Lies of P: Mystery of Dorothy [Explained]

Dorothy is a protagonist from the classic 1900s novel The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, and she has made an appearance in Lies of P.

In one of the endings of Lies of P, Dorothy has been spotted, which has led to many speculations. The mystery has been growing for a while now as many are not aware of Dorothy and her role in Lies of P. Paracelsus, a character in the game who claimed that he would find her for sure while talking about a mysterious key, which is supposedly Dorothy.

Key Takeaways
  • Dorothy Gale is the protagonist of The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, and she has appeared in many of its sequels.
  • Dorothy has been spotted in an ending of Lies of P, which has led to many speculations by fans.
  • Her appearance could mean that more fictional characters can appear in the future.
  • While the developer hasn’t confirmed a sequel yet, Dorothy’s appearance does open a gate to the possibility of a Lies of P sequel.

Who Is Dorothy In Lies of P?

Paracelsus Talking about Dorothy (Image Taken By Us)

Dorothy Gale is a fictional character who is the main protagonist of many OZ novels written by L. Frank Baum.

Her first appearance was made in the 1900s classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of OZ. After that, she reappeared in many other sequels, and now she has been spotted in Lies of P. The moment has potentially opened a gate of dark fantasy, which leads to huge anticipation.

When Paracelsus claims that he will locate Dorothy in Lies of P, the scene changes, and you will see the city of Krat. After that, you will be placed on the top of a building, and that’s when you will notice a young girl. At first, you will only see her legs and red shoes, but when she stops to look at the city, she will click her heels together three times. That was enough for fans to realize that she is Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of OZ.

While nothing has been confirmed by the developer regarding a sequel, Dorothy’s appearance has definitely opened a gate of possibilities.

What Does Dorothy’s Appearance In Lies of P Mean?

Dorothy’s Appearance (Image Credits: eXputer)

Lies of P has been really successful, and reviews from critics and fans have been mostly positive. So, an announcement regarding a sequel wouldn’t be too farfetched. 

The accomplishments of Lies of P alone could be enough for a sequel. However, Dorothy’s appearance has opened the possibility of more fictional characters to be appearing in-game. If the studio manages to make a sequel just like Lies of P, if not better, then it can have the potential to become one of the best souls-like series.

With that said, nothing has been confirmed regarding a sequel or more information regarding other fictional characters. So, fans should await an announcement from the developer. That’s almost everything you would want to know about Lies of P Dorothy.

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