Overwatch 2: Unlocking All Heroes

Heroes in Overwatch 2 are unlocked after you complete their Hero Challenges.

If you are a new player to Overwatch and you start it, you’ll get a total of 13 heroes out of the box. This is to ensure that the new player has the best experience with some of the fine-tuned heroes of the game. They are;

Using these heroes, you’ll get some of your early victories. The heroes aren’t complex on their own. You won’t be spending a lot of time trying to learn them while at the same time trying to learn the game’s mechanics. The heroes are easy to play with aim-and-shoot or different mechanics.

If you’re having a hard time playing with the early heroes, then there’s nothing to worry about. You can check out our Starting Heroes guide. Here we’ve covered the basics of all of the heroes available at the beginning of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The game has a total of 13 heroes already unlocked for new players.
  • Of the rest of the heroes, 22 out of the 35 are unlocked as the player progresses in the game.
  • New heroes are unlocked either by getting to Tier 55 of the free battle pass or by purchasing Premium Battle Pass.
  • Overall, it can take between 30 to 40 hours of gameplay to unlock all heroes (except for Kiriko)

Unlocking All Heroes in Overwatch 2

If you’ve been following the game, or you had played it once at a friend’s home, then you’d know that the game has well over 13 heroes. To be specific, the game has a total of 35 heroes, with more to be launched in the near future.

So, how to unlock all 35 heroes in the game? The answer is quite simple, play the game. If you played a few games in Overwatch 2, then you would’ve noted that after playing a round or two, you unlocked a hero. That wasn’t anything random; that is how you unlock heroes in the game.

Hero unlocked.
A hero is unlocked as you play the game (Image credits: eXputer)

After playing a specific amount of games, you’ll be unlocking a hero. For starters, this is just one or two games, but later on, it increases with a higher number. From one to two, it will go to 5, 10, 15, and in the end, 20 games to unlock all of the heroes. So to unlock all heroes, you’ll need to play 150 games. Keep in mind that this does not include the latest hero Kiriko. We’ll explain how to unlock her in a while.

Overwatch 2 Unlocking heroes.
You’ll need to play a specific amount of games to unlock heroes (Image credits: eXputer)

Anyways, you know that it takes 150 games to unlock all heroes. It seems like a chore to play that many games. You can unlock all of these heroes rather quickly if you win a game. Because when you win a game, the game will count it as two games (only for unlocking a hero, otherwise, it is still counted as one).

Unlockable Heroes

Here are the remaining 22 heroes and how many games you’d need to play to unlock them in the game. You can check them out by heading to the Challenges option on the main menu. On there, you’ll find different challenges on the top. Go to the ‘Hero’ tab. There, you’ll find these Heroes with their challenges.

  • Genji: Play 1 game
  • D.Va: Play 2 games
  • Cassidy: Play 3 games
  • Ana: Play 4 games
  • Hanzo: Play 9 games
  • Junkrat : Play 12 games
  • Roadhog: Play 15 games
  • Symmetra: Play 20 games
  • Zenyatta : Play 25 games
  • Bastion: Play 30 games
  • Sigma: Play 40 games
  • Ashe: Play 50 games
  • Brigitte : Play 60 games
  • Mei: Play 70 games
  • Doomfist: Play 85 games
  • Baptiste: Play 100 games
  • Sombra : Play 115 games
  • Wrecking Ball: Play 130 games
  • Echo: Play 150 games
  • Junker Queen: Login to the game during Overwatch 2 Season 1
  • Sojourn: Login to the game during Overwatch 2 Season 1
  • Kiriko: purchase the Premium Battle Pass or Reach Tier 55 on the Season 1 Battle Pass

Once you’ve unlocked all of the Heroes, consider reading our best guides for each role. We have the Best Tank, Best DPS, and Best Support Heroes guides ready for you.

How Long It Takes To Unlock All Heroes

You’ve known by now that it takes 150 or fewer (if you are winning) games to unlock all heroes. It means that even if you are losing the game, you’ll be making progress toward unlocking a new hero. But if you are winning, it will be considered as 2 games.

With that being said, how much time would it take to unlock all of the heroes in the game? We’re talking about in terms of hours and minutes. For that, we’ll have to check the average time it takes to complete a game. For us, it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. We’ll take 20 as our average.

Now, if you are winning every game, it will take you 75 games to unlock all heroes (remember that ‘1 win = 2 games’ thing). And if you are winning one and losing one, it takes 100 games. Whereas normally, it’ll take 150 games. If you are winning all games, then it will take you 1,500 minutes on average, or 25 hours. With 100 games, it takes 33.3 hours. And with 150 games, it takes 50 hours, which is unrealistic as we’re sure no one will be losing all 150 games.

So, all in all, it can take anywhere from 25 to 50 hours of gameplay to unlock all. If you want a realistic estimate, it will take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours of gameplay for you to unlock all of the heroes available in the game.

Unlocking New Released Heroes

That was all for the old heroes that were launched in Overwatch 1. But how will it work out for the new heroes of Overwatch 2? It is different than the way you’d unlock a hero. Sojourn and Junker Queen are different in it cuz they are unlocked directly after you log into the game.

As for the latest heroes, such as Kiriko, in the game, it works differently. There are two different ways that you can use to unlock Kiriko in the game. One is for the Free-to-play players, whereas another one is to buy the Premium Battle Pass.

If you missed a hero’s launch season or that you weren’t able to get to the required Battle Pass Tier, that is Tier 55, to unlock the hero. Blizzard confirmed to the players that it would bring back heroes from the previous seasons. The developers have mentioned that they will be unlockable after the players complete certain challenges.

Another way to unlock previous seasons’ heroes is to purchase them from the game’s Shop, where the players will be using Overwatch Coins to buy them.

Free-To-Play Method

As much as we know about the free method to unlock new heroes, here’s how it goes. When a new hero is released, you’ll have to get to the Tier 55 of the corresponding Battle Pass. In the case of Kiriko, in Season 1 of Battle Pass, you’ll have to get to Tier 55. When you do so, you’ll get Kiriko for free.

Kiriko in free tier.
You’ll unlock Kiriko after you reach Tier 55 in Free Battle Pass (Image credits: eXputer)

Increasing the Battle Pass Tier is quite hard on its own. You’ll have to play games or complete daily and weekly challenges. The XP you’ll get from these rewards will help you level up your Battle Pass and, in turn, unlock Kiriko for free.

Purchasing Premium Battle Pass

You can skip past all of that by buying the Premium Battle Pass. In the Premium Tier of the Battle Pass, Kiriko is available early on in the game at Tier 1. Not only that, but with Kiriko, you’ll get some other in-game cosmetics at the moment you buy the Battle Pass.

Unlocking Kiriko in Premium Battle Pass in Overwatch 2.
Kiriko is available as soon as you buy Premium Battle Pass (Image credits: eXputer)

Whenever a new hero is launched, if you buy the corresponding Premium Battle Pass, you’ll get the new hero the moment you buy it. Premium Battle Pass of Overwatch 2 can be profitable in a way that if you play regularly, you’ll be unlocking cosmetics almost every other day through the Premium Tiers. 

Rewards of Premium Battle Pass.
Premium Battle Pass gives several rewards (Image credits: eXputer)

Final Words

Unlocking all of the heroes in Overwatch 2 is a lot easier if you know what to do. Yes, it can take up to 150 games to unlock all of them. But that isn’t a lot considering the condition of those ‘150 games’. That is, if you win, it will be counted as 2 games. So hypothetically speaking, it can take you just 75 games if you are winning them all.

When a new hero is launched, the hero becomes available on the Battle Pass. If you get to Tier 55 of the Free Battle Pass, you can unlock the hero. If you buy the Premium Battle Pass, that hero becomes available as soon as you buy it. We have played the game, Overwatch 2 is great, and we recommend you play it as well.

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