Lies of P: All Alidoro Locations [Walkthrough]

Learn all about the various locations of Alidoro, a key NPC with whom you can exchange Rare Ergo for boss weapons in Lies of P.

Alidoro is a crucial NPC in Lies of P, whom you meet at different locations during your playthrough. With him, you can trade Rare Ergo, which you get after killing main bosses, for unique boss weapons and amulets. Besides gameplay, Alidoro also has some narrative significance, and you can decipher his lore as you continue interacting with him.

Key Takeaways
  • Alidoro is an NPC in Lies of P who can exchange Rare Ergo for boss weapons and amulets.
  • Players can first encounter this NPC atop St. Frangelico’s Cathedral in Chapter 4, after which they can send him to either Hotel Krat or Venigni Works.
  • In case players lie to Alidoro and send him to Venigni Works, they can find him near the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer, after which he’ll teleport directly to Hotel Krat.
  • In Chapter 7, Alidoro will temporarily disappear until players beat the Green Monster of the Swamp in the Barren Swamp.
  • He’ll disappear again towards the end of Chapter 9 and can be found just beyond the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s arena in Chapter 10.

Besides my guide, you can check out eXputer’s compact but concise video on all of Alidoro’s locations in Lies of P:

YouTube video

Alidoro’s Locations In Lies Of P

You’ll first come across Alidoro once you reach St. Frangelico’s Cathedral towards the end of Lies of P’s Chapter 4. After that, he stays at Hotel Krat for most of the time, and as you kill bosses, you can bring their Rare Ergo to him in exchange for weapons and amulets. Personally, I found that most of the items you purchase from Alidoro are arguably the best in the title, which is why you should definitely recruit this NPC.

St. Frangelico’s Cathedral

Here’s how you first find and meet Alidoro in St. Frangelico’s Cathedral:

  1. Starting from the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library Stargazer, go through the arch on your left and continue following the straight path through the area.
  2. Eventually, next to a Decay pool, you’ll enter a library room where you’ll need to fight an Elite Carcass.
  3. Here, look to your left and take the elevator at the far end of the room.
  4. Upon ascending the elevator, you can interact with Alidoro, after which he’ll ask you for a safe space in Krat, and you have the choice to either send him to Venigni Works (lie) or to Hotel Krat (truth.)
  5. If you tell him the truth, Alidoro will simply go to Hotel Krat.
  6. However, if you lie, you’ll receive a Fire Abrasive and a Humanity Point, but he won’t go to the hotel yet.
  • room
    Library room near the Decay pool (Screenshot by me)
  • elevator cathedral
    Elevator inside the room (Screenshot by me)
  • alidoro lies of p
    Alidoro atop St. Frangelico's Cathedral (Screenshot by me)
  • alidoro lie
    Options to set Alidoro's next destination (Screenshot by me)

Venigni Works Choice

If you lied to Alidoro and sent him to Venigni Works, you can find him near Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer in Chapter 3. Simply go up the stairs near the Stargazer, and you’ll find him in the room on your left.

Venigni Works
Meeting Alidoro in the Workshop Union (Image taken by me)
  1. After exhausting his dialogue, he’ll again ask for a safe place to go to, and you can either choose to send him to Elysion Boulevard (lie) or to Hotel Krat (truth.)
  2. Selecting either option will send him to Hotel Krat; the only difference is that you’ll receive an additional Humanity Point if you lie.

Hotel Krat

The Hotel is where you’ll interact with Alidoro for the most part in Lies of P, at least up till Chapter 7. You can find him in the northwestern corner of the area, after which you can trade the Rare Ergo from the bosses you’ve beaten until this point for weapons and amulets.

hotel krat
Alidoro’s location at Hotel Krat (Image taken by me)

Be sure to follow Eugenie’s side quest alongside Alidoro since they’re both interconnected.

Barren Swamp

Once you reach the Barren Swamp, one of the major locations in Chapter 7, Alidoro will temporarily disappear in Lies of P. You can interact with him again once you kill the Green Monster of the Swamp boss, after which he’ll spawn next to the arena’s entrance. If you’re struggling against the aforementioned boss fight, here’s a YouTube video with several strategies for beating it.

Alidoro near the Green Monster’s arena (Image taken by me)
  • After exhausting his dialogue, Alidoro will teleport back to his original spot in Hotel Krat.
  • However, I’d also suggest meeting Explorer Hugo, an NPC found near the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer, since he’s part of Alidoro’s quest.
Important: Towards the end of Chapter 9, Alidoro disappears from Hotel Krat again due to certain plot events. You’ll meet him in Chapter 10, just beyond the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s arena in the Relic of Trismegistus.

That wraps up my brief guide on all the locations where you’ll meet Alidoro the Hound in Lies of P. As seen, his first few encounters can give you several Humanity Points, which become much more significant towards the end of the title. It’s also worth noting that his following encounter in Chapter 10 reveals a massive plot twist, but I won’t get into that and let you explore his questline first-hand.

For some top-tier weapons, you can get from Alidoro, I have a guide on how to get the Noblesse Oblige in Lies of P, which is arguably the best Motivity weapon in-game. There’s also the Puppet Ripper you can find and learn more about from Sameer Tahir’s guide. And if you want to learn how your lies affect the story, here’s a guide on whether you should lie in Lies of P.


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