiplayer System of Elden Ring Works

In all fairness, Elden Ring’s multiplayer mechanics are quite involved. They do require a fair bit of attentiveness and there is a chance that you’re doing something wrong. If you’re an experienced player who already know how to play online in the Lands Between, skip this section. However, if you’ve just started playing and Elden Ring is one of your first ventures in the Soulsborne franchise, you’re going to want to read ahead. 

You won’t find an in-game lobby or a list of servers from which you can sift through and connect to a specific player’s session. Instead, as ridiculous as this will sound, cooperative and competitive play in Elden Ring is much more ironically realistic. There are certain key items that allow you to join someone’s world or have someone else join yours. Let’s get into the major ones below that you have to be all caught up. 

First off, you need to use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to be able to see summon signs left by other players. Summon signs are either red or gold in color. Red summon signs to spell danger and are basically a way of getting other players to invade your world.  

On the other hand, gold summon signs are helpful and are left by players who want to come to your world and help you defeat bosses. You need to go up to these signs and interact with them to proceed with Elden Ring’s multiplayer. Now, if you’re not using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy in the first place, you won’t be able to see any of these signs. 

The first tip is to consume this item right away to be able to visualize the availability of other players. Similarly, if you want to be summoned to the world of another player, there are two main items you’ll need to look at Tarnished’s Furled Finger and Duelist’s Furled Finger. The first of the duo lets you sign up for aiding others by leaving your very own gold summon sign on the floor. This makes it possible for players to interact with the sign you left in their session. 

The Duelist’s Furled Finger, on the other hand, grants you the ability to invade other players. You’ll leave a red-colored sign and players will have to go up to it to be able to summon you. Your main objective that way will be to kill off the Host of Fingers, who is basically the player that interacts with the summon sign and gets you to join their world.

Our major takeaway from this section are two points:  First, you have to utilize the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to see summon signs left by other players. The second thing is that you also have to leave your own summon signs from area to area to get invited to other sessions. If you haven’t been doing any of this, we recommend you get to work pronto. 

The following subsection expands on the game’s multiplayer essentials that you should probably know about.

A Defeated Boss Fight Area Cannot Let You Summon Allies

People frequently make the same mistake and try summoning their friends to areas where a boss has already been defeat. Now, this kicks into effect both ways. The thing won’t work if either you or your friend has the boss killed off in the area where the Tarnished’s Furled Finger is used. For instance, you have marked down a gold summon sign in a particular area. Assume for a moment that there’s a boss fight nearby this location.

Now, you’re basically deeming yourself available for anyone who wants to summon you. Let’s further consider that a friend tries to summon you in that same spot in their own game world using the gold summon sign that you left. However, they’ve already defeat the boss fight in that section, so the two of you won’t be connecting to each other. This title’s multiplayer just works differently. 

What you can do to confirm whether it’s the internet that’s causing the Elden Ring multiplayer not working hassle is use a Duelist’s Furled Finger. This can be done by either person, you or your friend. If any of you can connect to each other and thereby play together in a PvP setting, it’s probably the reason that we’ve talked about here. Try using a summoning sign somewhere the boss fight hasn’t been exhausted. 


Elden Ring has had the biggest launch in 2022 out of any other released game. Hidetaka Miyazaki has basically outdid himself with the level of quality introduced in this action RPG. From sporting a versatile variety of different weapons to pitting players against a plethora of boss fights, Elden Ring is an adventure of a lifetime, enwreathed with the joy of overcoming back-breaking challenges all day every day. 

However, what spells misfortune for the title is the presence of bugs, issues, and other glitches impeding players from experiencing the RPG to its core. One of these is the multiplayer issue that results from a bevy of reasons, usually nudging the player to try multiple different types of fixes. In this write-up, we’ve listed the best possible solutions there are to alleviate the situation and make the online portion of the title work again. 

At times, it’s the game’s servers that prohibit cooperative play. In other instances, the fault is on the player’s end for not understanding the way Elden Ring’s multiplayer works. We’ve done our best to explain the essentials of playing online in the Lands Between, so here’s hoping you’ve got the whole concept now. 

Do let us know down in the comments section if any of the listed solutions were able to fix the issue for you. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming.

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