Twitch Streamer Larxa Beats Elden Ring Using Just Her Voice

We now have an official Elden Throat Lord.

Story Highlights

  • Twitch streamer Larxa beat Elden Ring using only voice commands, showcasing the potential of accessibility in gaming.
  • This achievement is part of a trend among content creators to showcase unique ways of playing and beating games, encouraging creativity and experimentation.

Twitch streamer Larxa recently made headlines after becoming one of the first to beat Elden Ring, the FromSoftware open-world title, using only voice commands. On February 18th, after eight hours of streaming her playthrough, she vanquished the final boss, the Elden Beast, and achieved a remarkable feat.

The Twitch streamer began her journey on February 6th and it quickly captured the attention of the online gaming community. Larxa had to use her voice to instruct her in-game character to perform heavy and double attacks to defeat the boss. After eight hours of streaming, Larxa finally killed the boss and celebrated her victory by shouting: “Oh my god! Yeah! I (beat) Elden Ring with my voice! Yay!”

Since its release, Elden Ring has captivated the gaming community with its unique narrative, challenging gameplay, and iconic bosses. Many content creators have beaten the game in unique ways such as MissMikkaa.

She used a Dance Pad and a DualSense controller to beat two instances of the game. Another Twitch streamer Ainrun used no weapons and only kicked enemies on his way to victory.

Larxa’s achievement is particularly noteworthy as she was the first to beat the game using voice commands. Her unique approach is something that fans of Elden Ring and other open-world titles can try out for themselves.

Moreover, it is an exciting challenge that requires creativity and skill. Larxa’s success is a testament to her gaming ability. Despite being out for almost a year, Elden Ring remains popular as demonstrated by continued interest in unique gameplay achievements like Larxa’s.

However, Larxa has shown that with enough dedication and skill, anyone can conquer even the most difficult of challenges. Her feat is an example to all gamers that if you put your heart and mind into something, you can achieve amazing results. 

What are your thoughts on Larxa’s achievement by only using her voice? Do let us know in the comment down below.

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