Warlander Is Now Available For Free On Xbox And PlayStation Stores

The blend of MOBA and action-packed tactical RPG is now available for free on Microsoft store.

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  • Warlander is a renowned blend of tactical RPG and MOBA that has recently been released for the Xbox and PlayStation stores, and it can be enjoyed without paying a single dime.
  • It is playable on Xbox Series X, Series S, and the PlayStation 5. Moreover, the entry came out earlier this year on PC, meeting “Mixed” reviews on the Steam store.
  • Warlander’s console versions also retain their charms, and some of the issues found in the PC version also made their way into the Xbox and PlayStation releases.
  • Warlander is a third-person shooter PvP that features hybrid genres in hardcore battles. Enemies from most fiction appear in the fantasy setting, including powerful robots and other anomalies.

Warlander is an enthralling take on the MOBA and tactical RPG genre that combines the allure of shooting and melee combat. The free-to-play entry has been monopolizing the Steam store, but it also met its fair share of troubles along the voyage that has resulted in negative reviews. The PvP venture can now also be played for free on Microsoft’s Xbox and the PlayStation store without spending a single dime, just like on the PC version.

Plaion and developer Toylogic has finally released the title on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5 consoles, and it can be played for free. Some users were initially worried about a potential price tag for the console versions, but all that fear has subsided now after the entry appeared on the Xbox and PlayStation stores. The medieval setting sprinkled with periodic sci-fi robots can be enjoyed on the current-gen consoles right now.

The entry was initially planned for the last-gen Xbox One console in the original reveal back in 2019, but nothing seems to have come out of it. The team likely decided to ditch the last-gen version because it could have led to a poor Xbox Series family experience as well; Warlander may have been downgraded as a whole to make it work on the Xbox One platform. Hence, the hybrid MOBA venture is only available for the current-gen consoles.

While Warlander has its quirks as a unique RPG title, it lacks in many basic facets that have slashed its reviews down to “Mixed” on Steam. Some issues include pay-to-win features, a flawed matchmaking system, a lousy anti-cheat, and more. In contrast, many reviews also defend the game. The console versions have some of the same issues embued, which could result in the game toiling to match the anticipations of the team and users. 

Warlander is a third-person shooter PvP with hybrid genres that combines the best of all fiction to feature a fantasy setting with powerful robots and other anomalies. The innovative genre hybrid is nothing short of amazing, with battles of wits and strengths ranging up to 100 players at a time. It was only released on Steam earlier this year, proving to be an engaging experience for some while frustrating for other users.

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