Lies of P: All Stats & What They Do

Explore the role of Lies of P stats in defining character strengths, defense types, and overall game strategy.

In Lies of P, stats play a key role in shaping your character’s strengths and defenses. From boosting health with Vitality to defending against various damages with Physical or Technique, understanding these stats helps players face challenges head-on and fight enemies with confidence.

Key Takeaways
  • Lies of P has six primary stats also called Default Abilities in the game. 
  • Increasing or leveling up individual Stats in Lies of P decides your character’s strengths & weaknesses.
  • There are offensive and defensive stats, and some stats boost the health or stamina of your character.
  • Other stats in Lies of P affect damage or defense types.
  • Raising particular stats improves the RPG experience & you can make specific builds also in Lies of P.

What Are Stats In Lies of P?

Overall Stats
Overall Stats [Image credit: eXputer]
In Lies of P, stats determine the capabilities and strengths of the player’s character, and these stats guide gameplay, influence weapon effectiveness, and play a role in character development.

Important: There are six primary stats in Lies of P

  • Vitality (health and defense)
  • Vigor (stamina and energy)
  • Capacity (weight limit and Legion Arm ammo)
  • Motivity (strength and heavy weapon damage)
  • Technique (dexterity and light weapon damage)
  • Advance (magic effects and resistance)

1. Vitality

Vitality [Image credit: eXputer]
The Vitality stat in Lies of P stands as crucial for player survival. It’s tied to the character’s health and overall constitution, making it crucial, especially for newcomers or those who favor a defensive playstyle. Vitality is important for players who want to ensure they have a robust defense and recovery mechanism. Leveling up the Vitality stat lays a solid foundation, enabling players to face the Lies of P’s challenges head-on.

  • As you level up Vitality, your total Health points or Max HP rises in Lies of P.
  • This directly means you can take more hits from enemies before dying, giving you a larger window of survivability.
  • A unique feature tied to Vitality is Guard Regain in Lies of P.
  • After successfully parrying or blocking an opponent’s attack, the amount of health you can recover when standing against the foe is influenced by the Guard Regain.

2. Vigor

Vigor [Image credit: eXputer]
The Vigor stat in Lies of P plays a crucial role in determining a player’s stamina and overall energy reserves, directly impacting how players engage with the game’s challenges.

By increasing both stamina and defense, it supports a balanced approach, allowing players to switch between offense and defense seamlessly.

Important: Vigor is important for players who lean towards an aggressive playstyle or those who prioritize maneuverability in Lies of P.
  • Vigor directly influences the maximum stamina a player possesses.
  • This stamina is expended when performing various actions, from launching attacks to dodging enemy moves.
  • A higher stamina pool ensures that players can maintain longer attack chains, run more extended distances, and dodge frequently, all of which are vital for both offense and evasive maneuvers.

3. Capacity

Capacity [Image credit: eXputer]
In the stats mechanics of Lies of P, Capacity stands as a defining stat that tells how much a player can equip without burdening their mobility, and it also has uses on one’s unique abilities and defenses. 

Important: Capacity stat is essential for those wanting flexibility in their gear choices while ensuring they’re nicely defended and can fully utilize their special abilities in Lies of P.
  • At its core, Capacity stat establishes the weight threshold for a player’s gear, from weapons to amulets.
  • A higher Capacity ensures players can equip heavier, often more powerful, equipment without compromising on movement speed or agility.
  • This balance is essential as having an overload can reduce evasive actions like rolling.

4. Motivity

Motivity [Image credit: eXputer]
The Motivity stat in Lies of P is synonymous with the Strength stat seen in many RPGs.

It is the driving force behind wielding larger, more formidable weapons, and it also offers a defensive edge. The stat is equal to raw power, both in offense and defense.

Important: Motivity stat is the go-to stat for those who lean towards wielding colossal weapons and desire to land crushing blows while maintaining a defensive front.
  • Stats like the Motivity in Lies of P primarily involve the damage output of weightier weapons.
  • As players level up this stat, weapons that scale with Motivity—like Greatswords—deliver more devastating blows.

5. Technique 

Technique [Image credit: eXputer]
Within Lies of P, Technique is a stat reminiscent of the Dexterity attribute common in many RPGs.

Important: The Technique is a valuable stat for players who favor a rapid, agile combat style, allowing them to move swiftly around foes with quick strikes while also enjoying enhanced damage resilience.
  • The Technique stat’s primary focus in Lies of P is on amplifying the damage potential of lightweight, swift weapons in Lies of P.
  • As players channel points into this stat, weapons that align with Technique—such as rapiers and other swift blades—become progressively more lethal.

It’s all about harnessing speed and precision, allowing for quick strikes that can rapidly whittle down enemy health in Lies of P.

6. Advance

Advance [Image credit: eXputer]
The Advance stat in Lies of P stands parallel to what many RPG players would recognize as Magic or Intelligence.

The Advance stat covers the mystic and elemental aspects of combat, granting both offensive buffs and resistances. 

Important: Advance in Lies of P serves as a medium for those drawn to the arcane, combining elemental weapon power with enhanced Legion capabilities and formidable resistances.
  • A key feature of Advance is its influence on the “Legion”, which refers to the ammunition for the specialized “Legion Arm”.
  • By enhancing this stat, players can carry more Legion, allowing for extended use of these powerful abilities.
  • Leveling up this stat increases the damage of such weapons, enabling them to unleash their distinctive elemental furies—like Electricity or Fire—with amplified ferocity.

What Are Stats Soft Caps In Lies of P?

Weapon Stat
Weapon Stat [Image credit: eXputer]
Within the many mechanics of Lies of P, like many RPGs, comes the concept of Soft Caps—a principle vital for strategic character progression.

Understanding Soft Caps is very important for optimizing character builds in Lies of P. By recognizing these core mechanics, players can make informed decisions, ensuring efficient stat allocation and a balanced character that suits their playstyle.

Diminishing Stat Returns

The Soft Cap is a useful point in stat investment. Once reached, any further allocation into that particular stat yields less significant improvements. It’s similar to hitting a point of diminishing efficiency, where each subsequent point you use to level up the particular stat of your character will offer marginal benefits compared to the previous level-ups.

Important: For most stats in Lies of P, this diminishing return phenomenon begins to appear in your character around the 30-40 level.

Mastering the stats in Lies of P is important for every player. Whether it’s building up a defense against elements or enhancing weapon damage, a good grasp of these stats makes for a smoother journey. As you play, remember what stat you should level up first so that you can make the best build in Lies of P accordingly.

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