Overwatch 2’s Cosmetic Skins Are Too Much To Purchase

One bundle in specific will set users back north of $20.

Overwatch 2 is slated to launch soon as a free-to-play game—unlike its predecessor—but things aren’t looking too well for the much-anticipated hero-based shooter. According to a recent leak by Redditor Shattered_Disk4, the bundle price of the Junker Queen Legendary Offer has surfaced online. Be the judge of the scenario yourself.

As compared to Overwatch, which too featured microtransactions, the first game of the series did not, however, lock cosmetic skins without offering players a traditional approach to unlock them. Upon leveling up your character, you would go on to unlock loot boxes. Opening these treasure chests would occasionally drop skins. 

The Rundown:

  • Overwatch 2’s microtransactions are shaping up to look insane, costing more than $20 to unlock a skin bundle. 
  • The game is expected to arrive early in October. 
  • Overwatch 2 has stuck to a free-to-play business model.

These bundle prices are actually wild wtf from Overwatch

Notice how the listing says that the displayed price is 31% off the actual cost of the bundle. 2,000 Credits — the in-game Overwatch currency — cost about 20 USD to actually obtain in real life, so the developers are truly looking to target your bank account with this one. 

One user from the original Reddit post has the following to say about the matter at hand. “I’m fine with all of my skins from OW1. Spending money on more skins at this point feels like a waste.

When you factor in the fact that players cannot even visualize the skins they purchase with their hard-earned money during the gameplay, the paradigm shifts from one end of the spectrum to the other. Still, people will spend on what they love, no matter how ridiculous or uncalled for that purchase would be. 

Notice that the skin in question belongs to the “Legendary” tier which is quite the highest quality of skin you can actually get in-game. Taking a look at how Fortnite handles things, users are content with their $10 purchase of legendary-grade cosmetic apparel. That’s far less than what Overwatch 2 is currently looking up to offer.

In other news though, Overwatch 2 battle pass users can access new heroes for free, so that’s an added plus. A screenshot from Blizzard Entertainment was leaked on ResetEra that explained how heroes will be locked initially, but a Battle Pass subscription would unlock them right away. 

Again, this does implement the need to buy Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass. We’ll see what turn things take from this point onward as the free-to-play tactical shooter makes landfall two days from now. Oh, and in case you missed it, today is the day — October 2 — that the original Overwatch servers are laid off and the game is put to rest. 

Do let us know what you think of this absurd cosmetic skin cost in Overwatch 2 in the comments section down below. Personally, we’re adamant that skins are something that should’ve even be bothered with in the first place.

We tend to invest our time in the practice range, honing our skills instead of our wallet for some intense purchasing action. 

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