Lies Of P: 4 BEST Technique Weapons [60+ Hours Experience]

The Lies Of P Best Technique Weapons guide will showcase the top 4 technique weapons with stats, pros, and cons!

Lies Of P has 40 Technique weapons that will scale off Technique and are typically used for faster attack speeds and slashes that you can utilize to annihilate enemies combined with a high damage output. Players might want to know what the Best technique weapons are, both for Normal and Special weapons. 

Important: Players must look past the disadvantages of each weapon they decide to use in battle!
Key Takeaways
  • Lies of P has 40 Technique-scaling weapons, with top choices like Dancer’s Curved Sword, Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear, Puppet Ripper, and Two Dragons Sword.
  • These weapons increase the total physical attack in Lies of P.
  • Some Technique-scaling weapons may have increased stamina consumption or reduced attack speed.
  • Using Technique-scaling weapons in Lies of P results in higher damage output, excellent Fable Arts, and versatility. 

Lies Of P Best Technique Weapons 

Below listed is a summarized version of the Best Technique Weapons and their stats in Lies of P

Technique WeaponsAdvantagesDisadvantagesPhysical AttackMotivity ScalingTechnique ScalingFable Arts
Dancer's Curved SwordGood damage, adequate range and versatilityLess speed113CBLink Retreating Slash, Guard Parry
Blind Man's Double-Sided SpearUnique Moveset, Excellent damage output.Difficult to acquire97DBQuick Stab, Payback Stab
Puppet RipperAttack speed, good range, amazing damage output.None132CBQuick Upward Slash, Storm Spinning Slash
Two Dragon's SwordA-Technique scaling, broken Fable Arts, agility.None107DALink Emergency Dodge, Wind of Swords

1. Dancer’s Curved Sword 

LOP Dancer's Curved Sword
Dancer’s Curved Sword
Dancer’s Curved Sword Stats Attributes 
Type Greatsword 
Weight 11.8
Physical Attack 113
Motivity Scaling C
Technique Scaling B
Advance Scaling N/A

The Dancer’s Curved Sword is a B-scaling technique weapon mainly used for its insane damage output, combined with its excellent range and versatility on the battlefield. 

  • It is a greatsword that can be acquired from a chest while following the path from the Rosa Isabelle Stargazer area, heading past a bridge and towards the end of a street protected by puppets. 
  • The Sword consists of its blade part Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade, and the Handle part, which is the Dancer’s Curved Sword Handle. 

Fable arts such as Link Retreating Slash and Guard Parry are particular to the Dancer’s Curved Sword, making it one of the Best Lies of P Technique Weapons, and are as follows: 

Fabled Arts Effects 
Link Retreating Slash Players can slash opponents in front of them and move back instantly, and you can use an extra fable slot to head forward and slash them again. 
Guard Parry You can time the opponent’s attack in time to deflect it. 


  • Damage: The Dancer’s Curved Sword gives players an excellent damage output, enough to obliterate enemies. 
  • Range: When it comes to the range, the weapon offers enough range. 
  • Versatility: Lastly, it can also be combined with different high-scaling Technique weapon handles to enhance its overall performance further. 


  • Speed: The overall speed that other Technique-scaling weapons can deliver might not be in the Dancer’s Curved Sword.

2. Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear 

LOP Blind Man's Double-Sided Spear
Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear
Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Stats Attributes 
Type Sword 
Weight 11.4
Physical Attack 97
Motivity Scaling D
Technique Scaling B
Advance Scaling N/A

The Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear is a B-Scaling Technique weapon with an incredibly unique moveset and an excellent damage output. 

  • The Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear scales off of a B-Scaling on its Technique, with a D-scaling for its Motivity. 
  • It can be acquired at the St. Frangelico Cathedral after heading there from the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer area. 
  • Both the Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Blade and the Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Handle are parts that make the Spear a whole and can also be disassembled if need be. 

As far as the Fable arts for one of the Best Technique Weapons in Lies of P are concerned, they are as listed below:

Fabled Arts Effects 
Quick Stab Players can lunge out and carry out a stab while heading forward. 
Payback Stab You can unleash a forward-facing stab, and it can be used instantly after guarding an incoming attack to use more of its power. 


  • Unique Moveset: It offers a unique moveset that grants players the ability to carry out blocks as well as perfect blocks with their R2 charged and basic attacks. 
  • Damage Output: The spear also offers an incredible damage output, allowing players to win battles more easily. 


  • Difficult To Acquire: Players might have trouble acquiring the spear from the St.Frangelico Cathedral as they have to take a longer route. 

3. Puppet Ripper 

LOP Puppet Ripper
Puppet Ripper
Puppet Ripper Stats Attributes 
Type Sword 
Weight 16.4
Physical Attack 132
Motivity Scaling C
Technique Scaling B
Advance Scaling N/A

The Pupper Ripper is a B-scaling Technique Boss weapon that features a good amount of attack speed, solid range, and damage output. 

  • The Puppet Ripper cannot be disassembled; it only comes in one piece. 
  • It has been described as a chain-sickle handle used to spray a bloody fog over Krat, and the spring device will allow the handler to extend or use the chain easily. 
  • To acquire the Pupper Ripper in Lies of P, give one Burnt-White King’s Ergo to Alidoro

For the Fable Arts, there are ones such as Quick Upward Slash and Storm Spinning Slash: 

Fabled Arts Effects 
Quick Upward Slash Players can unleash a slash that is aimed upwards at the opponent. 
Storm Spinning Slash Players can spin around a few times in a wide range. 


  • Attack Speed: Players can use the faster attack speed of the Puppet Ripper to consistently unleash attacks at the enemies that will render them useless. 
  • Range: The weapon also offers a good range compared to other weapons. 
  • Damage: When it comes to the damage output, it is enough to annihilate enemies at sight. 

There are no major disadvantages to the Puppet Ripper, which is one of the significant reasons why it is considered one of the Best Technique Weapons in Lies of P

4. Two Dragons Sword 

LOP Two Dragons Sword
Two Dragons Sword
Two Dragons Sword Stats Attributes 
Type Sword 
Weight 12.9 
Physical Attack 107
Motivity Scaling D
Technique Scaling A
Advance Scaling N/A

Moving on, the Two Dragons Sword is an A-scaling Technique weapon that is known for its agility, as well as its versatile use during combat. 

  • The Two Dragons Sword will be a boss special-type weapon in Lies of P that cannot be disassembled and will be used as is. 
  • The main way that players can acquire it will be by handing the Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo over to Alidoro. 

The Fable Arts that are part of the Dragons Sword are Link Emergency Dodge and Wind of Swords and are listed below: 

Fabled Arts Effects 
Link Emergency Dodge You can go ahead and dodge forward quickly. 
Wind of Swords Blow forth a wind of swords, and it will cause enemies to take in AoE damage. 


  • Technique Scaling: Since the weapon scales with A Technique scaling, it will be on a higher grade and, therefore, can take advantage of it during combat. 
  • Excellent Fable Arts: Other than that, the Wind of Swords Fable Art allows enemies to take in AoE damage. 
  • Agility: Players can be extremely agile using the Two Dragon’s Sword. 


  • Stamina Consumption: The weapon will eat through stamina like anything, and therefore, stamina consumption is crucial. 

What Are Technique Weapons In Lies Of P? 

LOP Technique Weapons
Technique Weapon

Technique weapons are weapons scaling off of Technique (equivalent to Dexterity) and will enhance physical attack for the Technique weapons. 

There are weapons in the game that will typically have a scaling based on three stats, such as Motivity, Technique, or Advance. 

  • There are a few best technique weapons in Lies of P, such as Dancer’s Curved Sword, Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear, Puppet Ropper, Two Dragon’s Sword, Etiquette, and Trident of the Covenant. 
  • Weapons such as swords will typically have separate blades and handles, and they can be mixed and matched with other blades and handles to enhance their performance. 

The technique weapons will have specific technique scaling that will start from a higher scaling of A and keep going down to a scaling of D, whereby it will be the least scaling, and it will then either scale with Motivity or Advance. 

My Experience Using Technique Weapons

I started off Lies of P as a Technique build and mainly used the Greatsword of the Fate Blade alongside the Wintry Rapier Handle. It was a strong and reliable weapon for most of the early-game phase, but I immediately dropped it once I obtained the Puppet Ripper from Romeo, the King of Puppets. 

save slot lies of p
My Lies of P’s save slots (Image Credit: eXputer)

Using the Puppet Ripper was a blast as it had expertise in both close-range and mid-range combat. It was extremely fun to play around with, testing out new attack combinations and utilizing them against bosses. And after fully upgrading it to +5 on NG+, I was killing bosses like the Scrapped Watchman and the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, who took a few hours to beat on my initial playthrough in one attempt. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Lies of P Best Technique Weapons, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! For more insight, refer to what the community finds in this Reddit post about the best technique weapon in-game.

Photo Credits: Lootward on Youtube

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