Lies of P: 4 Best Weapons [My Top Picks]

Learn about the top 7 best midgame and endgame weapons in Lies of P, alongside their stats and benefits.

Lies of P Weapons are based on Advance, Motivity, or Technique scaling stats. There are 41 Basic and Special Weapons that are used to annihilate enemies during combat. Hence, having the best weapons under your belt is essential to overcome the many challenges the game has to offer.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 41 weapons in Lies of P, ranging from standard weapons as well as unique weapons. 
  • The main benefit of using these best weapons is that you can get a higher damage output, broken Fable Arts, and weapon combinations that can help during combat. 
  • The main drawback of these weapons is that you must progress quite a bit to obtain them. 
  • Having the best weapons in your arsenal will significantly improve your chances of defeating enemies in battle. 

Lies of P Best Weapons 

Below listed is a summarized version of the most potent weapons with their stats and Fable Arts: 

Lies of P Best WeaponsBest ForMotivity ScalingTechnique ScalingTypeFable Arts
Acidic Crystal SpearThe Best Decay Weapon In The GameDDDaggerRadiate, Single Stab
Two Dragons SwordThe Best Sword For ParryingDASwordLink Emergency Sword, Wind of Swords
Trident of the CovenantThe Best Spear In Lies Of PCBBluntLink Rush Stab, Guard Parry
EtiquetteThe Best Weapon For Closing DistancesDADaggerSingle Stab, Absolute Counterattack

1. Acidic Crystal Spear 

The Best Decay Weapon In The Game.
LOP Acidic Crystal Spear
Acidic Crystal Spear
Acidic Crystal Spear Stats  Attributes 
Type  Dagger 
Weight  9.0
Motivity Scaling  D
Technique Scaling  D
Advance Scaling  A
  • Why I Chose This: The Acidic Crystal Spear has high acid DMG which is very useful against end-game enemies and bosses, as they all are extremely weak to it.

The Acidic Crystal Spear is a Dagger that is one of the best endgame weapons.

  • Acidic Crystal Spear is a weapon that can be disassembled into its Acidic Crystal Spear Blade and Acidic Crystal Spear Handle parts, which can be mixed and matched with other weapons to enhance performance. 
  • The weapon can be found while going towards the Stargazer in the Path of the Pilgrim.

There are a few reasons why I consider it one of the best Advance scaling midgame weapon:

  • Weapon Combinations: It can become deadly when combined with the Salamander Dagger Blade. 
  • S-Advance Scaling On Handle: If you use cranks on the handle, you can get S-Advance scaling. 
  • Damage Reduction Rate: You will get a 47.14 Damage Reduction Rate while you are guarding. 

The Acidic Crystal Spear has two Fable Arts that are listed as follows: 

Fabled Arts  Effects 
Radiate  Enhances Acid Attack for a short while greatly. 
Single Stab  You can gather all your strength to carry out a deadly piercing attack towards opponents. 
  • Has acid attacks, making it a great choice for late-game encounters.
  • The Fable Arts of the weapon further boosts its acid application.
  • Its attack range is pretty short despite being a spear.
  • Has weak Technique scaling and thus lower physical DMG.

2. Two Dragons Sword 

The Best Sword For Parrying.
LOP Two Dragons Sword
Two Dragons Sword
Two Dragons Sword Stats  Attributes 
Type  Sword 
Weight  12.9 
Motivity Scaling  D
Technique Scaling  A
Advance Scaling 
  • Why I Chose This: Two Dragons Sword has a swift moveset that can also dodge incoming attacks and can parry them with its charged R2, making it a versatile weapon.
  • The Two Dragons Sword is a boss weapon that can only be acquired after giving a Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo over to Alidoro
  • You won’t be able to disassemble the weapon. 

The reasons listed below might make the Two Dragons Sword one of the best endgame and midgame weapons in Lies of P: 

  • Broken Fable Arts: Link Emergency Dodge can allow you to dodge forward quickly. 
  • High Technique Scaling: It also scales high with scaling Technique stat, making it even deadlier. 
  • AoE Damage: You can also deal AoE damage with the Wind of Swords Fable Art. 

As far as the Fable Arts are concerned, they are listed as follows: 

Fabled Arts  Effects 
Link Emergency Sword  Players will be able to dodge forward extremely quickly. 
Wind of Swords  Cast forth a wind of swords that can deal AoE Damage to enemies. 
  • The normal combo lets you dodge attacks.
  • Can perform a heavy counterattack after the R2 parry.
  • The parry with the weapon is slightly more difficult to perform.
  • Wind of Swords has comparatively low damage.

3. Trident Of The Covenant 

The Best Spear In Lies Of P.
LOP Trident of the Covenant
Trident of the Covenant
Trident of the Covenant Stats  Attributes 
Type  Blunt 
Weight  16.4
Motivity Scaling  C
Technique Scaling  B
Advance Scaling 
  • Why I Chose This: Trident of the Covenant can inflict critical hits, carries a solid moveset, and has high DMG due to good scalings.

Next, I have the Trident of the Covenant. It is a Blunt-type Boss weapon. It can be acquired by giving one Twisted Angel’s Ergo to Alidoro, a Boss’ Ergo. 

If you want to use one of the best midgame and endgame weapons in Lies of P, below are a few reasons: 

  • Crit Rate: One of the main reasons is that the Trident of the Covenant has a 30.0 crit rate, which can help players land critical hits during combats. 
  • High Damage: The weapon will also deliver a great damage output that is deadly against opponents during combat. 

The Fable Arts include that of Link Rush Stab and Guard Parry and are as follows: 

Fabled Arts  Effects 
Link Rush Stab  Head forward and stab opponents, and use an extra Fable slot to cast out a deadly downward strike. 
Guard Parry  Deflect the enemy’s attack if timed correctly. 
  • Can deal critical DMG with fast attacks.
  • The Fable Arts can help in closing up on your enemies.
  • The window of guard parry is difficult to master.
  • The crit rate of the weapon cannot be increased.

4. Etiquette 

The Best Weapon For Closing Distances.
LOP Etiquette
Etiquette Stats  Attributes 
Type  Dagger 
Weight  7.9 
Motivity Scaling  D
Technique Scaling  A
Advance Scaling 
  • Why I Chose This: Etiquette provides versatile attacks and Fable Arts for defensive and offensive play and can be acquired early on.

Next up, the Etiquette is a Dagger. The weapon itself is a boss weapon that can be obtained after handing over one Broken Hero’s Ergo to Alidoro. 

Below are a few reasons why I recommend you to play with the Etiquette weapon: 

  • Perfect Guard: Using the R2 charged attacks with the Etiquette, you can carry out a perfect guard. 
  • High Damage: The Etiquette also has an impressive damage output that can render enemies useless. 
  • Piercing Attacks: You can also carry out piercing attacks against opponents using the Single Stab Fable Art. 

For the Fable Arts, such as Absolute Counterattack and Single Stab, they are as follows:

Fabled Arts  Effects 
Single Stab  Gather all of your strength to unleash a deadly piercing attack. 
Absolute Counterattack  Block incoming enemy’s attack perfectly for a bit. 
  • Steps forward after attacking, closing up on enemies.
  • The charged attacks can parry enemy attacks if timed perfectly.
  • The base damage of the weapon is low and thus requires upgrading.
  • Has only thrusting attacks thus difficult to hit multiple foes.

Similar Options to Consider

These are some other viable weapon options in Lies of P that you can consider. However, I did not include them in my top 7 list due to different individual factors.

  • Frozen Feast: A commendable sword that can hit hard and unleash extreme damage on enemies.
  • Holy Sword of Ark: A versatile weapon with various unique abilities as well as inflict devastating charged attacks.
  • Puppet Ripper: A scythe-like weapon that has a great range and a slight attack combo.

My Picks For The Best Weapons

From my experience, the Boss weapons you get in the game are far superior to the regular weapons. Boss weapons usually have a more capable Fable Art, higher attribute scaling, and extremely good damage figures. For Technique builds, my pick would definitely be the Puppet Ripper because of its incredible attribute scaling, Fable Art, and the range of its charged attack.

save slot lies of p
My Lies of P’s save slots (Image Credit: eXputer)

Out of Motivity weapon, my favorite thus far is the Noblesse Oblige. Although it’s an extremely late-game weapon, the sheer damage output you get from this weapon is well worth the wait. The Fable Art has arguably the best staggering ability out of any in-game weapon, and for its size, the Oblige is surprisingly quick. On a side note, if these weapons don’t match your playstyle, try to obtain and use more Boss weapons since there’s a high chance you’ll find something that suits you.

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Lies of P Best Weapons, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! To know the Lies of P’s community’s experience with the best weapons, refer to this Reddit post

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