Asmongold Slams Lies Of P’s Bosses; Calls Them “Badly Designed”

The well-known Twitch streamer does praise other aspects of the game.

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  • Lies of P is the latest Soulslike to arrive at the forefront of this hellish genre, tracing its release to September 19, 2023 for current-gen consoles and PC. 
  • The game has been praised so far for its level design, weapon customization, and enticing visuals, among everything else that it gets right.
  • One popular Twitch streamer, however, seems to call out the boss fights in Lies of P. Asmongold, in a recent Twitch stream, says the bosses in the game are “badly designed” and “not fun.” 

Round8 Studio’s latest venture — Lies of P — has made quite an impression ever since it made landfall, bringing forth a highly enjoyable Soulslike experience, save for a few hiccups and pangs here and there. As entertaining as the action RPG is, one notable Twitch streamer and YouTuber — Asmongold — seems to hold a different opinion about the title’s bosses. 

YouTube video

Skip on over to the end of the video, particularly at the 10:06:35 mark when the credits start rolling down for the clip in question. Although Asmongold does hold the game itself in kind words, saying “This is one of the best Soulslikes that’s probably ever been made.” With that being out there, the streamer didn’t particularly like what the boss enemies of Lies of P had to offer, criticizing their design and overall experience.

In general, I think that everything about the bosses in this game is pretty much garbage. I do, I think that the bosses in this game are trash. However, I think this is one of the best Soulslikes that’s probably ever been made. I do think so. I just think that the bosses are not fun. They’re badly designed. Like, I could go on and on and on.” 

Following that statement, Asmongold does admit that bosses only comprise one portion of the game and that Lies of P is so much more apart from the big, bad enemies it features. He goes on to praise the art direction, the storyline, the visuals, and some of the in-game characters with compelling plotlines. Moreover, the “worldbuilding” was highlighted for its high quality during the stream as well. 

The thing is, I could s**t on the bosses forever. But fundamentally, the bosses are one part of the game, and there are other parts of the game that exist too, right? I think that the worldbuilding and the characters were pretty good. I like them, I think they were interesting. There were a few characters that were actually compelling and, you know, worth remembering, etc., like that old lady [and] the weird guy with the mustache.” 

All things considered, Lies of P does surely put up a unique concept to mess around with, given how the in-game world of Krat revolves around puppets instead of the usual stuff. Ever since the project was announced back in 2021, anticipation for the game only grew. That is how the Lies of P demo accumulated over a million downloads in June, setting things straight for what is about to land in the final product. 

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The title has been out since September 19 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. 

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