Lies of P: How Weight Thresholds Works? [SOLVED]

Master the Lies of P weight thresholds to optimize character speed and combat effectiveness.

Managing the weight thresholds in Lies of P is essential. The weight of your gear can change how fast your character moves and fights. If you’re too heavy, things get tough, and if you’re light, you’re not wearing or equipping the best gear in Lies of P. The mechanics are not complex, but still, you need to understand this weight system so you can play out scenarios the best.

Key Takeaways
  • Weight in Lies of P impacts how fast your character moves.
  • Your gear, not your items, adds weight.
  • Being too heavy slows down attacks and dodges of your character in Lies of P.
  • Over 100% weight makes Lies of P gameplay really hard, and basically unplayable.
  • Increase the “Capacity” stat in Lies of P if you want to carry more.
  • Some items, like Carrier’s Amulet, help with increasing the overall base weight stat in Lies of P.

What Are The Weight Thresholds In Lies of P?

Weight Thresholds
Weight Thresholds (picture credits: eXputer)

In Lies of P, there’s a crucial mechanic called weight, and if you wear too much gear, your character moves slower. The weight Threshold is the limit that determines at what point the character’s speed is affected.

Important: Here are the weight levels that define thresholds in Lies of P:

  • Regular: 0% to 59%
  • A bit heavy: 60% to 79%
  • Very heavy: 80% to 99%
  • Too heavy: 100% and up

If your gear’s weight is over 60%, you’ll move a bit slowly. At 80%, you’ll move very slowly, and the screen shakes when you dodge. Over 100%, you can’t run or fight well, making Lies of P gameplay super hard to play. 

How Weight Mechanics Work In Lies of P?

Weight mechanics
Weight mechanics (Image credits: eXputer)

You can’t carry endless items in Lies of P. Some go in storage, and you can get them at Stargazers. The stuff in your bag doesn’t change how heavy your character feels.

Your character’s weight is about the gear they wear. In Lies of P, you can equip:

  • Two weapons
  • Two necklaces
  • and four other things (Frame, Converter, Cartridge, Liner).

Every item adds to your character’s weight. You can see if new items make you heavier or lighter than before. Some Amulets can let you carry more, even if they’re heavy. Carrying too much makes your character slow in Lies of P.

When you dodge, you have a special time called “I-Frames,” where you can’t get hit. If you’re too heavy, you get fewer of these safe times, so you might get hit more.

Also, when you’re heavy, you attack slower. Slow attacks can make it easier for enemies to hit you. So, being lighter is better for dodging and attacking fast.

How To Increase Weight?

Increase Weight
Increase Weight (picture credits: eXputer)

In Lies of P, you can carry more by increasing the stat called “Capacity.” Every time you add a point to Capacity, you can carry 3 more weights, thus increasing the overall weight thresholds in Lies of P.

Capacity can be increased by interacting with Sophia and giving her Ergo in Hotel Krat. 

There are also items in Lies of P that help you increase your overall weight limit. Look for the “Carrier’s Amulet” after the Venigni Works Control Room. It helps a lot. 

Important: When you start Lies of P, choose the “Path of the Sweeper” class. It has a big Capacity of 11. Later, you can level up and pick different weapons but keep the big Capacity.

To wrap it up, managing your gear’s weight is key to playing well in Lies of P. Watch what you wear and use tips from this guide to keep your character quick and ready for action. Remember, if you’re dying a lot, then mastering weight can make your game journey smoother and more fun!

That is all from my end now about increasing your Pinochio’s pockets & carrying more items. Now that you’re here, consider reading Lies Of P: BEST Technique Weapons, and Lies of P: Best Legion Arm guides.

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There is another weight class when you\'re under 30% max weight. It is named \"Light\"

There is a light equipment load as well <30%

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