Lies Of P: Hidden Moonstone Farm [5 Methods]

Learn various methods to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P to enhance your weapons and conquer the puppet-infested realms.

The Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P is a crucial resource, empowering your weapons to reach their highest potential. Discover ways to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P, ensuring you can conquer the puppet-infested realms.

Key Takeaways
  • Hidden Moonstone is crucial for enhancing common weapons to level 3 in Lies of P.
  • Obtain Lies of P Hidden Moonstone through exploration, defeating enemies, or trading in the Krat Supply Box.
  • Trade the Krat Supply Box with Polendina at Hotel Krat for Hidden Moonstones.
  • Progress through the main storyline to reach St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel and find the Krat Supply Box.
  • Explore Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer and defeat enemies for additional Hidden Moonstones.
  • Defeat the Mad Donkey boss in Elysion Boulevard to obtain a Hidden Moonstone.

All Hidden Moonstone Farming Methods

Check out these all hidden Moonstone farming methods: 

LocationHow to Obtain
Krat Supply BoxTrade for Hidden Moonstone
Elysion Boulevard EntranceFind Hidden Moonstone near ladder
Dimensional ButterflyKill red one when prompted by Gemini
Mad MonkeyDefeat boss in Elysion Boulevard
Path of the PilgrimTwo Hidden Moonstones locations
Workshop Union Culvert StargazersGet from water-emerging puppets
Malum District's Black Rabbit BrotherhoodFound near staircase with Trinity Key

1. Krat Supply Box

How to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P - Krat Supply Box
Unlocking the Krat Supply Box for Hidden Moonstone Farming in Lies of P

A Hidden Moonstone can be found in Chapter 4 at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer by trading the Krat Supply Box.

  1. Progress through the main storyline to St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.
  2. Navigate the demo area and Venigni Works, defeating Scrapped Watchman and King’s Flame Fuoco.
  3. Explore extensively before reaching the next Stargazer.
  4. In St. Frangelico Cathedral, defeat a fire-weak mini-boss using the Flamberge.
  5. Go through the right-side door to find a room with a Krat Supply Box.
  6. Take the lift, rest at St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer, and teleport to Hotel Krat.
  7. Give the box to Polendina to unlock the Hidden Moonstone in his inventory

You can buy for 300 Ergo, allowing you to amass enough Ergo through farming to acquire a substantial amount of Hidden Moonstone.

2. Hidden Moonstones In Elysion Boulevard

How to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P - Elysion Boulevard Entrance
Farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P at Elysion Boulevard Entrance (image credit: Dainghia25)

The Elysion Boulevard involves navigating and defeating the Dimensional Butterfly and the Mad Monkey boss.

How to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P - Elysion Boulevard Entrance
Unlock the Hidden Moonstone at Elysion Boulevard Entrance with these steps (image by Dainghia25)
  1. Find the Hidden Moonstone at the Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer.
  2. Use the nearby activated ladder for a quicker ascent.
  3. Reach the top and head toward the Clemence sign, tracing the rooftops along the left wall.
  4. Go through the house and follow planks to the next rooftop section.
  5. Look left to find a ladder near the Bistrot de Krat sign.
  6. Descend the ladder, turn left, and discover the Hidden Moonstone at a building’s doorstep.

Dimensional Butterfly

How to farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P - Dimensional Butterfly
Farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P – Hunting the Dimensional Butterfly in Elysion Boulevard
  1. Obtainable by looting a Dimensional Butterfly inside the Elysion Boulevard House.
  2. While crossing blue rooftops, Gemini will notify you, and the red Dimensional Butterfly will spawn.
  3. Kill the butterfly to collect the Hidden Moonstone.
  4. Be quick; if you delay, the butterfly vanishes.
  5. If you miss the opportunity, rest at the closest Stargazer and return; the Dimensional Butterfly will reappear there.

Mad Monkey

Mad Donkey boss
Defeat the Mad Donkey boss in Elysion Boulevard.
  1. This was obtained by defeating the Mad Donkey boss in Elysion Boulevard just before interacting with the large gates.
  2. The Hidden Moonstone is located behind a carriage near the bridge’s edge.

3. Path Of The Pilgrim

Bear carcass
Defeat the bear in the Path of the Pilgrim

Hidden Moonstone #1:

  1. It can be located at the end of a brief lake within the Path of the Pilgrim.
  2. Access it after defeating the large bear carcass.

Hidden Moonstone #2:

  1. Return to the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer and proceed down the path.
  2. On your right side, you must encounter and eliminate a Carcass and a Dog Carcass near a fire.
  3. After confronting the two carcasses, proceed to retrieve the Hidden Moonstone from the lake area.

4. Workshop Union Culvert Stargazers

Farm Hidden Moonstone in Lies of P – Puppets coming out of water in the Workshop Union Culvert
  1. First puppet location: In the open area, puppets emerge from the water after reaching the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer.
  2. Second puppet location: Near the big open area, the Dimensional Butterfly releases puppets.
  3. Third puppet location: After opening the shortcut gate in the Workshop Union Culvert tunnel section.
  4. Fourth puppet location: Around the Puppet of the Future after draining polluted water in Workshop Union Culvert.

5. Malum District’s

Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
Defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to get Hidden Moonstone (image credit: FP Good Game)
  1. It is obtainable through looting in the Malum District’s Black Rabbit Brotherhood Territory.
  2. You need to explore the area and enter a building with a carcass containing a jug.
  3. Smash the jug to acquire a Hidden Moonstone.
  4. After acquiring the Trinity Key from Arlecchino, you can find a Hidden Gemstone near a staircase in one of the narrow alleyways within the Malum District.

Other Known Locations To Farm Hidden Moonstone In Lies Of P

Arche Abbey Entrance
Heading toward the Workshop Union Entrance (image via FP Good Game)
  • One can be acquired by looting up the stairs from the Workshop Union Entrance stargazer following an encounter with a grenade puppet.
  • You can loot three Hidden Moonstones at Black Seaside.
  • Head to the next Stargazer at Arche Abbey Entrance to find these upgrades nearby.
  • Located in a hut by the steps after following the Stargazer at the Path of Misery.

Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P are your ticket to weapon mastery. Gather them through exploration, combat, or trading Krat Supply Boxes. Strengthen your arsenal, defeat the puppet hordes, and embrace the challenge Lies of P presents. Uncover the truth behind the strings and conquer the game.

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