The Lies Of P Demo Has Accumulated Over A Million Downloads

The Bloodborne effect.

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  • Lies of P is the latest AAA title to grace the Soulsborne genre of third-person action games. It’s currently not out yet but does have a two to four hours long demo released in recent times that has apparently gathered immense traction. 
  • According to the developers, the Lies of P demo has already clocked 1 million downloads, and this comes no more than three days after the demo was released. After all, the title is reminiscent of Bloodborne on PC, which is only a Hunter’s dream at this point. 
  • Lies of P’s full release is slated for September 19. 

Lies of P’s playable demo has received much love from the community, garnering over 1 million downloads in such a short span of time. The developer—Round8 Studio—has taken to the title’s official Twitter handle to announce the admirable feat for its front-running, novel IP. If you haven’t had the chance to try this Bloodborne-esque game out up until now, be sure to dive in before the 27th of this month. 

Along with the number of demo downloads, the tweet has revealed a couple of more enticing stats pertaining to the game. About 170,000 viewers have collectively watched Lies of P streams on Twitch and the title has remained a highly trending topic on Twitter following its launch. FromSoftware has spurted one masterpiece of a genre on its own, allowing developers to take inspiration and go on to introduce their own spin on the style. 

That is what Lies of P truly is—it’s not a Bloodborne replica per se, but a game that’s trying to do its own thing while being love-struck with Hidetaka Miyazaki’s 2015-released action thriller. Distantly based on the story of Pinnochio from the novel The Adventures of Pinnochio, our protagonist is nothing but a humanoid being, who, after awakening in a chaos-torn city, must find the person who gave him life. 

The city of Krat featured in the demo of Lies of P features consistent design and high-quality ambience.
Krat in Lies of P. 

Lies of P features enticing combat, great visuals, and fantastic art direction that grips you tightly with the in-game world called Krat. Almost everyone you encounter is a puppet, and Pinnochio is somewhat of a pawn himself. That’s his incentive to find Master Geppetto and seemingly seek the solution to his half-human half-puppet misery. Of course, Soulslike titles such as these don’t give away the story or the plot that easily. 

In other news, a modder has breathed new (maybe old) into Lies of P by releasing an aesthetic Bloodborne mod for it, replacing Pinnochi with the Hunter, and bringing the iconic Saw Cleaver with them. There are no changes to the game world as far as we can observe, and the presence of the Hunter with his armament alone will have to do for now. 

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To talk about something of a different nature, the gaming industry is going to erupt the day Bloodborne finally gets ported to PC, perhaps in the form of a remaster. A remake, on the other hand, would be too much to take in, given the surreal would-be surge in dopamine. Though, if we’re being honest, the prospect now doesn’t seem too far off. Late last month, an internal Bloodborne build of a developer was spotted running on a PC.

Moreover, we have received corroboration from David Jaffe—a God of War dev—that a Bloodborne remaster or remake is in the works. No further details were given apart from just that. Unluckily, people rushed to David’s DMs asking for more information, thereby exhausting him, to which he addressed the community by saying that he does not have concrete proof of the remake slash remaster’s existence.  

Small-scale happenings such as these entice the flame of our hope to stay lit for a little while longer. With each passing PlayStation or any other major video game showcase, that flame burns even brighter, until it recedes back to its feeble stature. As for Lies of P, the game will make landfall on September 19 for a multitude of consoles, including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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