Need For Speed Heat Bolts Past 85,000 Steam Concurrent Players

The heat is still on.

Need for Speed Heat, released in 2019, was quite a successful installment in the Need for Speed franchise that blended aspects from NFS Underground and Most Wanted. The open-world street racer served as a significant refinement over the heavily-criticized Need for Speed Payback.

It is sufficient to say the heat is still on and blazing more than ever before. Need for Speed Heat had a remarkable comeback recently. The title has received attention from newbies and veterans alike, and the game is surging with high concurrency rates. The title has climbed to a new all-time high due to certain contributing factors. 

Major Takeaway:

  • Need for Speed Heat has recently accumulated a lot of attention, crossing the old figures to climb over staggering numerals of 85,000.
  • The title has received a surge of new and veteran players, playing for a very cheap price because of a new limited-time sale.
  • The free-week event has also signaled a lot more users to test out the mixed-reviewed title.

Need for Speed Heat has surpassed over 85,000 all-time-high players trying to outrun the cops at the same time. The high-concurrency rate has been recorded on the Steam tracking website, SteamDB. The current players are still over 80,000 figures at the time of writing.

Need for Speed Heat SteamDB charts showing concurrent players.
Need for Speed Heat SteamDB charts showing concurrent players.

The concurrent players have raced to the moon because of a recent free week event that started on September 29th. The all-time peak prior to the event had only spiked at nearly 38,000. The game is free-to-play on Steam for a limited time of only a day and 2 hours.

Another variable that has attracted everyone’s eyes to the game is a significant sale that has reduced NFS Heat’s price to a meager $3.50 tag.

The big sale also started four days ago and will last until nine days. The sale and the event have bumped up the title to the 5th position in Steam’s top global selling games. NFS Heat stands just below Apex Legends and above Dota 2 at the time of writing.

Steam's current top-selling games showcases Need for Speed Heat at fifth place.
Steam’s current top-selling games showcases Need for Speed Heat at fifth place.

The fast-paced, high-octane title takes place in a neon-filled city of Miami and still lives up to the hype. The combination of elements from previous renditions results in chaotic cop chases and heavy vehicle customizations. It feels like a collection of well-established features merged together to provide a memorable experience. 

However, the game holds your hand and incorporates fewer hurdles not to kill momentum, letting you crumble walls and trees during pursuits. Moreover, despite being an improvement, the open world appears to be a little lifeless around the countryside. It still manages to burn brightly to keep you engaged in its neon-filled city.

Need for Speed Heat received mixed feedback initially, and fans still cherish it for hectic cop chases. While it was praised for heavily improving over its predecessors, it still failed to reach the allure of olden nostalgic iterations.

The rating on Steam stands above 80 percent, so the title has aged like fine cheese. It is safe to exclaim that NFS Heat has stood the test of time to be such an enjoyable experience for a new audience. The staggering numbers are a fantastic achievement for a 2019 racing game that was primarily fizzled out until recently.

What are your thoughts about over 80,000 players experiencing high-speed chases in Need for Speed Heat at the same time? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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