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The Overwatch series is back with tons of exciting features and new heroes. The game features some free starting heroes that you can equip and try out in the training grounds, while some are unaccessible and can be unlocked through hero challenges. Sojourn in Overwatch 2 is featured as a readily available Damage hero who possesses offensive and straightforward abilities to crush down opponents and dominate the battlefield.

Key Takeaways
  • Sojourn is a starting Damage Hero and one of the newly introduced characters in Overwatch 2.
  • Sojourn is suitable for players who have a quick playstyle with aggressive traits. 
  • She is a decent all-rounder and a pretty reliable soldier in a team.
  • Use her power slide and jump abilities to dominate the opponents.

Sojourn Role In Overwatch 

With the release of Overwatch 2, the community is focused on trying out new heroes to test their abilities on the battlefield. The new volume of the game has arrived with significant changes, including PvP with the latest 5v5 format and mentionable changes to many previous in-game characters. Out of a few newly introduced characters, Sojourn is one of them. She is a Damage hero who has great mobility and an abrupt playstyle.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Overview
Sojourn (Image credits: eXputer)

You can play with Sojourn at the very start of the game, unlike some heroes that are unlocked after completing specific challenges. Sojourn has high potential if used correctly. Although she possesses some impeccable abilities with attractive perks, it could be a bit challenging to master her moves and adapt to her playstyle.

Therefore, we’ve crafted this ultimate guide to provide all the necessary details you need to master the hero. If you’re fairly new to the game, then checking out some will help you to become better at the game.

Sojourn Abilities

Sojourn features a distinctive mid-range playstyle while showing some impeccable mobility and flux. Although her moves look simple, they are quite good at distracting the opponents and stalling them off the entire arena. Her fast movements and abrupt playstyle make her a good fit to flank the opponents and catch them off guard. 

Let’s have a look at all the abilities of Sojourn so you can master them and learn to use them according to the situation. 


Sojourn Primary Weapon (Image credits: eXputer)
  • Attack Type: Primary Fire
  • Damage: 9 per Shot
  • Ammo: 45
  • Command: Left Click

Sojourn possesses an advanced high-tech automatic rifle as her primary that causes 9 damage per bullet with a firing rate of 14 rounds per second. The gun has a mag capacity of 45 before it needs to be reloaded. The gun has a snappy reload time of 1.2 seconds, thanks to her quick movements and reflexes.

Just like Sojourn, her weapon is also fast-paced, with a high DPS of 126. Sojourn is great against Overwatch 2 Tank heroes as her Railgun can apply continuous pressure and keep the enemies on their toes. Once Sojourn has generated her energy to max power through her primary fore, you can use the discharge. Here are some useful tips to remember while using Railgun Primary Attack.

  • Railgun fires projectile bullets, so make sure to use it in close to mid-ranged opponents.
  • Use your primary fire against tank heroes to rapidly boost your secondary fire.
  • Hitting the opponent’s barriers will also generate secondary fire energy.
  • The energy gain is at the rate of +5 per body Shot with +10 per critical hit.

Secondary fire

Overwatch 2 Sojourn
Special Ability  (Image credits: eXputer)
  • Attack Type: Secondary Fire
  • Damage: 30 (plus 1 per charge)
  • Command: Right Click

The secondary attack of Railgun is a high-damage shot that utilizes the charged energy to create massive explosive damage. The damage of a secondary attack ranges from 30-130, depending on the charge. The secondary attack can be charged a maximum of up to 100, but you can use the attack at any charged amount, considering the damaging impact will be low.

Here are some useful tips to remember while using Railgun Secondary Attack.

  •  It is a great finishing move in a one-on-one fight. If you’re engaged in a fight and your opponent is about to go down, finish the battle by blowing the opponent in a cool way.
  • You can also deal headshot damage with this attack; if the opponent is a non-tank character, you can take them down in even a single headshot.
  • Your secondary charge will keep accumulating until it is maximum, or you use it yourself, so save up your attack until you really need it.

Power Slide

  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Command: LShift

Power Slide is a distinguishing ability of Sojourn that makes her a great fast-paced troop. Through this ability, she can perform a rock-powered slide that can also be canceled into an elevated leap by pressing the jump command. Through Power Slide, Sojourn can attain ultra movement speed that can easily distract opponents and mess up their aim. However, there are some limitations to the Power Slide, and it is not so optimal in close-quarter combats as you can end up messing up your aim instead of the opponents’.

Power Slide does not deal any kind of damage, but it can enable you to change your spot or slide into cover quickly. Alternatively, you can add a bit of your own spice to the moving by making different movement combinations to confuse the enemies.

  • Here are some useful tips to remember while using Power Slide.
  • Sojourn can use her weapon during Power Slide. So burst some rounds during the flight, but make sure that your aim is accurate.
  • Use the ability to strike toward an opponent aggressively or use it to escape heated situations if things go south.
  • Cancel the power slide into a jump to take the high ground, where you can have a better view and angles.

Disruptor Shot

  • Damage per second: 52
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Command: E

The Disruptor Shot is a ranged attack that stuns the opponents for four seconds duration, dealing 210 damage in total. When the ability is active, the snare effect gives you an optimal chance to attack the enemy with full force and initiate the Ultimate attack to bring them down completely.

The Disruptor Shot has a wide range of 30 meters with considerably decent AoE, which makes it difficult for the opponents to escape the attack. If you’ve used the Shot, you have to be patient to use it again, as the ability has a cooldown duration of 15 seconds.

Here are some useful tips to remember while using Disruptor Shot.

  • Combine the Disruptor Shot with your Secondary attack to get the most optimal results.
  • You can also use the ability as a defensive mechanism. If you feel like someone is sneaking up on you, use the Disruptor shot combined with a power slide to escape the situation.
  • The ability works pretty decent at taking down a large group of enemies.


  • Charge Rate: 1.2 seconds
  • Duration: 9 seconds
  • Command: Q

Overlock is Sojourn’s Ultimate ability, during which she amplifies the charging bar of secondary attack and gives it an exceptional boost for maximum capacity. Overclock effect lasts for seconds, in which the charging bar is maximized every 1.2 seconds, allowing you to fire seven Railgun Shots. Overlock puts Sojourn into offensive mode with high DPS output.

Here are some useful tips to remember while using Overlock.

  • The ability is a perfect fit to deal with tanks. Use the charging ability to break down the defensive barriers and take them down with massive blows.
  • If the ultimate ends before you use your last Shot, you can actually save it and utilize it later on, but the Shot will lose its piercing power.
  • Try not to waste the shots on the shield, as the ability will not pierce the shields.

How To Use Sojourn In Overwatch 2

Sojourn Fight
Sojourn Playstyle (Image credits: eXputer)

Although the move sets of Sojourn look pretty simple, they can be a bit tricky to master. Due to her fast pace and quick reflexes, it often gets difficult to control the character while maintaining decent accuracy. So, we will help you out by giving you the best strategies on how to use the character according to her playstyle.

Primary And Secondary Fire Combo

By using a Primary-Secondary combo, you can easily deplete the opponent’s health in a clean way. Once you get enough damage with primary shots, instantly use the secondary Shot and try to go for a headshot to take down 200 HP heroes easily. This technique is faster than waiting for the secondary bar to charge up and then using the full boost.

Focus More On Aim Than Movement

Controlling Sojourn and focusing on the perfect aim might be a bit tricky for beginners. If you’re constantly missing your headshots, try to slow down a bit and eventually move up your way to fast movements. As Railgun has no recoil, it is relatively easier to control the weapon.

Use Your Energy Beam Wisely

Once your energy beam charge is complete, you can use it to deal massive damage with a single blow. However, we recommend you target DPS and Support troops with it rather than a Tank with high HP, as they will be able to resist it with their shields and barriers. You can also use the ability on injured opponents who are trying to retreat. 

Save Up Your Disruptor Shot

Charging a Disruptor Shot on enemies is a great way of encountering intense situations as it stuns the enemy and gives you enough time to build up a counterattack. So, make sure that you save up your Shot for critical situations and do not waste it randomly, as you will have to wait for 15 whole seconds to use it again.

Move Unpredictably With Power Slide

Power Slide is a great tactic to sneak around the battlefield and flank opponents. With the help of ability, you can slide down the obstacles or even jump up to higher spots by canceling into a high jump. So, try to do some experiments with this ability and make your own movement variations in order to distract the enemies and make sneaky attacks on them.

Don’t Use Ultimate On Enemies With Guard

Railgun Ultimate ability is a great option to deal enormous damage to enemies, but the piercing ability does not work on barriers. So, make sure not to waste it by shooting at a shield, thinking that the ability will break it. Instead, try to target the exposed enemies to take them down instantly. 

Characters That Can Counter Sojourn

After learning all the perks and playstyle of Sojourn, you must also be aware of the heroes that hard counter her. Sojourn is a reliable hero overall, but she struggles a bit while facing Pharah. Pharah has a comparatively longer range and can stay airborne while performing aerial attacks, so it becomes tricky to track her down and land your primary shots on her. If your Railgun is on a full charge, do not hesitate to use the attack on Pharah.

Other than that, you also need to maintain some distance from close-range masters such as Reaper, Reinhardt, and Tracer, as they can outperform you in close-quarter fights. The most optimal play is to keep a decent distance from the enemies while maintaining your mobility and aim.

Out of all the DPS heroes, Sojourn possesses some unique sliding skills that make her a great front-lineup soldier. So, stick with us to know all the perks and abilities of the mighty warrior. If you want to explore other excellent heroes in the game, then you can check out our guides on GenjiReaperReinhardt, Ashe, and Hanzo. Other than that, if you want to go for advanced soldiers, then heroes like Torbjorn,  SymmetraAna, and Widowmaker may be a good fit.


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