Overwatch 2 Symmetra [Full Hero Guide]

A complete analysis of Symmetra in Overwatch where we explain all of her abilities.

overwatch 2 symmetra

As I’ve already mentioned, Symmetra is a damage hero in the game. This can be seen in the image above as well, which depicts the damaged heroes in the middle during the hero selection menu. Additionally, she is one of the few damage-type heroes with great mobility in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Symmetra is a damage hero in Overwatch 2, a frontline attacker with great mobility.
  • Symmetra’s weapon is the Photon Projector, which has two firing modes: a primary fire for short-range attacks and secondary fire for long-range attacks.
  • She has three abilities: Sentry Turret, Teleporter, and Photon Barrier.
  • Symmetra’s ultimate ability is called Photon Storm, which summons a cluster of energy orbs that home in on enemies and explode on contact.

Symmetra’s Weapon

overwatch 2 symmetra
Symmetra’s Weapon (Image Credit: eXputer)

Symmetra only has a single weapon in the game known as the Photon Projector. The name of the weapon is reminiscent of her light-bending powers in the game. Some characters in the game have 2 weapons as well, but Symmetra is unfortunately not one of them. However, her weapon has two different firing modes as well additionally.

Photon Projector

Primary Damage Primary Ammo Cost Secondary Damage Secondary Ammo Cost
60/120/180 DPS 7 per second 90 DPS 10 per max charge

Photon Projector is Symmetra’s one and only weapon in the game. It has two different firing modes that cater to the short-range and the long-range in combat. Now I will discuss both of these firing modes in complete detail:

Primary Fire

overwatch 2 symmetra
Primary Fire of Photon Projector (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Damage: 60/120/180 DPS
  • Ammo Cost: 7 per second

The primary firing mode of Photon Projector is actually a short-range attack and is useless at even medium range in the game. However, it melts your opponents if you don’t miss your shots. Basically, the primary fire is actually a laser beam that deals 60 damage per second in the beginning.

However, as long as you keep hitting your opponents, the damage increases from 60 to 180. That makes the photon projector a weapon that melts health at close range. Symmetra’s weapon has 100 total ammo, and the laser consumes 7 with each second of usage. That’s not a lot, but you should always be ready to reload, which takes almost 1.5 seconds.

Secondary Fire

overwatch 2 symmetra
Secondary Fire of Photon Projector (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Damage: 90 DPS
  • Ammo Cost: 10 per max charge

The secondary firing mode of the Photon Projector caters to the long-range only and is almost useless at close-range during battle. However, this attack is actually charged with the weapon and consumes much more ammo on a full charge than a primary weapon.

If charged fully, the secondary fire will cost around 10 ammo in the game. Once charged, the Photon Projector releases a light orb that travels fast enough to damage your opponents quickly. And it deals decent damage at long-range. You can, however, use the secondary fire without charging it. That will produce orbs that use less ammo and deal very little damage additionally.

Symmetra’s Abilities

overwatch 2 symmetra
Abilities of Symmetra (Image Credit: eXputer)

As you can see in the above image, Symmetra has two normal abilities and an ultimate ability. Both of her normal abilities are extremely useful in Overwatch 2, especially the teleporter that grants her mobility. So, the following are Symmetra’s abilities in the game;

  • Sentry Turret
  • Teleporter
  • Photon Barrier

Now I will discuss all of these abilities in complete detail.

Sentry Turret

ability of the hero
Sentry Turret (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 40 DPS
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds per turret
Health Damage Cooldown
30 40 DPS 10 seconds per turret

The turrets are useful traps that can be planted on the walls around the map in Overwatch 2. These turrets deal damage over time using lasers which are similar to the Photon Projector. These turrets also slow down the enemies that they hit in the game. You can use three of these turrets at once, and strategically planting them around a room can help you clutch up in the game.

However, each turret also needs to recharge for 10 seconds before you can use it again. That’s 30 seconds for 3 total charges in the game. These turrets have low health but can heavily damage your enemy if they are used strategically.


the ability of the hero
Teleporter (Image Credit: eXputer)\
  • Health: 50 health and 150 shield
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
Health Duration Cooldown
50 health and 150 shield 10 seconds 12 seconds

The Teleporter is one of the best abilities for quick mobility in the game, and you can take huge advantage of it using Symmetra. Basically, you can use the teleporter ability to transport yourself from the current location to the farthest possible point or to a vantage point.

This ability can come in clutch in various situations, and your teammates can use the teleporter additionally. When you die in battle and respawn, you can use the teleporter to get back in action quickly. The teleporter can even be used to escape from battle. It is a perfect ability with almost no flaws except that the cooldown on it is long, and the ability itself lasts for a measly 10 seconds in the game.

Photon Barrier

the ability of the hero
Photon Barrier (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Health: 4000
  • Duration: 12 seconds
Health Duration
4000 12 seconds

The Photon Barrier is Symmetra’s ultimate ability in Overwatch 2. This ability is basically more defensive than offensive, as it creates a barrier with 4000 health that lasts for 12 seconds. The barrier is huge and spans the entirety of the map. It protects you and your teammates from long-range attacks from the enemy team.

Additionally, your own team will be able to hit through the barrier. So for the 12-second duration of the Photon Barrier, your team will be invincible to the enemy team’s projectiles while you can keep damaging the enemy from inside the barrier.

Playstyle For Symmetra

  • Symmetra is a versatile damage-type hero with excellent mobility in Overwatch 2.
  • Her turret traps can be strategically placed on walls around the map.
  • Symmetra’s weapon has firing modes for both short and long-range combat.
  • Use her strategically for aggressive yet safe gameplay, suitable for frontline attacks.
  • Symmetra can make quick escapes during battles.
  • Respawning and getting back into the fight with Symmetra is easy.
  • Tips and tricks for Symmetra include strategic turret placement and utilizing her versatile weapon.
  • New players can benefit from these tips to enhance their gameplay with Symmetra in Overwatch 2

Tips And Tricks

Following are the tips and tricks for Symmetra in the game;

  • Prioritize using Symmetra’s teleporter ability extensively during gameplay.
  • Emphasize the importance of the teleporter as Symmetra’s key ability.
  • Utilize the teleporter for quick returns to the battlefield and as an escape tool.
  • Teammates with limited mobility can benefit from Symmetra’s teleporter.
  • Strategically place sentry turrets as traps, especially near objectives, to ambush opponents.
  • During battles, throw sentry turrets to automatically target and hinder opponents.
  • Preserve Symmetra’s ultimate, the Photon Barrier, for crucial moments in the match.
  • Use the Photon Barrier to potentially turn the tide of the game.
  • Adjust Symmetra’s gun firing modes based on the distance from the enemy for optimal effectiveness

Symmetra Changes From Overwatch 1 VS Sequel

All the heroes that have been ported from Overwatch 1 to 2 have been changed or tweaked. These changes vary depending on the type of hero. Some heroes have had small changes, while others have had complete overhauls. However, all of these changes are done to make the gameplay feel more balanced.

Symmetra has had huge overhauls in her journey from the original Overwatch to the second game. Not only is her hero changed, but her weapon and abilities have also been tweaked. She used to be a support hero in the original game, but she is a damage hero in Overwatch 2.

The total amount of ammo for her weapon has also been increased to complement further her role as a damage-type hero in the game. Most of her abilities have had their cooldowns altered. The strength of these abilities has been changed, but the changes to her abilities are minor overall.

My Experience And Tips Playing As Symmetra

Symmetra, indeed, is one of my least-used heroes in OW2. The reason is that I cannot seem to figure out the correct timing to use her abilities. However, while playing as Symmetra, I try to make the best use of her mobility, which is one of her biggest strengths, which becomes even more powerful with the addition of the Teleporter.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

Furthermore, while playing Symmetra, I try to play a little far from my team, which helps me to distract enemies or get rid of the enemies that are distracted by my team. Charging in aggressively with Symmetra is not really my thing.


Overwatch 2‘s server issues are finally fixed, and you can very quickly get a match in the game. It is a really fun multiplayer game that lives up to its hype. And it is much more fun to play with friends. The developers even allow Cross-Play and Cross-Progression to make things easier, and that lets you play with friends on multiple platforms.

This concludes my guide about Symmetra in the game. I explained all of her abilities in complete detail. Her main weapon was also discussed alongside the best playstyles that you can use for her. I even gave some tips and tricks for Symmetra in my guide. 

Other Tips

Other heroes that, alongside Symmetra, have been ported from the original game to the sequel include Torbjorn, TracerGenjiDoomfist, and Winston. The list is actually huge, as almost every hero from the first Overwatch is available. 

However, the class system of heroes is still tied to three types. That includes the Support Heroes, Damage Heroes, and Tank Heroes. Symmetra is a damage-type hero and is actually useful at both close-range and long-range. She even has some great mobility that we’ll discuss later in the guide.

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