Lies of P: How To Find And Use The Slum Shack Key

Learn about the location and uses of the Slum Shack Key, a usable item in Lies of P found near the Path of the Pilgrim in Chapter 5.

The Slum Shack Key is a usable item in Lies of P, which you can use to get a great mid-game Defensive Part. Getting the key is relatively challenging since you’ll need to kill an elite Carcass miniboss. Besides that, however, using the key is straightforward, as you’ll unlock the corresponding reward shortly after.

Key Takeaways
  • The Slum Shack Key in Lies of P is a usable item that players can use to unlock the Slum Shack in Chapter 5.
  • To reach the shack, they must first activate the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, then descend the hill to reach the Tomb Slums Entrance.
  • Inside, players will fight a Giant Axe Carcass miniboss, which drops the Slum Shack Key.
  • The key can then be used to open the Slum Shack opposite the main gate, where players will find a chest with the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter.

Alongside my guide, you can find other valuable tips for getting and using the Slum Shack Key from the following YouTube video by eXputer:

YouTube video

Where To Find The Slum Shack Key 

Players can find the Slum Shack Key after killing the Giant Axe Carcass in the Tomb Slums Entrance near the Path of the Pilgrim in Chapter 5.

To start, you’ll first need to reach the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer at the end of Chapter 5 after killing Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Fortunately, there are no prerequisites beforehand, and you can get the key at any point during your playthrough.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get the Slum Shack Key beyond the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer:

  1. From the Stargazer, follow the narrow path downhill until you’re at a ridge where you must fight a Bear Carcass enemy.
  2. After killing the bear, descend further downhill, and you’ll eventually enter the Tomb Slums Entrance.
  3. Turn right and head to the rooftops, killing the few carcass enemies over here.
  4. Drop to the ground, and a Giant Axe Carcass miniboss will burst through the front gate.
  5. Once you kill this miniboss, you’ll receive the Slum Shack Key.
  • bear miniboss lies of p
    Bear Carcass (Image taken by me)
  • entrance
    The Tomb Slums Entrance (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • rooftops chapter 5
    The Slums' rooftops (Screenshot by me)
  • carcass
    Giant Axe Carcass miniboss (Image taken by me)
  • key
    Slum Shack Key from the miniboss (Screenshot by me)
Important: The Giant Axe Carcass miniboss is vulnerable to Fire damage, so I’d recommend using Thermites, Fire Abrasives, and equipping the Flamberge Legion Arm. If you’re still struggling against it, watch this YouTube video to learn his moveset and counters.

Uses Of The Slum Shack Key

With the Slum Shack Key in possession, face the Slum Shack’s door opposite the gate where the aforementioned Carcass miniboss came through. Open the door using the key you just got, and inside, you’ll find a chest with the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter Defense Part. Be careful, though, as I got ambushed and killed by the two carcass enemies inside the shack.

  • slum shack Lies of P
    Using the Slum Shack Key (Screenshot Grabbed by me)
  • chest lies of p
    Chest inside the Slum Shack (Image taken by me)
  • belford item location lies of p
    Reward from the chest (Screenshot by me)

You can equip the Belford Converter on the second slot of your Defense Parts. Compared to the other Belford parts, this version has noticeably better resistance to Acid-based attacks. However, it has slightly worse Fire and Electric Blitz resistances.

belford converter lies of p
The Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter (Image taken by me)

That wraps up my brief guide on obtaining and using the Slum Shack Key in Lies of P. As seen, the tricky isn’t getting the key itself, it’s finding the place where you must use it. As a reward, you’ll receive an equipable item that becomes much more useful once you enter areas like the Barren Swamp in Chapter 7.

For other intriguing content and side quests, check out my guide to find the locations of Alidoro in Lies of P. If you’re looking for other powerful gear, I have a detailed guide on the best amulets, detailing their locations and item effects. And for progression-based content, eXputer’s expert writer Kashaf Ul Khair has written on all the endings in Lies of P and their unlocking procedures.


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