Lies of P Weapons Tier List [All Weapons Ranked]

I played Lies of P for more than 25 hours, collected all weapons in multiple runs, and here is my take on ranking of all weapons.

Lies of P takes inspiration from FromSoftware’s games, but the combat, especially the weapons part, comes with a much better approach. There are regular weapons then there are special boss weapons. With a wealth of 40 weapons in the game, knowing the overall performance of each one is a must if you want to survive the Puppet Frenzy! That is why I have curated the Lies of P Weapons tier list so that you know which weapon to pick and which one to avoid in the long run against Puppets, Carcass, and Alchemists enemies!

Key Takeaways
  • There are 40 weapons in Lies of P.
  • S-Tier: Unrivaled dominance, the peak power in Lies of P’s weaponry.
  • A-Tier: Outstanding choices, offering reliable versatility for skilled souls-like game players.
  • B-Tier: Solid selections, dependable and well-rounded weapons for diverse combat scenarios.
  • C-Tier: Underwhelming options, demanding strategic usage to overcome limitations in the game’s challenging fights.
  • Author’s Note: Having extensively explored Lies of P for more than 25 hours, I’ve acquired all weapons through multiple runs, and this makes my information presented in this weapons tier list a reliable source.

All Lies of P Weapons Ranked And Compared

I have ranked all Lies of P weapons based on some of the useful stats such as Weight, Motivity, Technique, Advance, Phys Damage, Elem-Damage, Elem-Type, Attack Type, Damage Type, Speed (Lower is Better), Speed% (Lower is Better), Length/Reach, Guard%, Pulse Charge%, and Fable Charge.

No.WeaponTierTypeWeightMotivityTechniqueAdvancePhys DamageElem-DamageAttack TypeDamage TypeSpeed (Lower is Better)Speed% (Lower is Better)Length/ReachGuard%Pulse Charge%Fable Charge
STwo Dragons SwordS-TierSword12.9DAN/A234N/ASlash/StabSlash/StabN/AN/AShort-Medium47.1610.55423
SFrozen FeastS-TierGreatsword31.1BCN/A167N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AShort70.0016.00640
SPuppet RipperS-TierSword16.4CBN/A132N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AMedium-Long11.65528
SHoly Sword Of The ArkS-TierLarge Blunt21.2BCN/A294N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AShort-Medium71.8711.50528
SNoblesse ObligeS-TierGreatsword24.7ADN/A321N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AShort-Medium69.9016.15569
SCoil MjolnirS-TierLarge Blunt20.7BDN/A314N/ASlashStrike3.5130Short71.4716.5583
AAcidic Great Curved SwordA-TierGreatsword16.8DCB294N/ASlashSlash3.5130Long64.7513.15408
AProof Of HumanityA-TierSword20.5BBN/A100N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AMedium-Long64.1511.30520
ASeven-Coil Spring SwordA-TierGreatsword18.7BCN/A273N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AMedium-Long61.3412.40562
AUroboros’s EyeA-TierSword16.5CBN/A280N/ASlashSlashN/AN/AShort52.9111.90477
ATrident Of The CovenantA-TierBlunt16.4CBN/A256N/ASlash/StabSlash/StabN/AN/AMedium-Long55.899.80450
AGolden LieA-TierBlunt12.3CCN/A176N/ASlash/StabSlash/StabN/AN/ALong47.539.50379
APistol Rock DrillA-TierDagger18.9BDN/A210N/AStabPierce3111Medium-Short52.7811.9476
ABone-Cutting SawA-TierGreatsword15.9BDN/A304N/ASlashSlash3.5130Long69.7914.2568
ABig Pipe WrenchA-TierLarge Blunt23.8BDN/A295N/ASlashStrike3.5130Short73.9215.1604
ALive Puppet’s AxeA-TierGreatsword26.3BDN/A348N/ASlashSlash3.7137Medium77.5615.85720
AGreatsword Of FateA-TierGreatsword13.8BDN/A222N/ASlash/StabSlash3.2118Medium-Long65.3710.4478
BDancer’s Curved SwordB-TierGreatsword11.8CBN/A226N/ASlashSlash3111Medium-Long55.19.65443
BBramble Curved SwordB-TierSword9.6CCN/A202N/ASlashSlash2.7100Medium50.3211.4403
BBooster GlaiveB-TierGreatsword19DBN/A245N/ASlashSlash3.2118Medium61.7112.5566
BBlind Man’s Double-Sided SpearB-TierSword11.4DBN/A194N/AStabPierce2.7100Medium53.979.75391
BExploding PickaxeB-TierLarge Blunt18.1BDN/A264N/ASlashStrike3.5130Short57.9913.15525
BClock SwordB-TierSword9.5CCN/A204N/ASlash/StabSlash/Pierce2.7100Medium-Short50.818.85407
BMaster Chef’s KnifeB-TierDagger7.0DBN/A186N/ASlashSlash2.593Short45.118.95359
BPuppet’s SaberB-TierSword9.1CCN/A179N/ASlashSlash2.7100Medium5010400
BFire AxeB-TierBlunt11.4CCN/A222N/ASlashStrike2.8104Short54.389.5437
BKrat Police BatonB-TierBlunt9.9BDN/A188N/ASlashStrike2.7100Medium-Short51.8810.4323
BCity LongspearB-TierSword14.6DBN/A220N/AStabPierce3111Medium-Short56.1611.3452
CWintry RapierC-TierSword6.3DBN/A158N/AStabPierce2.385Medium37.328.25330
CMilitary ShovelC-TierBlunt13.9CCN/A238N/ASlash/StabStrike3111Short57.2510.05461
CCarcass Crystal AxeC-TierBlunt15.6CDB126126SlashStrike3.2118Short66.1212.1376
CAcidic Crystal SpearC-TierDagger9.0DDA9898StabPierce2.7100Medium-Short47.149.4376
CBlack Steel CutterC-TierGreatsword13.5DDA130130SlashSlash3111Medium-Long58.6711.85473
CCircular Electric ChainsawC-TierBlunt18.6DDA136122SlashStrike3.3122Medium-Short65.7613.35605
CTyrant Murderer’s DaggerC-TierDagger5.9DBN/A156N/AStabPierce2.385Short36.68.1324
CSpear Of HonorC-TierGreatsword16.1DBN/A248N/ASlash/StabSlash/Pierce3.2118Long59.4512373
CCursed Knight’s HalberdC-TierBlunt13.9CCN/A214N/ASlash/StabStrike2.8104Medium-Short57.2410.05461
CSalamander DaggerC-TierDagger7.9DCB9090Slash/StabSlash/Pierce2.593Short45.5510.25363
CElectric Coil StickC-TierBlunt11.7CDB112112SlashStrike2.8104Short54.8811.05500


Lies of P S-Tier Weapons

In the S tier of Lies of P weapon category, I have listed the elite weapons that pack the highest damage and amazing fable arts. According to my hands-on experience with the game, these weapons are the game-changers, the blades and handles that effortlessly carve through foes.

Whether it’s exceptional base damage, unique abilities, or a perfect synergy between blade and handle, these weapons take combat up a notch to unmatched levels. I highly recommend you go for these sought-after weapons that can turn every encounter into a favorable outcome.


Lies of P A-Tier Weapons

The A tier of Lies of P weapon list comprises weapons that excel in various aspects, offering outstanding performance against Puppets, Carcass, and Alchemists. While not reaching the absolute supremacy of the S tier, these weapons are reliable and versatile, catering to different playstyles.

With solid base damage, effective abilities, and well-balanced characteristics, A-tier weapons ensure a consistently impressive combat outcome. If you prefer an aggressive playstyle like me, then these weapons will be the go-to choices for players seeking reliable and powerful choices to destroy any enemy type easily!


Lies of P B-Tier Weapons

In the Lies of P B-tier list of weapons, I have listed weapons you will find solid and dependable, though they may lack the sheer dominance of their higher-tier counterparts. These choices offer respectable damage output, and decent versatility, and can handle a variety of combat situations.

While they might not boast the same level of flair or power, B-tier weapons provide a reliable foundation for players looking for a well-rounded arsenal, especially in early-to-mid-game areas. If you want to have a capable and steady weapon, then make these a dependable choice if you value consistency.


Lies of P C-Tier Weapons

The Lies of P C-tier houses weapons that, while functional, may struggle to keep up with the competition against the higher-tier weapons. These choices might have limitations in damage output, or simply fall short in comparison to higher-tier counterparts. While not necessarily ineffective, C-tier weapons may require more strategic thinking and skillful execution and approach in taking out targets one-to-one.

I believe that C-tier weapons are for players who want extra difficulty in the game! These players should be prepared for a more challenging experience, as these options may demand additional effort to match the effectiveness against top weapons in the food chain!

Lies of P Weapons Tier List Criteria

With 40 weapons in the game, I have carefully curated all the weapons in the game based on the following stats:

  • Weight
  • Motivity
  • Technique
  • Advance
  • Phys Damage
  • Elem-Damage
  • Elem-Type
  • Attack Type
  • Damage Type
  • Speed (Lower is Better)
  • Speed% (Lower is Better)
  • Length/Reach
  • Guard%
  • Pulse Charge%
  • Fable Charge

That is everything I had to discuss about the Lies of P weapons Tier List. If you think my tier list is helpful for you, then I highly recommend you also give these lists a go: Remnant 2 Armor Tier List, Rainbow Six Siege Tier List, Skullgirls 2nd Encore Tier List, and Bullet Echo Tier List


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Seeing Noblesse Oblige in S solidifies the validity of the tier list.

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