Lies Of P: Should You Lie [All Possible Endings]

Learn all about the consequences of your actions for lying in Lies of P, letting you decide whether you should lie at all during the story.

Lying is a critical gameplay aspect in Lies of P since it alters the NPC dialogue, questlines, and progression routes throughout your playthrough. Additionally, the Grand Covenant does state that puppets can’t lie, yet your character can. This dilemma has turned into a soul-like experience in the form of a question in Lies of P: should you lie? Fortunately, lying does reward the player with a good ending; however, the journey isn’t all that pure.

Before You Start: The following guide contains spoilers for both the endings in Lies of P.
Key Takeaways
  • There is a lying mechanic in Lies of P that grants or extracts humanity from the player’s character.
  • The ending players will get depends on whether they told the truth or lied all the way through.
  • Players get the “Rise of P” ending if they lie in every dialogue option.
  • Additionally, they’ll also unlock an exclusive weapon known as the Golden Lie upon opting for the lying path.
  • Lying through Lies of P will result in significantly harder and more frequent boss fights.

Should You Lie In Lies of P?

Puppet or Human Lie Lies of P
Human or Puppet? (Image Captured by eXputer)

Although this decision is entirely based on the player and which ending they want, if they want to be a “Real Boy” by the end of it, then yes, you should always lie.

One of the most important covenants that puppets are made to abide by is the Grand Covenant, which clearly mentions that all puppets in the city of Krat cannot lie. The player character seems to be the exception, which is the source material behind the moral dilemma of each player in Lies of P: Should You Lie?

Important: Lying is an essential mechanic in Lies of P as it dictates your humanity.

Some additional perks of lying in your playthrough are:

  • If you do choose to lie, you gain access to a unique ending at the end of your playthrough.
  • You also unlock a special weapon when opting for the lying route.
  • Mixing the deception and honesty paths does not end well for your character and can give you a more challenging time in certain situations.
  • The ending you get will vary on how much you lied through P.

All Possible Endings For Lying In Lies Of P

Opting to lie all the way or some of the way through the events you’ll face in Lies of P can result in one of the following endings. Naturally, there are some spoilers based on which enemies you’ll be fighting and where, so tread cautiously. These aren’t all the possible endings in Lies of P, just the ones that are possible if you choose to lie.

Rise of P

The first ending, and the most popular one at that, is the “Rise of P” ending. In the ending, the player completely breaks the strings of morals with puppets by lying all the way through Lies of P. If you manage to lie in every possible dialogue successfully, you can unlock the special ending along with a weapon exclusive to this ending.

The Rise of P ending (Image by eXputer)

Some additional things you must do to get the following ending are:

  • When talking to Sofia, choose to “Give her Peace” and tell Simon what you did.
  • Defeat Simon Manus, the Awakened God.
  • You will also be able to obtain the Golden Lie Weapon from the portrait by playing all the records in the hotel.
  • Don’t give Geppetto the heart and take down the Nameless puppet.

Real Boy

The “Real Boy” ending is the easiest ending to obtain in Lies of P. It does not matter if you lie or not, just as long as you defeat the final boss. After you talk to Geppetto and give him the heart, it will turn you into a “Real Boy,” and your character will cease to exist as a puppet. 

All Dialogue Options For Lying In Lies Of P

Simon Manus Lies of P
Lies of P: Simon Manus (Image Captured by Us)

Although you can lie in many instances in your playthrough, some critical dialogues have a very important effect on the ending you will get. Lying through all of these dialogue options will guarantee you the “Rise of P” ending, and you can follow this YouTube video to see its pre-requisite boss fight and ending cutscene.

Quest Dialogue (Lie)
Hotel Krat Entrance “Human”
Woman in the window
“That’s a cute baby.”
The Atoned “Give the Stalker’s Greeting”
Alldoro: St, Frangelico Cathedral Library “Venigi Works”
Alldora: Workshop Union Entrance Elysion Boulevard
Julian the Gentleman “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you.”
Antonia: Hotel Krat “Of Course”
Polendina- Hotel Krat “There’s no such puppet.”
Simon Manus “Hope of a Cure”
Eugenie: Hotel Krat “He was happy.”
Venigni’s Question “I couldn’t hear”
Relic of Trismegitus Phone Call “No”
Belle’s Partner “He was killed in action fighting a puppet.”
Geppetto at Arche Abbey “Yes”
Simon and Sophia

(After defeating Simon)

Depends on what you did with Sophia.

(Reply with the opposite)

My Thoughts

Lie Dialogue Eugenie
Eugenie: Lie Dialogue (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Regarding whether “Should you Lie” in Lies of P, I believe lying is the best way to go about it. Granted, you should go for each ending by playing them all at least once because each ending has its own journey. However, the path you take when you choose to violate the Grand Covenant is too fun and action-packed, which makes it infinitely better than the other Lies of P endings, in my experience.

Finally, the time has come to conclude the dilemma of whether you should lie in Lies of P. Hopefully, you reached a meaningful resolution about how you will pursue your journey.

If you want to take on the challenging path by lying, equip yourself with the Best Builds in Lies of P, curated and recommended by eXputer’s experienced writer, Mina Anwar. For uncovering more narrative-based content, here’s a guide detailed by Rabiya Rizwan on the Mystery of Dorothy, who’s mentioned in the title’s post-credit cutscene.

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