Lies of P: How To Unlock And Use The Puppet Ripper?

Learn all about the Puppet Ripper, a special boss weapon in Lies of P, including details on its playstyle and how to get it.

The Lies of P Puppet Ripper happens to be one of the most crucial weapons in its title indefinitely. Apart from being an incredibly powerful weapon, the way to get it and its use is an entirely different experience than the standard Lies of P gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • The Puppet Ripper is a special boss weapon in Lies of P.
  • Players can only get the following weapon by trading the Burnt-White King’s Ergo to Alidoro.
  • The Burnt-White King’s Ergo is obtained by killing the King of Puppets, one of the most challenging bosses in Lies of P, found at the end of Chapter 6.
  • The Puppet Ripper is a slow dexterity weapon with incredible range and damage.
  • Furthermore, the weapon attacks and its Fable Arts are best suited for a mobile playstyle.

What Is The Puppet Ripper In Lies of P

Puppet Ripper Lies of P
Puppet Ripper Weapon (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The Pupper Ripper in Lies of P is a scythe-shaped special weapon classified as a sword item obtained after killing the King of Puppets and trading its Burnt-White King’s Ergo.

The Puppet Ripper is by far one of the best weapons you can obtain in Lies of P, on par with weapons like Holy Sword of the Ark and the Golden Lie. A particularly unique characteristic that I experienced with the Ripper is even though it is a dexterity-based weapon, it is one of the slowest ones in its class. However, it makes up for that with its impeccable range and damage.

Some additional features of the Puppet Ripper at level 1 are listed as follows:

  • The Puppet Ripper has a weight value of 16.4.
  • It has an average Physical Attack value of 132.
  • The Fable Arts charge value is 528, with a 51.7% chance to reduce damage when blocking.
  • The Puppet Ripper can not be disassembled for parts.
  • It is classified as a Boss Weapon and cannot be obtained any other way.
  • To upgrade the Puppet Ripper, you need to farm Ergo and the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

How To Get The Puppet Ripper

King of Puppets Lies of P
The King of Puppets (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

To obtain the Puppet Ripper, you need to defeat the King of Puppets and obtain the Burnt-White King’s Ergo, which you will have to trade with Alidoro.

The King of Puppets is one of the most challenging bosses in Lies of P, so you must tackle him carefully. He can be found at the end of Chapter 6 near the Estella Opera House Stage Stargazer. It is important to note that he has two phases, with the second phase being one of the most challenging fights you can engage in your entire playthrough.

After you defeat the King of Puppets, he will drop a Burnt-White King’s Ergo. You will have to hold on to this item until you can find an NPC named Alidoro. Alidoro’s known locations are either at Hotel Krat or near the Barren Swamp Entrance (Chapter 8.)

Best Way To Use Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper Use
Puppet Ripper Uses (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Puppet Ripper is a dexterity-based weapon definitely, but its playstyle varies immensely from some of the other dexterity-based weapons in Lies of P. Everything from its range, Fable Arts, and overall attack style is one of the best regarding Damage Per Second (DPS) and mobility.

The best utility that the Puppet Ripper has is the long-range whip. It is a heavy or charged attack that covers a lot of distance and allows you to deal a lot of damage from a safe distance.

Puppet Ripper Fable Arts

  • The two Fable Arts with the Puppet Ripper are the Quick Upward Slash and the Storm Spinning Slash. The Quick Upward Slash allows you to deal a lot of damage in an upward motion as a close-quarter maneuver.
  • Additionally, it can also potentially stagger the opponent, allowing for a lot of fun combos. The Storm Spinning Slash is a more potent charged attack that deals a bit more damage from afar using the whip.

My Thoughts

King of Puppets Rewards Lies of P
King of Puppets Drops (Image Credits: eXputer)

In my experience, the Puppet Ripper is the best weapon in Lies of P. It just boosts all the fun features of a Dexterity-based playstyle. It gives a lot of safety and a fair bit of flair with its technique while doing a strength weapon’s damage. Additionally, the long-range whip makes boss fights so easy that I almost speed run to get the Puppet Ripper each time I start a new game. You might also like this video of X user @Rurikhan discovering the Pistol Rock Drill Handle in Lie of P.

Finally, the time has come to conclude my discussion on the Puppet Ripper in Lies of P. While here, consider checking out a similar guide on Should You Lie in Lies of P to determine your playthrough’s narrative. If that isn’t to your liking, you can always check out Lies of P’s Best Amulets and pair the best ones with the Puppet Ripper.

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