Bullet Echo Characters Tier List [Ranked After Testing]

Here is a full ranking of all Bullet Echo characters in this tier list so that you know which ones are the best and worst ones in the game.

Bullet Echo is a thrilling PvP tactical top-down shooter that combines stealth, teamwork, and sharpshooting skills. Limited visibility and strategic sound cues intensify as you engage in team-based battles across various modes, including Team vs Team, Solo, and Battle Royale. The game features a 21-character roster, and not all of them perform equally. That is why I have curated the Bullet Echo tier list and ranked all characters based on several factors.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 21 characters in Bullet Echo.
  • S-Tier: The best characters to play with as they shine in various tough situations.
  • A-Tier: A little underwhelming, but these characters also showcase their abilities and combat prowess.
  • B-Tier: Not the best but not the worst characters as well in the game. 
  • C-Tier: Poor and underperforming characters right now. 

All Characters & Stats Comparison

Here is a complete ranking of all Bullet Echo characters showcased along with their Class, Stellar Power, Stellar Health, Stellar Damage, Stellar Armor at level 80, Starting Weapon, Finite Weapon, and active and passive abilities.

Serial NoHeroTierFactionClassStellar (Level 80) PowerStellar (Level 80) HealthStellar (Level 80) DamageStellar (Level 80) ArmorStarting WeaponFinite WeaponActive Ability 1Active Ability 2Passive Ability 3Passive Ability 4
1AngelS-TierSkytechScout1,4603921741,046Silenced PistolSubmachine GunShieldStimProtective MatrixRecycle
2MirageS-TierRenegadesSniper1,460940348626RevolverSniper RifleBreakawayBandageAccuracyAgility
3LeviS-TierWeapons and ArmsTrooper1,460914436762Glock 17Assault RifleThermal VisionTeam HealingHuntressStun
4BastionS-TierSkytechTank1,4601,437942,616ShotgunMachine GunShieldBattle KitArmoredDefender
5SparkleA-TierP.Y.R.O.Ambusher1,8692,370258541Shotgun PistolShotgunGrenadeTeam RecoveryInitiatorHealer
6FreddieA-TierP.Y.R.O.Scout1,8691,183178270Silenced PistolSubmachine GunGrenadeStimStreet FighterInfluence
7LeviathanA-TierWeapons and ArmsTank1,8691,759802,145ShotgunMachine GunTurretBattle KitSuppression FireOppression
8ArnieA-TierRenegadesAmbusher1,8692,0312481,353Shotgun PistolShotgunBlinkTeam RecoveryPredatorRapture In Battle
9SatoshiA-TierSkytechTrooper1,8698122101,860Glock 17Assault RifleForce FieldTeam HealingRecalibrationTechnician
10DragonA-TierRenegadesTank1,8692,0311072,370ShotgunMachine GunBlinkBattle KitStormMobility
11BlotA-TierSkytechSniper1,8695411,5431,462RevolverSniper RifleForce FieldBandageImproved RifleCombat Advantage
12GhostA-TierRenegadesScout1,869845193541Silenced PistolSubmachine GunInvisibilityStimBloodsuckerKing of Thieves
13StalkerB-TierRenegadesTrooper1,8691,1832581,083Glock 17Assault RifleInvisibilityTeam HealingPartisanAmbush
14RavenB-TierWeapons and ArmsScout1,869649231541Silenced PistolSubmachine GunScanStimTrainingTactician
15HurricaneB-TierSkytechAmbusher1,8691,353862,031Shotgun PistolShotgunShieldTeam RecoveryRecalibrationAdaptive Armor
16SlayerB-TierWeapons and ArmsSniper1,8697421,949742RevolverSniper RifleThermal VisionBandageSlaughter CartridgesTargeting
17FireflyB-TierP.Y.R.O.Sniper1,8691,860567270RevolverSniper RifleGrenadeBandageStingVigilance
18DocB-TierP.Y.R.O.Trooper1,8691,6921661,353Glock 17Assault RifleGrenade LauncherTeam HealingBattle-ScarredCombat Readiness
19BerthaB-TierWeapons and ArmsTank1,8692,4361782,476ShotgunMachine GunSuppressionBattle KitDOTSelf-Roll
20CyclopsC-TierWeapons and ArmsAmbusher1,8691,3541411,692Shotgun PistolShotgunScanTeam RecoveryInvaderSiege Expert
21SmogC-TierP.Y.R.O.Tank1,8693,215761,692ShotgunMachine GunGrenade LauncherBattle KitDirectional FireTank


Bullet Echo S-Tier Characters List

The S-tier characters in Bullet Echo are widely recognized as being the most powerful characters. If you’re seeking top-tier performers, I highly suggest exploring this category. Possessing exceptional abilities, these S-Tier heroes enable you to excel at various levels easily.


Bullet Echo A-Tier Characters List

While not equal to the strength of the aforementioned top-tier heroes, A-tier characters in the Bullet Echo remain dependable throughout gameplay. If obtaining S-tier heroes proves challenging, I suggest you use an A-tier character, as they also possess powerful active and passive abilities to finish off threats quickly.

Each A-tier character demands skillful control and precision, offering a balanced blend of offense and strategy.


Bullet Echo B-Tier Characters List

According to my knowledge and experience, all of the B-tier characters in Bullet Echo offer a balanced mix of strengths and vulnerabilities. The Stalker boasts excellent damage, optimal health, and remarkable movement speed. 


Bullet Echo C-Tier Characters List

In my opinion, the C-tier characters in Bullet Echo are not worth your time. Throughout many updates that have given buffs to various characters, these two have remained underwhelming for a long time now. I would advise you to invest time in characters from the higher tiers instead of these two. 

Bullet Echo Tier List Criteria

This tier list is ranked on several factors at level 80 for each character in the game. The factors I took into consideration are:

  • Class
  • Stellar Power
  • Stellar Health
  • Stellar Damage
  • Stellar Armor
  • Starting Weapon
  • Finite Weapon
  • Active Ability 1
  • Active Ability 2
  • Passive Ability 3
  • Passive Ability 4

There you have it, a complete ranking of all characters in the Bullet Echo Tier List. I suppose you have got the complete summary of the available characters now in the game. If you do, then I recommend you visit these tier lists as well: The Finals: Gadgets Tier ListPixel Piece Fruit Tier ListMW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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