6 Best Legion Arms In Lies of P [Hands-on Guide]

Explore the ultimate guide to the best Lies of P Legion Arm tools, ensuring victory in every in-game challenge.

Choosing the best Legion Arm in Lies of P can make all the difference in battle. Whether you’re facing fearsome bosses or hordes of enemies, having the best tool for the job will set you on the path to victory. That is why I have listed here the top 6 Legon Arm tools for you to pick and destroy foes in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 8 Legion Arms available in Lies of P.
  • The top-tier Lies of P Legion Arm offers improved combat efficiency and versatility.
  • Potential situational limitations can be a disadvantage of some of the Lies of P Legion Arm tools.
  • The purpose of the Legion Arm is to enhance overall combat effectiveness and destroy enemies quickly.

Lies of P Best Legion Arm

Here is a quick glance over the best Lies of P Legion Arm tools discussed with Weight, ATK Type, ATK Value, Motivity, Technique, and Advance Stats

6Deus Ex Machina11.0Physical ATK115+96ACN/A
5Aegis12.4Physical ATK105+92BBD
4Fulminis7.9Electric Blitz ATK150+153BDB
3Puppet String8.5Physical ATK69+50CAD
2Falcon Eyes10.8Physical ATK120+68CAN/A
1Flamberge8.2Fire ATK42+39CDA

6. Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina (Image Credits: eXputer)
Arm attributesStats
Physical ATK115+96

Deus Ex Machina Legion Arm is a special tool in Lies of P that gives players a unique combat strategy by exploding them up on carefully placed landmines.

  • The Deux Ex Machina Legion Arm lets you set up landmines.
  • When enemies walk over these mines, they explode.
  • The explosion causes good damage.
  • You can upgrade the Deux Ex Machina Legion Arm for more power and features.

Uses And Benefits

  • The Deux Ex Machina Legion Arm is great for trapping multiple enemies in tight places.
  • If you’re looking to gather more Ergo, this tool can help.


  • The Deux Ex Machina Legion Arm is not for everyday fighting.
  • Needs planning to use it well.
  • You must stand still to set the mines, which can be risky.
  • Getting enemies to step on landmines isn’t always easy.

How To Get

  • Gather materials, including at least one Legion Plug.
  • Go to Hotel Krat.
  • Locate the Venigni Machine inside the hotel.
  • Use your Legion Plug with the Venigni Machine to craft the best early-game Legion Arm in Lies of P, the Deus Ex Machina.

5. Aegis

Aegis (picture credits: eXputer)
Arm attributesStats
Physical ATK105+92

The Aegis Legion Arm in Lies of P offers players a powerful defensive tool that’s much more than just a simple shield.

  • Aegis Legion Arm acts like a shield, damaging any enemy that hits it.
  • Perfectly timed, Aegis can parry attacks.
  • It’s unique: parrying with Aegis feels different than a normal block.
  • Aegis Legion Arm is a defender’s dream, especially for players who rely on dodging over perfect blocks.
  • Starts off basic but becomes a game-changer when upgraded.

Uses And Benefits

  • Protects against tough enemies and bosses.
  • For those who aren’t great with perfect blocks, Aegis is a lifesaver.
  • Great for players who like a counter-attack style.
  • With upgrades, it fits seamlessly into combat, allowing smooth transitions from defense to offense.
  • Defensive Powerhouse: Let’s players block enemy moves.
  • Explosive Response: When an enemy hits Aegis, it explodes, causing damage.
  • Upgrade Magic: Improvements make Aegis even more versatile.
    1. First upgrade: Attack while guarding.
    2. Second: Parry using Aegis (if you have a Fable slot left).
    3. Third: Charge up for a powerful strike after a block.


  • The Aegis Legion Arm needs time to deploy, unlike standard blocking.
  • It is not ideal for long boss fights unless upgraded.
  • Players must progress far into Lies of P before they can fully harness the power of Aegis Legion Arm.

How To Get

  • Collect materials, especially a Legion Plug.
  • Visit Hotel Krat.
  • Find the Venigni Machine inside the hotel.
  • Use the Legion Plug with the Venigni Machine to create Aegis, the best Legion Arm in Lies of P.

4. Fulminis

Fulminis (Image By eXputer)
Arm attributesstats
Electric Blitz ATK150+153

Fluminis Legion Arm in Lies of P is an electrifying addition to a player’s arsenal, giving them the shock factor in battles.

  • The Fluminis Legion Arm sends out electric shocks to enemies.
  • Upgrading it enhances its capabilities significantly.
  • The Fluminis Legion Arm is especially powerful against Puppet-type enemies.
  • Flamberge is good for infected, but Fluminis shines against puppets due to their weakness in electricity.

Key Features

  • Electro-Blitz Action: Fluminis has the power to electrify foes.
  • Charge Up: Initially, charging keeps you still, but upgrades let you move.
  • Electric Aura: When upgraded, it emits electric sparks damaging nearby enemies.
  • Overcharge Power: A third upgrade lets you hold the charge longer for a mightier blast.
  • Combo Play: Timed well, it can interrupt enemy attacks, setting them up for combos.
  • Strong Base Damage: It packs a punch even before any upgrades.


  • Helps in getting rid of stubborn bosses.
  • The Fluminis Legion Arm is perfect for dealing with pesky puppets blocking paths.
  • With upgrades, the Fluminis Legion Arm becomes versatile, allowing mobility and inflicting damage even during charge.
  • Makes exploring the open world easier and more enjoyable.


  • The Fluminis Legion Arm’s starting version has a limited range.
  • Without upgrades, you’re rooted while charging, which can be risky.
  • The Fluminis Legion Arm’s power lies in the upgrades, so early in Lies of P it might feel a bit weak.

How To Get

  • Defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P located in the Krat City Hall.
  • Obtain the Overcharged Storage Battery from the defeated opponent.
  • Visit Eugénie at Hotel Krat.
  • Give the Overcharged Storage Battery to get the Fluminis Legion Arm in Lies of P.

3. Puppet String

Puppet String
Puppet String (Image Captured by eXputer)
Arm attributesValue
Physical ATK69+50

The Puppet String Legion Arm, introduced early in Lies of P, is a versatile tool, perfect for players who love manipulating the battlefield to their advantage.

  • Pull Mechanism: Brings smaller foes to you or sends you zooming toward the larger ones.
  • First Unlock: The Puppet String is the first special Legion Arm you encounter, not counting the basic moves.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both regular enemies and bosses.
  • Upgrades Enhance Functionality: Improvements allow you to dodge, perform link attacks, and even initiate airborne slam moves.

Key Features

  • Ranged Engagement: The Puppet String Legion Arm lets you hook and pull distant enemies closer, setting them up for combos.
  • Mobility: Useful for closing gaps or dodging out of harm’s way quickly.
  • Last-minute Dodge: An upgrade allows a dodge right after a Puppet String connection.
  • Link Attack Upgrade: Launches you into the air for a smashing return to the ground.


  • Reliability: Perfect for beginners and those unsure of which Legion Arm to invest in Lies of P.
  • Tactical Play: Excellent for interrupting enemy attacks or seizing opportunistic moments during boss fights.
  • Adaptive Combat: Allows a mix of defensive and aggressive styles, based on the situation.


  • Ineffectiveness Against Larger Foes: The Puppet String Legion Arm pulling mechanics aren’t as effective on bigger enemies, making it appear as 3rd best Legion Arm in this Lies of P list.

How To Get

  • Visit Hotel Krat.
  • Find Eugenie at her station.
  • Engage in a conversation with Eugenie.
  • Receive the Puppet String Legion Arm.

2. Falcon Eyes

falcon eyes
Falcon Eyes (Picture Credits By eXputer)
Arm attributesValue
Physical ATK120+68

Stepping away from the melee-heavy focus of Lies of P, the Falcon Eyes Legion Arm stands out as a powerful ranged alternative. Think of it as having a cannon within your arm. It’s a unique game-changer, especially when distance matters.

  • Explosive Bullets: Its main function is shooting exploding projectiles.
  • Range Advantage: A rare opportunity in the game to deal damage from a safe distance.
  • Upgrades: Enhances firepower by shooting more bullets.

Key Features

  • Versatility: Apt for boss fights, elite battles, and regular confrontations alike.
  • Sticky Grenade Mechanic: Rather than being a simple gun, it operates like a sticky grenade launcher.
  • Combat Dynamics: This lets you keep a safe distance while still damaging your opponents, especially useful when healing.


  • First Upgrade: Increases the explosion radius, making it apt for crowd control.
  • Second Upgrade: Fires a follow-up shot immediately after the first.
  • Third Upgrade: Adds the ability to shoot while dodging, boosting adaptability.

Strengths And Limitations

  • Unique Ranged Weaponry: One of the few options to deal ranged damage in “Lies of P”.
  • Situationally Challenging: Can be tricky to use in the heat of battle without the right upgrades.
  • Resource Intensive: Requires significant investment to optimize its potential.

How To Get

  • Go to Hotel Krat.
  • Locate the Venigni Machine.
  • Craft the Falcon Eyes Legion Arm using a Legion Plug in Lies of P.

1. Flamberge

Flamberge (Image Copyright by eXputer)
Arm attributesValue
Fire ATK42+39

The Flamberge Legion Arm ignites the battlefield with its fiery prowess in Lies of P.

While it shares similarities with the Fulminis Legion Arm, the key distinction lies in its elemental affinity: it’s all about flame rather than electric power.

  • Elemental Power: Emits intense flames, offering a unique way to counter the puppet adversaries.
  • Upgrade Perks: Enhanced fire range, longer firing duration, and the ability to cause explosive damage after sustained firing.

Key Features

  • Versatility: Effective against both human-type foes and monstrous entities lurking in the dark.
  • Boss Battle Advantage: Proves valuable when confronting the formidable Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
  • Combat Flexibility: The lightweight design combined with the ease to initiate and cease attacks makes it a top pick among Legion Arms.
  • Overheat Mechanic: Its efficiency in inducing the overheat status cannot be overstated.


  • First Upgrade: Boosts the range of the fiery assault.
  • Second Upgrade: Intensifies damage after continuous use of Flamberge.
  • Third Upgrade: Creates a powerful explosion after a sustained firing duration, though it requires skillful execution.

Strengths And Limitations

  • Anti-Infected Tool: Post-Venigni’s Factory, when encountering the infected on the Path of Misery, Flamberge emerges as an invaluable asset.
  • Operational Ease: While its flamethrower vibe may not appear excessively stylish, its practicality and effectiveness in combat are undeniable.
  • Upgrade Considerations: Despite its utility, some might find its upgrade options less exciting compared to other Legion Arms.

How To Get

  • Proceed to the Venigni Works Control Room.
  • Defeat King’s Flame, also known as Fuoco in Lies of P.
  • After the victory, receive the High-powered Flame Amplifier item.
  • Return to Hotel Krat.
  • Find the Venigni Craft Machine.
  • Craft the Flamberge Legion Arm using the High-powered Flame Amplifier.

My Tips For Effectively Using Legion Arms

Legion Arms become a crucial part of your arsenal towards the late-game phase of Lies of P. If you want to utilize them properly, make sure you dedicate yourself to just one Legion Arm and spend your Legion Calibers on that specific Legion Arm. Next, always look out for Legion-focused enhancements when unlocking new P-Organs using your Quartz.

save slot lies of p
My Lies of P’s save slots (Image Credit: eXputer)

Lastly, for picking the best Legion Arm according to your build, always look at the Arm’s stats and attribute scaling. A lot of players often overlook this detail, but it helps gauge how powerful your Legion Arm will eventually become as you continue leveling it up.

To wrap it up, exploring Lies of P becomes a smoother journey with the best Legion Arm by your side. Remember, every battle is unique, and equipping yourself wisely is key. Now that you’re armed with knowledge, go forth and conquer every challenge that stands in your way. Good luck!

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