Lies of P BEST Builds Guide [Technique, Advance, & Motivity]

The Lies of P Builds guide will contain weapons, stats, and amulets related to the Dex, Strength, and Advance build!

Lies of P builds are based on defining stats such as Advance (Arcane), Dex (Technique), and Strength (Motivity) that enhance physical attack and Legion arm abilities for players. Players might want to know the most optimal build for stats and their best weapons, legion arms, Amulets, and even the best P Organs.

Important: Players will need to choose their weapons wisely when making their Advance, Motivity, or build in Lies of P!
Key Takeaways
  • Builds in Lies of P will prioritize stats, weapons, Amuelts, P Organs, Defense Parts, and Legion Arms
  • The main benefit of using the correct build-in Lies of P is that it will allow smoother gameplay and kill enemies quickly. 
  • The only drawback is that making a proper build can take quite a bit of time. 
  • The Advance-based build enhances Legion Common Ability and increases Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid Defense Abilities. 
  • While playing, the Dex build will enhance the Physical attack and Legion Arm abilities, as will the Strength build. 

Lies of P Builds 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Advance, Technique, and Motivity builds in Lies of P: 

Lies of P BuildsStatsWeaponsAmuletsBenefits
Advance BuildAdvance, Capacity, Vigor, VitalityBlack Steel CutterIron Wall Amulet, Blue Guardianship Amulet, Transformation AmuletFire Build, Wear down opponents, broken status effects, easy enemy disruption, devastating against tougher enemies.
Dex BuildTechnique, Vitality, VigorBooster GlaivePuppet Destroyer Amulet, Patience AmuletStaggering enemies, Increased damage.
Strength BuildVitality, Capacity, Motivity, VigorCoil Mjolnir Head + Krat Police Baton HandlePuppet Destroyer's Amulet, Carcass Butcher's Amulet, Murderer Puppet's Amulet, Hunter's AmuletsEnhancement of Physical Attack, Legion Arm abilities

The Advance Build In Lies of P

LOP Advance Build
Advance Build in Lies of P

The Advance build focuses on increasing the Legion Common Ability and boosting Physical, Fire, Electric Blitz, and Acid Defense abilities and will be equivalent to the Arcane stat.

One of the first Lies of P Build players can look forward to is an Advance build, equal to the Arcane stat for Souls-like games, and uses weapons such as the Black Steel Cutter. With defining stats such as Vitality, Vigor, and Capacity, it can spread absolute devastation to opponents. Moreover, the Legion Arm will be Flamberge, which is even more broken. 

There are a few benefits to using the Advance builds in Lies of P, and they are listed as follows: 

  • Fire Build: It will center on using the Fire element. Therefore, it can burn enemies in sight. 
  • Wear Down Enemies: Another thing is that while focusing on the Advance stat, you can easily cause opponents to be worn down and become more vulnerable.
  • Status Effects: The overall power of the status effects will be increased by using a build with Advance. 
  • Legion Arm: The Legion Arm paired by players will be broken, making it easier to win fights. 
  • Disruption: For incoming actions from enemies, it will be easier to disrupt them and cause them to be weakened. 
  • Strong Against Tough Enemies: Lastly, a build like this will be insanely deadly against even the toughest of enemies. 


LOP Advance Stats
Advance Stats
Lies of P Advance Build StatsAttributes
Vitality 25
Vigor 20
Capacity 20
Motivity 9
Advance 33

When it comes to the stats, players will typically focus on using stats such as Advance (obviously). Still, stats such as Capacity, as well as Vigor and Vitality, will be highly crucial to enhance the overall performance of the Advance build in Lies of P further. 

  • Advance: It is equivalent to the Arcane stat, and increasing it will enhance the Legion Common Ability and the Fire, Electric Blitz, Physical, and Acid Defense Abilities. 
  • Capacity: Equivalent to how much weight players will be able to carry and how easily you can handle your Legion Arm. 
  • Vigor: It will determine how you can act in Lies of P. 
  • Vitality: The Vitality stat focuses on the player’s overall HP and how much you can survive during combat. 

Black Steel Cutter 

LOP Black Steel Cutter
Black Steel Cutter
Black Steel Cutter Stats Attributes 
Type Greatsword 
Weight 13.5 
Physical Attack 65
Motivity Scaling D
Technique Scaling D
Advance Scaling A

The Black Steel Cutter is an A-scaling Advance weapon with 65 Physical Attacks and is a Greatsword with its detachable Blade and Handle that can be mixed and matched to make it stronger. 

There are a few reasons why you might want to use the Black Steel Cutter in the Lies of P Builds, and they are listed as follows: 

  • A-Tier Scaling: The weapon scales with A-Tier Advance scaling, which automatically puts it higher into ratings for weapons that scale off of Advance. 
  • Broken Fable Arts: Fable Arts such as Storm Slash, which allows you to slash an enemy.
  • Slash Opponents: Players can demolish enemies by slashing them detrimentally.
  • High Damage Output: In general, the Black Steel Cutter will allow players to unleash a high damage output, which can render enemies useless. 


LOP Amulets Advance
Amulets Advance

When it comes to using Amulets in Advance Build in Lies of P, there are a few options that players can go for, and they are as follows: 

Amulets Effects 
Iron Wall Amulet The overall physical Damage Reduction Rate will be increased for players. 
Blue Guardianship Amulet It will enhance the total amount of max HP Stamina and Legion. 
Transformation Amulet Adds 4 points into the Advance stat. 

P Organs 

LOP Advance P Organs
Advance P Organs

Lastly, when it comes to the P Organs, the below list will be the ones that will help players strengthen their combat skills even more: 

P Organs Effects 
Link Dodge Enables another dodge during the middle of a dodge motion. 
Enhance Charge Stagger Attack Increases the overall Stagger attack of the charge attacks. 
Lower Damage While Dodging The damage while you’re dodging received will be reduced. 
Increase Pulse Cells The total number of pulse cell uses will be enhanced. 
Increase Stagger Duration The overall stagger duration towards opponents will be increased. 
Increase Ergo Upon Eliminating An Enemy The total Ergo that players will get from defeating enemies will be increased. 
Rising Dodge It enables the ability to dodge while you are on the ground. 
Enhance Weapon Attack When Durability is at Max Your Weapon attack will increase whenever your Durability is at its maximum. 
Lower Damage Of Charge Attack Incoming charged attacks from opponents will cause you to take less damage. 
Enhance Weapon Attack When Discharged Whenever you are Discharged, the weapon attack is increased. 
Lower Stamina Consumption Stamina consumption is decreased. 

Dex Build In Lies Of P 

LOP Dex Build
Dex Build in Lies of P

The Dex build in Lies of P will focus on using the Technique stat, which enhances the total physical attack of the weapon as well as Legion Arm abilities. 

Using Technique as a stat will allow players to use weapons such as the Booster Glaive Blade with the Greatsword of Fate Blade. Paired with Legion Arms such as Aegis, it will help carry you through early-game while using your Lies of P Dex Build, and when amulets and defense parts are brought into it, it will further enhance it. 

There are two main reasons why players might want to focus on a Dex build, and it is as follows: 

  • Staggering Opponents: A higher physical attack will allow players to stagger out of enemies in front of them. 
  • Increased Damage: The Technique stat also increases the physical attack.

Defense parts, such as the LADA 350 Frames and the Union Lightweight Frame, will be an excellent choice for players, and the Puppet Destroyer amulet and Patience amulet is an absolute must-have. 


LOP Stats Dex
Stats Dex
Lies of P Dexterity Build StatsAttributes
Vitality 20
Vigor 20
Capacity 15
Motivity 9
Technique 30
Advance 7

Regarding the stats in a Dex build in Lies of P, players will want to focus on maxing out Technique as much as possible while having a good amount of Vitality and Vigor stats invested. 

  • Technique: The main stat is equivalent to the Dexterity stat, which enhances the physical attack of the weapon as well as the Legion Arm abilities for players. 
  • Vitality: It will focus on keeping the player’s overall health and chances of survivability during combat high. 
  • Vigor: Lastly, investing in Vigor will ensure that players can carry out the actions that they need to do during Lies of P. 

Booster Glaive 

LOP Booster Glaive
Booster Glaive
Booster Glaive Blade Stats Attributes 
Type Greatsword 
Weight 11.6 
Physical Attack 130
Charge Pulse Cells 12.50 
Fable Charge566

The Booster Glaive is an early weapon in Lies of P and is a Greatsword with 130 Physical Attacks on its blade, a handle that can be combined, and a B-Technique and D motivity scaling. Given these stats, it’s arguably one of the best technique weapons in-game.

  • The Booster Glaive can be found inside a chest after causing the corruption water’s flow to be stopped from the Union Culvert’s Workshop and heading towards the Puppet of the Future at the end of the pathway. 
Booster Glaive Handle Stats Attributes 
Type Pole 
Weight 4.6 
Motivity Scaling D
Technique Scaling B
Advance Scaling 
  • Fable Arts, such as the Storm Slash and Patient Slash, allow for slashing of opponents and carrying out wide-range attacks toward opponents. 

Defense Parts

LOP Defense Parts
Defense Parts

As far as the Defense Parts are concerned for the builds in Lies of P, there are two main ones that players will want to go for, and they are as follows: 

Defense Parts Effects 
LADA F350 Frame Increases the Physical Damage Reduction Rate by 37.11
Workshop Union Lightweight FrameProvides players with 11.61 Physical Damage Reduction Rate 


LOP Amulets

For the Amulets, there are two main ones that you can use for a devastating Dex build in Lies of P: 

Amulets Effects 
Puppet Destroyer Amulet It enhances the total damage that is inflicted on puppets. 
Patience Amulet The total stamina recovery speed is increased.

Strength Build In Lies of P

LOP What Is Strength Build
What Is Strength Build in Lies of P

The Strength Build in Lies of P will focus on the Motivity Stat, which increases Physical Attack and Legion Arm abilities.

Players will use weapons such as the Coil Mjolnir Head and the Krat Police Baton Handle. They will aim towards boosting stats in the Strength build in Lies of P, such as Motivity, Vitality, and Capacity, and use Amulets such as Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet or the Murderer Puppet’s Amulet. 

Krat Police Baton Handle/ Coil Mjolnir Head 

Coil Mjolnir Head Combo LOP
Coil Mjolnir Head Combo
Krat Police Baton Handle Stats Attributes 
Type One-handed 
Weight 2.0
Motivity Scaling B
Technique Scaling D
Advance Scaling 

The main combo for the Builds in Lies of P will be that of the Coil Mjolnir Head and the Krat Police Baton Handle. 

A few reasons why players might want to choose it is as follows: 

  • Light and Heavy Attacks.
  • Electrifying damage output.
  • Swift-charged attacks.
  • Excellent Stagger and stance damage.
  • Broken Fable Arts. 
Coil Mjolnir Head Stats Attributes 
Type Large Blunt 
Weight 15.9
Physical Attack 157


LOP Stats
Stats Attributes 
Vitality 40
Vigor 20
Capacity 24
Motivity 40
Technique 5
Advance 8

Regarding the stats, players will want to enhance the Vitality stat the most and the Advance stat, while the Capacity and Vigor will be kept at 24 and 20, while Technique and Advance stat in the Lies of P Strength Build will be kept at 5 and 8, respectively. 


LOP Amulets

The recommended Amulets for Strength builds in Lies of P are listed as follows:

  • Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet.
  • Carcass Butcher’s Amulet.
  • Murderer Puppet’s Amulet. 
  • Hunter’s Amulet.

P Organs 

LOP P Organs
P Organs

Lastly, the P Organs that you can go for are as follows that will help make you all the stronger during combat for your Lies of P Strength Build:

  • Rising Dodge 
  • Add Fable Slots 
  • Enhance Charge Stagger Attack 
  • Enhance Fatal Attack 
  • Enhance Fable Arts Attack 
  • Increase Staggered Duration 
  • Enhance Perfect Guard Destruction 
  • Increase Fable Arts Effect Duration 
  • Increase Pulse Cells 
  • Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 
  • Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Lies of P Builds guide, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! 

While here, why not read the Lies of P How Legion Stat Works guide? Other than that, the Lies of P Best Starting Class guide is a must-read, too! Incase you are interested in Lies of P Video guides, check out our YouTube Channel.

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